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Apologies for not responding--must've missed the post. Best all-around watch repair/service shop IMO is Central Watch in Grand Central Station. Family-owned/operated for a few generations.Good luck with the service!
Great choice! Looking forward to pics.
I've been touting this for a month or so now. I just recently purchased a brand new JLC Perpetual Ultra Thin in WG for about the US retail price of the steel model.
I agree with respect to the original Hometime--I've owned one for years and I adore the asymmetric dial. It isn't as busy as the one shown above and works much better, stylistically.I am, however, currently selling my Hometime (as my signature below indicates), but not for lack of love for the design. Why am I selling it? My wife gave me a lovely GMT/dualtime watch as a gift at our wedding, and she would be hurt if I wore the Hometime instead. So it resides in my safe,...
I dare say that one's got a bit too much going on. JLC has several iconic models and lines, but they do seem to have at least their fair share of missteps. Most of their sport watches, for example.The one you posted reminds me of their update to the triple calendar from a few years back, when they took the otherwise classic and much-respected Master Moon Calendar (a triple calendar with beautiful proportions), and reconfigured the dial and crammed an RDM indication onto...
Personally, I love the JLC ultrathin moon, and this model is well-regarded by those in the know. Clean, well-proportioned dial and case, and an in-house movement from a true manufacture. I have always been a fan of JLC, but unlike some others here, I am not brand-centric. I do like a number of aspects about JLC as a manufacture as well as a number of their designs. JLC doesn't get as much love here as some of the more over-exposed brands, many of which are more or less...
...and just like a fart in the wind, so goes your credibility...Shout out to The Breakfast Club!:Bender: When have you ever gotten laid?Brian: I've been laid lots of times.Bender: Name one.Brian: She lives in Canada. I met her at Niagara Falls; you wouldn't know her.
This......Is logically inconsistent with this......and you are effectively conceding that you are simply posting counterfeit goods......and therefore I don't believe anyone should waste their time, and you certainly don't belong here.
I love the JLC Hometime. I actually have a mint example of the older, asymmetric version available for sale (see below). If it weren't for my recent acquisition of the JLC perpetual ultrathin, and the fact that my wife bought me a different two-timezone watch and thus would be offended if I wore the Hometime, I would happily keep and enjoy the Hometime. I think the Hometime is a fantastic, flexible sporty/dressy watch.And if you're interested in second-hand, let me know.
My boss has this watch. It and the 1955 are the two VC's I lust after.
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