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Oh, I wasnt' taking it personally. I just think if you are young and have some cash, get something that you won't be able to justify later once you have a family, etc...
Frankly just change at work... Or you can spend serious money on Outlier, etc.
Well, you could buy a Genesis sedan and not have that problem.
Eh - I don't think my ask on a Stile Latino suit NWT is that bad... and frankly I don't mind taking offers, but when some dumbass asks me if I'll take $200 for the suit, I pretty much tell them to f* off.Actually this weekend I was going to lower them to firm prices and remove the OBO to see if that gets me a better result.
Great deals were available in 2008 when stores were shedding inventory. Now they just aren't really there. I definitely get a lot of crap low-balling which is just irritating.
I think the listings are as good as they were before... I think the new format is less good for moving stuff, or something.
Agreed - I feel like B&S has gotten really slow to move stuff.
I had sold my previous Acronym jacket which was a bit too tight in a M. Then Bodega had a 20% sale on, so went for it... Not sure about the status, but I always like stuff with a bit of quirkiness to it, so there you go.
I almost think that some of these jackets are getting too breathable - I have a Rab Drillium made out of very light eVent and it is too breathable for me. You pretty much have to layer under it. I think it is an amazing jacket, and would be perfect for climbing or cycling. But for just hanging around, it doesn't insulate well enough. Will probably end up selling it and looking for something more city-wearish, like a Veilance piece or similar. In other news, just got...
If they were serious about that - they would just put scotchlite on it..
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