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Obris Morgan Branco's now available for pre-order - great looking watch, I ordered mine in black PVD. http://www.obrismorgan.com/english/branco.html
I tried on the Powell which is a lined Chelsea I think, found it really boxy. Barbour needs to clean up their product lines because they are just a mess right now.
Emailed Boggi to see about doing a run... Will see what minimums and pricing would be.
I sort of want to, but then again, I've toyed with the idea of launching a site that featured one limited run item at a time... So something like this would work pretty well but I doubt it would be together in time for winter.
Yeah, not worth it.Plus marrkt is a bit dodgy - they seem to keep their password in plaintext, so I don't trust their security very much.
Theory? pretty mediocre then - unless they let Theyskens run a bit wild. The one thinking UU had was that it at least had some character, and +J had some very sleek modernity to it. Not sure what Theory brings to the table at all.
Kopped! Thanks for the pointer
It is from an older collection - there is one that TRINI owned that has been passed around the forums quite a bit (I owned it for a bit but it was too small for me, ditto the next owner). People on this forum love the jacket so much, it would almost be worth reaching out to Boggi to have them do an SF-limited run...
Anyone see anything about who they might do a 2013 collab with? The Jun Takahashi stuff has been mostly disappointing IMO, so would love to see them move on.
I picked up a Ten C fishtail from Yoox when they had them. The fabric is ridiculous soft and it got some hurricane use last week and held up great... I would have kopped the Krane on the forums here if I didn't already have this Ten C.
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