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Spamming the TWAT thread. There's a fine line between puffery and overt commercialism. ...of course, that line is waaay back in the rearview mirror.
I concur with the other comments following your post. My suggestion would be to get something a little more interesting than the Glenlivet and Macallan, without getting too far into whiskies that he may not like/appreciate. Thus, I'd stay away from heavily sherried whiskies and heavily peated/smoky whiskies and instead look for a well-regarded and well-known distillery that is a little more boutique than Glenlivet or Macallan. A good choice would be Highland Park 12 (or...
Some of us--the true horologists--knew exactly where you were. I hope you saw the Harrison chronometers while you were on the south bank of the Thames--simply stunning. If you're still in London and in need of recommendations for fantastic restaurants/pubs, let me know.
Me me me me me me me me me me. Sigh. "Tall man" syndrome.
^^^ I was planning to go until they canceled the film. I just don't think I could stand being around the smarmy Hodinkee folks for that long right now. I have a lot of respect for most of what they do, but the recent cheerleading (some rightfully say, shilling) for auctions and stupid-high auction prices has left me cold.
Agreed. I enjoy some of their features, but I think they ought to disclose who is paying for their frequent travel and what other "gifts" they receive for coverage. And I'm not just referring to their auction coverage.
Anyone care to opine on the irrational exuberance (read: insanity) that seems to have infected the auction market of late? (See, e.g., Hodinkee's breathless coverage of the Geneva auctions this weekend.)
OTR:Central Watch in Grand Central. I'm a happy customer.Custom:Jean Rousseau--they are comparable to the other Paris strap makers that manufacture for the various Swiss watch brands. Rousseau has an atelier on Madison at 48th. I'm a happy customer.
I have a suit length I'm not going to use. It's awesome, but I've got too many (!) Minnis fresco suits and too many browns right now. PM sent.
New Posts  All Forums: