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Should I get these for summer and do the no-sock thing? Why or why not? Off-white suede with brogue details
I can't belied that people suggested he check out SW&D when everyone knows that AAAC is where it is at.
I'd imagine a lot of changes, given what I've read about how the company operates. Apparently it is ridiculously cushy, all that will be taken right out - sell the castle, get rid of the 2 hour lunches, etc.
Not sure I would buy a watchmaker (even a nascent one) a watch unless it was especially significant in the watchmaking world.
How about the GO Meissen? I am trying to decide if the limited editions are a bit too OTT for me. Seems like they are just too aimed at the asian market in general
If they were half a size up, I would have bought most of them.
Any chance of getting pants with side adjusters? I sort of hate wearing belts.
I am looking at similar type frames. Paul Smith Wordsworth is pretty similar and much cheaper. Also Gotti makes a frame that is similar (brand seems hard to find in the US).
They are unbranded sneakers mostly - desirable enough that MMM ripped them off and charged $400 for. I mean what were you expecting?
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