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I think the U on the Paul Stuart is too high because of the 6x3. So I was going to do a 2x1 pattern U waistcoat - I am just using the pic as a bit of a guide. I do like DB waistcoats - it prevents a single line of buttons down the middle and adds a subtle bit of visual interest.
Just sent an email about getting that tux shirt made - although I didn't see a nice pique fabric on the website which is something I would like. PS - I agree, include the makers.
Do the heated grips - it is inexpensive and well worth it.And man, do I miss my Multistrada...
I think they used to be HSM, not sure who he uses now.As far as his suit selections:
So navy chalkstripe? Then call it sold.
Basically there is no vanity sizing - it is 22" P2P and a 44 measurement.
I have that jacket in blue for sale and posted measurements...
I have a Parajumpers and like it a lot, although a lot of people think the military detailing is over the top.All depends on the style you are looking for through.
Yeah, well the Phineas Cole stuff has American Psycho written all over it in its aggressive dandyism. Going to order the whole thing as a three piece from Mr. Ned most likely, probably after the holidays.
Am I supposed to feel the burn? Especially on a pretty unimaginative mommy crack?Seriously, I ask for a lead on some high-yield vintage shops to look at since there are tons in NYC and I admit I don't do a lot of vintage shopping, and you get all butt-hurt? Maybe you are a bit too sensitive for the internet...
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