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Anyone have any wrist time with the Frederique Constant 292M4T25?
Some of these Grinders don't seem as shiny:http://britboot.co.uk/engine/shop/category/Grinders/Boots
This new sizing thing is (1) a headache and (2) concerning about a shift away from their heritage. And this random supply going to different shops with sweaters not even being on their own website is just really annoying.
I'll probably go quick release on my straps. I like the look, but they are a chore to actually deal with (especially at the airport)
Yes, it is Armani Jeans, but anyone ever see this one in person? http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/armani-jeans-padded-quilted-jacket-item-10289291.aspx
Might as well go all the way up and wear a Nehru...
Any recs where I can score a transitional Omega 1969 Speedmaster with the 861 movement but the vintage styling?
Oh, I wasnt' taking it personally. I just think if you are young and have some cash, get something that you won't be able to justify later once you have a family, etc...
Frankly just change at work... Or you can spend serious money on Outlier, etc.
Well, you could buy a Genesis sedan and not have that problem.
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