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Yes, Luxire is a deal,. but I've made some suggestions since I want them to do well (just to be clear, if it is between keeping prices low and doing things better, I still will take low prices). Just put in an order for pique tux shirt with 2 detachable collars, white matching waistcoat and one casual shirt.
I have a pair of Buttero's, they definitely run large so size down.
Damn, near my place and sad I missed this.
I think the U on the Paul Stuart is too high because of the 6x3. So I was going to do a 2x1 pattern U waistcoat - I am just using the pic as a bit of a guide. I do like DB waistcoats - it prevents a single line of buttons down the middle and adds a subtle bit of visual interest.
Just sent an email about getting that tux shirt made - although I didn't see a nice pique fabric on the website which is something I would like. PS - I agree, include the makers.
Do the heated grips - it is inexpensive and well worth it.And man, do I miss my Multistrada...
I think they used to be HSM, not sure who he uses now.As far as his suit selections:
So navy chalkstripe? Then call it sold.
Basically there is no vanity sizing - it is 22" P2P and a 44 measurement.
I have that jacket in blue for sale and posted measurements...
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