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New Ducatis announced: Hypermotard Hyperstrada Panigale R While I know the Panigale hasn't been selling well, my MTS 1200 was almost the perfect bike, so I am excited to see how the Hyperstrada turns out. Toss on a low windshield and remove the bags for around town, but have the ability to do distance whenever.
Anyone know anything about Arnold & Sons? I thought I knew every high-end watchmaker out there pretty much...
I think the quilted liners aren't very warm from a winter perspective - but the warm pile liners may be better.
I think underpromise and over deliver should always be a key message. But mostly communication is essential. Most of us would rather have our shirt be perfect rather than rushed, but not knowing the reason for a delay doesn't inspire confidence.
Anyone able to tell me how does Veilance fit?
The dimple must be precised 19mm deep, and the knot must be canted to the right at 11.2 degrees to balance the pocket square in the left. Anything else is amateur hour and you just can't do business in America that way.
I think I am going to do the Frans one mentioned - is that new fit or old?
I'd be interested, but only if it went into super obsessive detail. Like ridiculously so. But that might just be me...
Well, since I am debating between a TAD Stealth Hoodie LT or a Mission Eiger right now, neither of which I expect to find on good discount - not going to worry about it so much. How is the Praetorian Hoodie? Worth it or just a hoodie?
So 10%? That is a joke for a sample sale and definitely not worth the time.
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