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You have it apex up?How badly does it pill? Is it just because it's a hairy tweed?
I did specify which direction I wanted. Do you want me to spill the beans or would you like it to be a surprise?
Well, it's still a bolt of fabric (unless Frank had time to cut it today), so no pics. But when I get fitted, I'll see what I can do.
Liability funded today: a sportcoat made from the last remaining piece of the Molloy & Sons LL brown barleycorn that Ercoles had on hold for me. Hopefully I'll have it in time to wear in this arctic weather....
I can ask my AD in Europe if he can source it--I know he's had boutique-only watches in the past. If so, you'd get at least the VAT back and maybe if you're lucky a small discount. With the strong dollar, there'd be an additional savings.
Here's a question for forex and maybe some others: I need to wire funds to a European AD. Is there a bank in town that has a much better f/x rate than others? Citi's f/x rate loses me about 1.95% on the transaction, plus a wire fee. I know there will be some vig I have to pay on a foreign currency exchange, but I'd like to pare it down.
I have it on good authority that many, many brands are hiking prices this weekend. According to my European AD, Rolex and JLC are both increasing 10%. Other brands are going to have similar moves. Thus, I'm ready to pull the trigger on the JLC. I guess 15% off MSRP is a screaming deal in light of the coming price hike.
Question regarding negotiation of price with an AD: I am in discussions with an AD in Europe regarding a JLC Perpetual Ultrathin in WG. What range of discounts should I be able to expect? Both the AD and I know that the dollar is relatively strong at the moment and that I will be getting the VAT back. Presently, on top of that they are offering ~15% off the RRP and the AD is throwing in an additional JLC strap. Should I seek a bit more, discount-wise? Thoughts?
^^^ I heard the same thing re pricing from my European AD. Basically, prices are going up 5-7% in response to the currency move and many brands are holding back stock until the pricing goes up. JLC is doing this, which is why I am pulling the trigger ASAP on a perpetual ultra thin. Now someone convince me to get the steel instead of the WG.
New Posts  All Forums: