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I'd like them hand-forged by Japanese swordsmiths.
Frankly I have had several, and most of them are pretty much the same.
The Fedora is worn by reddit-loving geeks. The Trilby by hipsters from 2008?
Howard Yount? Kent Wang? Not sure who makes them... SAB on eBay sometimes.
The IEMs are pretty good and cheap for balanced armatures. But I definitely don't think much of the new stock ones.
That's mine up for sale.... So if you have any questions - feel free to send them my wayYep... it was a great deal. Event though my wife will probably kill me for buying more shoes.
Fair point, I guess I don't really understand where wholecuts fit in the scheme of things...
Fab is about the only one I know... Invite link here (with referral)
These are also a bit out of your price range: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&colset=1&styleid=1420&shoeid=5194&brandid=6&catid=129&oldcolid=2710&stype=0&colourid=2712 Frankly, you are going to have a tough time finding anything decent for less.
I'd definitely love some more striped fabrics, especially in irregular stripes. Other than that, just plotting my first order!
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