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If you are worried about the hood blowing off, just take it to a tailor and have better attachments added. I would rather have had a zipper personally.
Besides the horribly logoed crap they sometimes sell, how is their quality? I was eyeing this aviator jacket: Not sure whether it is worth it over a similar Burberry or other aviator shearling...
Nice, just kopped some Acronym I'd been eyeing. Now someone needs to buy some of my crap so I can fund this.Being trapped inside is bad for my wallet.
My fault really for having a shoddy storage situation in NYC - not like Cali where I had great storage.
I keep going back and forth on this - Saxonia or Calatrava 5119J
That, plus frankly a leather jacket for wearing over a suit needs to be a bit larger, so it tends not to work well without a jacket underneath.
Phillipe Dufour has said that ALS finishing is higher quality than PP currently. But I agree that some of their designs are just a bit disproportionate. That being said, if a 1 or a 1815 showed up on my wrist, I would not be complaining.
Well Petrus was actually corked, that was a disappointment, have to go to second tier stuff...
Ah, totally different and a lot more open of a question then. Depends on which firm you are at and how you have shaped your career. I think the generalists have a tougher time finding a post outside of BD/strategy groups...
A lot of associates at my firm stick for 2 years, then go to PE for a couple of years before heading off for MBAs.
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