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Ah, totally different and a lot more open of a question then. Depends on which firm you are at and how you have shaped your career. I think the generalists have a tougher time finding a post outside of BD/strategy groups...
A lot of associates at my firm stick for 2 years, then go to PE for a couple of years before heading off for MBAs.
So we obviously need to discuss what we'll be doing during the storm!. I will be cracking a lovely bottle of Petrus I have been saving for a rainy day, doing a bit of drunk housekeeping and watching the Manhattan skyline from my window. Music choice is still up in the air.
I didn't use it, so not sure why.
Get your Herning on. http://www.lerayonfrais.fr/index.php 10-20-30% off if you spend 100-200-300 EUR. Codes are on the banner.
I expect the CPs will be right at that magic $280 point which seems to be the standard now. But who knows...
Now I am worried that I am unwittingly breaking some rule.
I'd be gangnam styling that shit.
The Barneys is mostly house brand stuff too.
So one of the great deals in thrifting always seems to be tweed jackets... Except that the fabric seems often to be stiff and crinkly. Is that from dry cleaning, cheap tweed or other? I have never owned a tweed jacket for the long haul, so am unsure what to expect.
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