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If I had any exotic, I would drive the shit out of it - in winter, I would put fucking snow chains on it and keep on driving it. No point in owning it if you aren't going to use it...
Exactly, "Captain of sailing team" is a lot better than Sailing. If you like running and jog like 5k every so often at a 10 minute pace, then don't even bother putting it down. If you race (and especially place), then worthwhile to include. I want to see a drive to succeed in personal life that mirrors all the BS you put in the rest of the resume...)
I was just thinking about some Fred's instead of doing the Cartier thing.
Thermaltake Isurus - rebranded Audio-Technicas
Just bought some Heir Audio 4.A CIEMs... now to get some earmolds made"
Yeah, I have a Shark which I don't like that much, had a Vemar that I loved, and could never justify the money for an Arai - I'd rather just use the money to mod my bike or get another one.
All depends on industry. I'd say a tasteful company logo, contact info (including email address since a forwarded Outlook email won't tell you the email address), and that is basically it. I'd skip most of the disclaimers - hell my old law firm put the "we are not giving tax advice" disclaimer at the bottom of everyone's email, including the tax lawyers.
Getting a latte, of course.
Just saw this, and it looks perfect and seems relatively easy: Anyone own a Supersport and had any problems with it?
Not going to do the whole post, but I disagree with a lot of what was said.Depends on where you are - I have seen fresh out of undergrad children tell CEOs what to do, but they were right, had the data, and had the ability to push their recommendation.Maybe, but it all depends on whether you can justify your slide decisions or not. If you aren't the type of person who spends a lot of time thinking about the format of the slide, how it conveys a message, etc.; well then...
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