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Buy a laser, inkjets rape you on ink costs. We've been okay with Brother for a while.
Eh - I think you expect too much from a Bond film then. I thought it was easily top 3. The plot was nonsense, but Bond films have always been about mood and style, and this one delivered in spades.I liked (not loved) Bardem as a villain - the agent left to die who was tortured into insanity with lots of mother issues. I could have skipped the hackneyed homosexual bits of his act which is a bit tired and played out... I understand that Bond is a very physical type of agent,...
Weird that he is bumping but not answering PMs
PM sent.
PM sent on #2
$100: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/made-for-all/men-down-short-jacket/073737-55-006 Plenty of other choices out there if you don't care about label.
If the jacket wasn't an L and had satin/silk facings, I would pick that purple jacket up in a hot second.
So Slate has one of their typical, over-hyped gushy articles about American Giant and their sweatshirts. Worth it or hype? How does it rank against American Apparel at the low end and Loopwheeler etc at the high end?
Well. Vintage is more than played out at this point. So maybe technical fabrics?
Bell bottoms... Realistically, it will be hard to be innovative in denim jeans anymore unless you are going to go to some sort of extreme. I thought that real motorcycle-able jeans without weird patches would be there, but there is eSquad doing those...
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