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I have a Parajumpers and like it a lot, although a lot of people think the military detailing is over the top.All depends on the style you are looking for through.
Yeah, well the Phineas Cole stuff has American Psycho written all over it in its aggressive dandyism. Going to order the whole thing as a three piece from Mr. Ned most likely, probably after the holidays.
Am I supposed to feel the burn? Especially on a pretty unimaginative mommy crack?Seriously, I ask for a lead on some high-yield vintage shops to look at since there are tons in NYC and I admit I don't do a lot of vintage shopping, and you get all butt-hurt? Maybe you are a bit too sensitive for the internet... Looks like a nice top-frame briefcase...
Assuming it is a relatively nice pattern, you can pretty much consider it sold.
Just get some Uniqlo heattech from Uniqlo to wear underneath normal jeans - more versatile than buying jeans just for winter.
To expand further, I think I am going with Mr. Ned after the holiday season. Figure I'll ask here if I have a complete list of things I should do/get? Starting with this look as the base: The plan Jacket Peak lapel - grosgrain facings Midnight blue barathea fabric Single button Besom pockets - or should I omit pockets entirely except for one for a pocket square? Any reason to have working cuff buttons on a tux jacket? Flower loop to hold a boutenneire behind...
Any chance of seeing Benjamin tuxes in midnight?
Make them double-sided please!
I know, but would you have preferred a Cayman GT3 over a 997 GT3? I suspect so...
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