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I totally thought this was posted by someone else.
Love that stingray! I'm so tempted to get it for one of my watches.
I've purchased custom straps from Jean Rousseau in London. Very good quality, similar to Camille Fournet.Regarding stingray...maybe not in pink, but it's cool (but spendy) stuff that looks great with the right watch.
Camille Fournet: camillefournet.comThey are one of the OEM manufacturers of straps for all the major brands. You can order a custom MTO through their website. Outstanding quality and fantastic prices.
While an extra year is nice, as someone who recently purchased a Rolex earlier this year, I'm disappointed they didn't include watches purchased in the last 12 months in the 5 year warranty group. Frankly, there's no reason not to, and it would generate goodwill.
No surprise there.
PM sent.
Hellz yeah.
If I recall correctly, didn't Rolex just announce that they're offering 5 year warranties? Not sure about Tudor.
Seriously. When my movement was totally disassembled, I was thinking "holy sh!t, how am I getting all these tiny pieces back together again?!"It was crazy that we met up--small world. After putting my ebauche back together I was ready to be turned loose on your Explorer...hey, the instructors were all Rolex guys, what could possibly go wrong?I'd love to take one of the advanced courses. I'm thinking of attending one of their meetings: "My name is Gopher, and it's been 14...
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