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All shirts appeared to be 30% off when I went today
WTB Persol 714s in Havana 24/57 (Dark Tortoise). Size 52.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I hate to say it, but I think it looks a little better with a concave insellata shoulder line, a la Tom Ford, than with a natural or more straight shoulder line. A concave shoulder line swoops down and than up, as if to sugges the mound of the roped sleevehead. On the other hand, the other two shoulder lines make it look like the sleeve of a roped sleevehead has just been tacked onto the body sidewise, like on a cheap...
Already snagged the Malverns in Brown Suede in 8.5e
Is there anywhere to get one of these OTR?
I would like to vouch for Kent's customer service. One of my cufflinks broke and he sent me a whole new pair right away. Really great to work with.
I'm an American living in London for another month and wanted to try a Cuban cigar while here. I know almost nothing about cigars so does anyone have any recommendations on where and what to buy. I'd like something in the $25 or under ballpark.
The Lobb seconds run in the 270 range last I heard so they seem like a much better buy as much as I like the 888.
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