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If it was a 4, I'd be all over that.
Eh, I think Cartier has a pretty excellent watchmaking tradition which they pissed away making shitty quartz versions and crappy movements in their watches. They, like Bulgari, are now getting pretty serious about watchmaking, at least at the high end... They certainly have more real tradition in watchmaking than forum favorite, GO (not that there is anything wrong with GO).Then again, Patek makes quartz watches - who would know enough to buy a Patek and then go and buy a...
Mine took about 3 months also... The other one I picked up here at SF.
Well, I was all set to by the G&B I mentioned earlier - but some unexpected expenses and the desire for a new car and motorcycle are winning out. So maybe time to scale back my watch ambitions. Anyone have one of these? Cartier Rotonde: or Rotonde Nuit et Jour: or the third variation with second time zone:
Pat Benatar - Invicible (Mr Sam Pop Model Remix) MIA - Bad Girls The Chemical Brothers - Hold Tight London DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem Mogwai - Auto Rock Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers Jay-Z/Kanye - Niggas in Paris Crystal Castles - Untrust Us The Builders and The Butcher - Barcelona Nitzer Ebb - Hearts and Minds Not too much shame there for 10 random tracks on play.
Hard to say - I think Jane Gardam is a phenomenal novelist, but top tier? Hard for me to say.I've always preferred Kazuo Ishiguro's works over some of the other authors listed here. I've read Banville's the Sea and liked it quite a bit as well, but just that one novel. McCarthy is pretty great, but really, to me, is a bit limited in expression.
Kenneth Cole has started a secret campaign to bring back square toed douche shoes.
Despite the high level of prejudice here, I like living in Williamsburg. Dating scene isn't bad for single people, there are more interesting restaurants and shopping. The hipster quotient is dropping fast (the hate on hipsters just makes me think everyone on this board is an old fart, they are just ugly skinny kids who finally have a niche to call their own). And it is less settled down that Cobble Hill, etc. The split in looks is a lot wider - the hot women here are...
If this was an M, I would be all over it, even at a higher price.
Is there a way to set a default shirt style? For my dress shirts I am always going to get a 2 button wide collar with the same french cuffs and contrasting fabric liners. I sort of hate having to re-do everything each time I want to order a shirt. All I want to do is pick colors, and then edit as I go.
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