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Minnis Fresco 0511. All day long and twice on Sunday. My vote for most versatile fabric/color out there.
It definitely wears warmer than its weight. I wear it end of autumn thru early spring. I think it drapes well, but it is a soft fabric. It is no tweed. That said, my jacket is beautiful and holds its tailoring and has been wearing very well.
^^^ I agree. The haberdasher street shop is worth a visit, but frankly, not as many great bargains as I hoped. But I've found two cashmere sweaters there and a few ties. My biggest complaint with the factory store--and I've given them an earful twice now--is that they don't do VAT refunds, while the main shop in the West End does. Sort of kills the deal compared to the main shop.
Wow. Gorgeous. Me too...if you find out what it is or find a source, I'd be in for at least 3 meters.
I have a sportcoat made up in Mirage. I'm on a mobile device right now and can't find the post to link to, but search in this thread and the Ercoles thread and you should find it. I put up a pic or two. I really like it, and Frank at Ercoles is a big fan. Seems to tailed really well and so far it wears great. Gotten a lot of compliments on it.
I'm definitely interested in 3.5 meters.Goph
Tobacco Brown Minnis Fresco vs the standard 518 Brown Minnis Fresco... Does anyone have clothing made up from the 518 brown? And maybe more importantly, does anyone have something made from each (e.g., a Slewfoot tobacco brown sportcoat and a standard 518 brown sportcoat)? I have a suit length of the standard 518 brown, but I'm interested in the tobacco. What are the pros/cons of each?
Any idea if we can lump orders together to combine shipping? The Pound is killing the Dollar right now, so every little bit helps.
What about Harrison's Mirage? Wool/linen/silk, and there are a number of windowpanes offered.
I have to say, I'm admittedly in the minority on this, but I'm not too keen on the A'Bunadh...maybe it has too much sherry for me. But I love the other Aberlours, especially the 18. A good friend of mine thinks I'm nuts, and LOVES the A'Bunadh. He drinks mine whenever he's over.I'm really a peat/smoke guy...but only to a point. Laga is perfect. Ardbeg/Laphroiag are good in moderation, but I can't drink them as much as Laga or Talisker.
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