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I was thinking almost the exact same things. (Although in my head it was lederhosen and "oom-pah-pah band.") Seems like a collection with a very narrow focus, even within ALS. Pity.
I really like the JLC MUT Moon 39 in black. But if you have several other black dialed watches, then yes, I agree you should consider mixing it up. I really like the VC dress watches, especially the 1955 Historique. It is a true ultrathin, with a gorgeous, JLC-derived movement. Has real horological cachet too. Not sure what your budget is, but if this is in your range, I'd give it a serious look.
And yet, that's my point, although only if you bothered to quote me fully and in context.
Lolz. It's like shooting unself-aware fish in a barrel.
And lest we go longer than 12 hours and possibly forget, more naval-gazing.... ...the misspelled pun was intentional.
@Meurice: I agree re the enamel dial, as well as the Tiffany co-branding. Of the world timers out there, the 5130 is a classic (although the more contemporary resized version of the classic). I personally prefer it in Pt, since I like the dial more, but the WG is nice too. This thread can occasionally become an echo-chamber, and for some there are certain brands that can do no wrong. Regardless of whether merited or not. I judge watches one at a time, not by the brand....
^ one of the only Pateks I actually like.
More navel-gazing today.
@BostonHedonist Two years?! That's plenty of time to find your own way! In which part of town is your flat? Suggestions for must eat places: Borough Market in Southwark--among the hundreds of other delicious victuals, the kappacasein toasted cheese sandwich is the best grilled cheese you'll ever eat Ottolenghi in Islington - fantastic Mediterranean food Rochelle Canteen in Shoreditch - owned by the wife of Fergus Henderson St. John Bread and Wine - one of Fergus...
Spamming the TWAT thread. There's a fine line between puffery and overt commercialism. ...of course, that line is waaay back in the rearview mirror.
New Posts  All Forums: