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Here's a question for forex and maybe some others: I need to wire funds to a European AD. Is there a bank in town that has a much better f/x rate than others? Citi's f/x rate loses me about 1.95% on the transaction, plus a wire fee. I know there will be some vig I have to pay on a foreign currency exchange, but I'd like to pare it down.
I have it on good authority that many, many brands are hiking prices this weekend. According to my European AD, Rolex and JLC are both increasing 10%. Other brands are going to have similar moves. Thus, I'm ready to pull the trigger on the JLC. I guess 15% off MSRP is a screaming deal in light of the coming price hike.
Question regarding negotiation of price with an AD: I am in discussions with an AD in Europe regarding a JLC Perpetual Ultrathin in WG. What range of discounts should I be able to expect? Both the AD and I know that the dollar is relatively strong at the moment and that I will be getting the VAT back. Presently, on top of that they are offering ~15% off the RRP and the AD is throwing in an additional JLC strap. Should I seek a bit more, discount-wise? Thoughts?
^^^ I heard the same thing re pricing from my European AD. Basically, prices are going up 5-7% in response to the currency move and many brands are holding back stock until the pricing goes up. JLC is doing this, which is why I am pulling the trigger ASAP on a perpetual ultra thin. Now someone convince me to get the steel instead of the WG.
Agreed and you make very good points. The $25k is just the base amount of coverage, and one should increase the limit according to one's needs. The value, as I see it, is that most scheduled coverages from most insurers are per item, and the premium is only for that one item. The advantage to the Chubb blanket coverage is the coverage can be used for any piece of jewelry/watch, subject as you noted to the limit.No good deed goes unpunished. I returned home to find...wait...
I recommend Chubb's Masterpiece coverage. Spendier than most, but worth it. Very comprehensive coverage. I live in NYC, and with no car I couldn't get auto liability insurance since I can't get car insurance without a car. No matter. My coverage includes $5mm of umbrella liability, which is good worldwide...including for car accidents. As for watches....the policy came with $25K (per incident) coverage for watches/jewelry. Not separately scheduled, so no appraisal...
No swooshing. No one has ever been able to guess it has goretex.
The point is that it is very thin and light. The goretex is not just waterproofing, it is windproofing.
I have a MTM overcoat made from Loro Piana's cashmere Storm System. It is 6 years old, I wear it every day Nov-March/April. After 6 years it is starting to show some wear on the edges of the cuffs and the edge of the placket.I can't recommend this fabric enough: It is relatively lightweight cashmere bonded to a goretex membrane on the inside. Waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight and warm in all but the truly bitterest of weather. I've worn it with a suit...
Fair enough, but in this case, it struck me as rather confrontational. I needed to speak with one of two people, Frank or Jeremy, who were the only two people with whom I had previously had a discussion about a certain project. She simply couldn't help me, because she was not involved. I wasn't asking her to interrupt him, I told her who I was and simply asked her to have him call me.Her response was "What for? I can help you."So I sighed and said "Is the XXX fabric...
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