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I'm pretty sure that is the new livery for the current bottling of the Laga DE. I much prefer it to the older labeling.
Great slice on the UWS: Sal and Carmines on B'way at 101st.
^ +1. But I have a blazersuit in the 0511 Minnis fresco, and I love it. Not too dark, not too light. Goes almost anywhere.
Haven't read thru the whole thread, so I might be repeating others' recommendations, but come on out to Brooklyn! In no particular order: Frannys Giuseppinas Best Pizza And in the East Village: Motorino
This might be too late for you, but: Ottolenghi in Islington - amazing mediterranean tapas food. Holly Bush pub in Hampstead - used to be the best pub and best pub food in London. Still a great pub, but I've heard the food has gone downhill. Caravan in King's Cross - great scene and great food The Albion pub in Islington - also a great pub, and the food is still great Borough Market - Friday lunchtime (and maybe Thursday), this is a HUGE food market near London...
I don't know who your tailor is, but one of your sleeves is missing.
Minnis Fresco 0511. All day long and twice on Sunday. My vote for most versatile fabric/color out there.
It definitely wears warmer than its weight. I wear it end of autumn thru early spring. I think it drapes well, but it is a soft fabric. It is no tweed. That said, my jacket is beautiful and holds its tailoring and has been wearing very well.
^^^ I agree. The haberdasher street shop is worth a visit, but frankly, not as many great bargains as I hoped. But I've found two cashmere sweaters there and a few ties. My biggest complaint with the factory store--and I've given them an earful twice now--is that they don't do VAT refunds, while the main shop in the West End does. Sort of kills the deal compared to the main shop.
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