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Accepted an offer for a new job last Friday, and opened a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue to celebrate. I'm ordinarily a smoky, peaty single malt drinker myself, and the bottle was a gift from my mentor, but damn, it was smooth as silk.
I like that...if you find out the mill, please let me know!Thx
I have a moonbeam odd jacket. I love it. Very soft hand and wears warm, so perfect for autumn. Winter, it is great but will need an overcoat. And, yes, it isn't as heavy and sturdy as a proper tweed. But if you're looking for an "urban" tweed, it is great stuff.Did you try the Porter and Harding Hartwist bunch? Not sure if that pattern is there, but worth a look.
I'm in (again) this year...looking forward to it!
I'm pretty sure that is the new livery for the current bottling of the Laga DE. I much prefer it to the older labeling.
Great slice on the UWS: Sal and Carmines on B'way at 101st.
^ +1. But I have a blazersuit in the 0511 Minnis fresco, and I love it. Not too dark, not too light. Goes almost anywhere.
Haven't read thru the whole thread, so I might be repeating others' recommendations, but come on out to Brooklyn! In no particular order: Frannys Giuseppinas Best Pizza And in the East Village: Motorino
This might be too late for you, but: Ottolenghi in Islington - amazing mediterranean tapas food. Holly Bush pub in Hampstead - used to be the best pub and best pub food in London. Still a great pub, but I've heard the food has gone downhill. Caravan in King's Cross - great scene and great food The Albion pub in Islington - also a great pub, and the food is still great Borough Market - Friday lunchtime (and maybe Thursday), this is a HUGE food market near London...
I don't know who your tailor is, but one of your sleeves is missing.
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