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Ended up starting Railsea instead. So far so good.
It is fall again - so time for some tweeds. I read through all the different threads here and still don't really understand tweeds. I had a Donegal tweed from J. Press for a while, but decided that sack suits weren't for me. So I want to dive in hard on something nice and tweedy. What should I look for in fabrics? Is tweed always scratchy? How can I get up to speed in this fabric?
Definitely interested in TF 40R suits
Measurements and info added
After looking around, this jacket is like the forum's Italian whore - seemed to start with TRINI and then make the rounds. Anyway, it is a sweet jacket.
Ah, I didn't catch that. Hopefully it is better than GT which is crinkly in not a good way.
Some have called it a grail... others just amazing. Bought this here a few days ago, but just a bit too small for me, Would fit a 38 really well. Will trade for similar quilted jacket in a M/40-41 size From the previous ad: For sale is the rare Boggi Navy Quilted Technical Blazer in a size S, but fits slightly larger. I got this last year off SF, wore it a few times but now am looking for something with padding that I can use when I ride my motorcycle. It's a great...
I'd be in for a couple of pairs at a 33 waist.
IMO - I disagree on the add-on front - the phone holster I don't find terribly useful, and the magnets on mine were never that good at holding my Etymotics on the jacket. The looks are good, but I'd also like to see some more creativity with the fabrics since Gore-Tex is kind of crappy and plasticky feeling.
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