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Like I said, I have the quilted liner for a template. The issue is more that the shearling liner is not very much shearling. Even at 1000, a full shearling jacket would be a better deal. He'll if we got enough people we could buy an original as a pattern and still come out ahead.
I guess I am a bit confused- you are working on Thursday and people are mad that you are scheduling meetings?
Everyone should just take the vacation day dock and fight it later.
OK - now we need to talk. I was just thinking about the same thing to create a hood as well. I have the quilted liner to use as a model for placing the button hooks, etc.
I know that Fivestory in NYC is having a sale nowish - not sure if Ten C is included at all. I still wish the shearling had a bit more actual shearling - seems like a lot of money for two front panels on a quilted jacket.
They should just go on pure profit rather than revenue when calculating status - who cares if people buy on discount if they make you more money?
I guess, more importantly, is the whole idler drive renaissance BS or worthwhile?
Ah, thanks for the clarification.
I was just thinking this is how they should do it... Reward loyalty.
Actually - watching the ten-c video - the snow smock has belt loops and an integrated hood - those are the 2 differences from the field jacket.
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