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How about something in a very nice rich MOP?
Here is my test shirt (man that fabric sucks) after one wash. So the things I already am thinking: add a bit in through the body (maybe another 1/2 inch across the hole thing); I'll make the cuffs a bit larger as well so they fall a bit better. But the bunching near the shoulders on the front shot and the upper back look like a mess. How do I fix this?
I go the one on 57th all the time in the hope of seeing Incos, never have. Am I not looking in the right place?
I wish they would do some inexpensive hand rolled silk pocket squares - I get tired for hunting for eBay deals.
I never thought I would like a croc leather jacket, but this Isaac Sellam I saw on selectism is making me rethink that:
Not cheaper, but how are the Buttero sneakers?
I love yoga class usually since it is a bunch of fit women in tight spandex and me. But then usually some hairy fat dude in super tight spandex that lets you know whether he is circumcised or not can come and ruin it.
Because then you can say how you benched 335 even though you didn't get it off the rack and how you can squat 500+ even though you never even came close to going below parallel.
A lot f BB cordovan is made by Ganzo in Japan.
You should go party. I am sure by the time you are out we will be back in an economic boom cycle and you will be able to score a decent job despite the lower ranking instead of living under a bridge.
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