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Just rent tuxes and call it a day.
Any suggestions for some ostich quill leather shoes/boots? Something besides Mezlan but not too dear for what amounts to a novelty shoe?
Wear the tie, skip the square - you can ditch the tie if everyone else is more casual. Or you can go really sacrilegious and wear the jacket with different pants (depending on the jacket)
I currently am in love with this jacket over at SZ
I've always wanted to do something crossing materials science and product design. Complete 180 from my current career, but I've always been fascinated by innovating materials.
That is amazing... Wish I could fit it somewhere.
Finally pulled the trigger on two frames: Fred Melville in Black Horn Ic! Berlin Ibrahim H in gunmetal Going to check out the new Warby Parker Ti collection for some beaters...
Don't take it - you were already paid for the search by your own company. And, in fact, technically they own the results of that search not you - so you shouldn't have tipped him off either. It has nothing to do with an NDA, but the search was done on company time with company money - the results aren't yours to dispense with.
I bought this vest last year, wore it once and then forgot about it. This is a really nice tweed vest with lots of character and typical W+H quality. P2P 20" Length from nape to bottom 27" $250 firm + PP fees and shipping. Will consider trades. I travel for work so I usually ship on Fridays but will always try and ship earlier.
Yoox deal included the quilted liner - did not realize that.
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