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Just a PSA: Ercole has a suit-length of the custom Tobacco color Minnis Fresco, if anyone is interested. (I have 3.5m too, FYI.)
Pair of Crockett & Jones Pembrokes in Tan Scotch Grain leather with Dainite rubber soles. Size: 9.5E (UK). Last: 325. These are fantastic shoes. Purchased brand new and worn only a few times. Unfortunately, I have a low-volume narrow foot and despite sizing down to these, they just don't fit me. Shipped with original box and shoe bags. Shipping to CONUS at cost, or can meet in person in NYC. PayPal preferred (unless in NYC, where cash is king).
I have 3.5 meters of the Tobacco Minnis Fresco for sale. It's from the custom order done a year or so ago. I've got too many Fresco suits, so I don't need this suit-length of fabric. Shipping to CONUS addresses included, or can meet in person in NYC. PayPal preferred (unless in NYC, where cash is king). Please PM if interested.
I'll play the other side:Even at the factory sale, the EG shoe trees are quite dear in price. Don't get me wrong: they are fantastic and gorgeous, and lasted to the shoes. But at the end of the day, Woodlore (or other quality cedar shoe trees) fulfill the role perfectly well, and at a quarter the price. I've never noticed any difference in shoe wear between lasted and third party shoe trees.I thought long and hard about this, but all things being equal, I'd rather save...
A heartwarming Christmas story (at least for me): Over Thanksgiving I found myself in London with spare time to make the train ride to Northampton for the factory sale. I managed to pick up three pairs of EGs, including a lovely handsewn pair of Ectons. It turns out these were seconds merely because of uneven antiquing/burnishing in the polish. But Lady Luck was watching over me, as the good folks working the sale included the woman responsible for finishing/polishing,...
It is a thicker, softer leather. I've only had my pair a short time, so I can't speak to how it wears or if it is delicate, but I really love it on my Cardiffs. Definitely a casual leather--the shine isn't as glossy as calf.
Far too many posts without proper shoeporn pics in the thread. A couple quick snaps from the sale yesterday of the shoes I bought...
Chelseas, Dovers and Galways were extremely thin on the ground. Maybe one or two of each in very large sizes and smaller sizes, but not much in the bulge-bracket sizes of 8-10.5. I wasn't thrilled with the selection, but as I said I did manage to find three pairs.
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