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So Slate has one of their typical, over-hyped gushy articles about American Giant and their sweatshirts. Worth it or hype? How does it rank against American Apparel at the low end and Loopwheeler etc at the high end?
Well. Vintage is more than played out at this point. So maybe technical fabrics?
Bell bottoms... Realistically, it will be hard to be innovative in denim jeans anymore unless you are going to go to some sort of extreme. I thought that real motorcycle-able jeans without weird patches would be there, but there is eSquad doing those...
Black tie is a living hell basically at this point in world affairs. I've given up and am going to go Mr. Ned.
Let me make some suggestions for starting out. Later you can add to, but this will get you started in a very easy to use approach. 1. Pick a look. The easier way to start out is decide what look you are going for. Are you a more preppy type dresser, prefer a traditional look, Italianate, English, etc.? Once you figure that out, commit to it. I'd say go with pretty strong imitation until you have a real handle on the style. Don't break the rules of that style until you...
They are kind of like the Westboro and Komen people - more into the money/attention aspects than the cause. PETA even runs kill shelters.
I'd show.
Lately I have decided not to buy any more suits that aren't either DB or 3-piece. I just prefer the look and don't care that much if it is a bit more formal.
So, we never heard the aftermath... Did the workers show up? Did she? What happened Monday and on?
Bought a dinner jacket there and was very pleased - no vanity sizing which I appreciate. Tried on a double-breasted and something about that cut I don't like, just slightly too straight through the body, but nothing a tailor couldn't fix. They need more three pieces though.
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