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I agree, but I think the MUT Moon bridges the gap: yes, it can be worn as a pure dress watch for formal occasions, but in my opinion it is a true go-anywhere, do-anything watch (short of actual sporting activities). It can be worn in almost every situation and with almost every wardrobe. I have it's bigger (but not "bigger") brother, the Perpetual Ultrathin, and it is almost as flexible. Short of true formal occasions, mine wears equally well with a suit, with jeans, with...
I do like the JLC silver sunburst dial, but in this case I think I prefer the black dial.
I'm impressed. I love world timers--might be the only Patek I am ever willing to buy. Just wish it was from an established watch manufacture--if this example was a Baume & Mercier I'd bite.
Man, I don't get out enough. Can you provide context to this picture?And a tip o' the hat to your style--I'm blown away by your timeless choices and the facts that not only do you still fit in them, but also that you maintained your clothes so beautifully.Now...about that eye candy...do tell.
Ack. So I'm considering a Rolex 31mm Lady's Datejust, RG/steel oyster bracelet, RG bezel, as a gift for my wife. Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of discount I might be able to expect from an AD? Please feel free to PM me directly. Any suggestions for an AD on the East Coast?
5130G. Personally, I think it is a gorgeous watch and the history of the complication makes it even better.I'm not a RG fan. I much prefer the white metals, especially for travel. But I believe in the virtue and elegance of understatement, unlike some.
Short of shearing the sheep yourself, Concordia's right...that is the source.
Apologies for not responding--must've missed the post. Best all-around watch repair/service shop IMO is Central Watch in Grand Central Station. Family-owned/operated for a few generations.Good luck with the service!
Great choice! Looking forward to pics.
I've been touting this for a month or so now. I just recently purchased a brand new JLC Perpetual Ultra Thin in WG for about the US retail price of the steel model.
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