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That's pretty cool, but those lapels are crazy large
I pretty much only wear my PAM casually, often with sleeves rolled up a bit. I wear my Datejust for work and am trying to decide whether to get a JLC Master Geo in gold to alternate with. Have a couple of cheaper beater watches just to mix things up.
I used to not be a Pam fan - but I got an absolute huge 127 and I end up wearing it more than my Rolex Sub just because it is easy to read.
Regardless, CC is also right in that he chose a field with high demand. That isn't luck, that is brains. Choosing law, even four years ago, maybe not the right choice.
I know that this forum software at least supports quote notification, since I have seen it on another site using the same stuff.I'd like a forum calendar where people could post all those "When is the next sale" crap and even open coupon codes that have expiration dates (probably less useful for singles)Also, I still think another classifieds forum for group buys, MTOs, and other custom SF-specific type buys would be nice.
Too expensive, and I say this as someone who has a shit-ton of Apple stuff. $250, even $275 would have been over the market, but okay given the app eco-system. Of course, they will still sell a ton of them.
Ok, this is not in the poor man's range, I suppose. Are these watches by Stanton any good? Never heard of them, have no idea what the movement is. http://perks.urbandaddy.com/national/promotions/stanton-watch-co/stanton-watch-co-5926.html
Third one looks too dark... The first was great because it had a great sense of humor and kept it light (despite the very dull and standard boss battle at the end).
I want one too... so after you sell one to Gmas - contact me (I will not bargain against the OP though)
When I search a keyword, I would love it if I would get the results to actually show me an excerpt of that keyword and a link to go to that specific post. I am not sure if this capability is supposed to be there, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
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