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Creed is basically a very intentional homage to Rocky 1...
Just saw Creed.... a pretty great retelling of the Rocky story. Which, given the number of tries they have had, you would expect.
How large does Poell leather come in? I probably need a 54, hell maybe a 56 given the tight fit of some leather.
I would never buy a vette til they sort out all of the reliability and cooling issues. Shame too, since it would otherwise be an amazing deal...My sister is thinking about getting an F-type and I think it is a great choice. I've been eyeing 911s mostly since I need the rear seat for the kids sometimes.
Problem with F-type is it is too heavy, but it is pretty. It is definitely not the "rational" sports car choice over the 911, but definitely good looking.
Just binged Jessica Jones - pretty damn solid; mostly cause the superhero aspect was pretty downplayed. So far the rest of the Marvel stuff has been mostly popcorn. Daredevil, in comparison, could have been taken down a notch in the acrobatics category and D'Onofrio was far too 1 dimensional May try Narcos next.
Can you point out any mods for the current GS that add dyno verified power? I used to keep a list of all mods available for the current gen and there were potentially two super chargers that might have been modified to work but almost nothing.
Why? It is far more discrete than pulling out your phone.Admitedly mine is ultra-hipstered with a cordovan nato strap...
It isn't useless, it just isn't particularly useful.The apps are mostly garbage, so the real use I get out of it is the previews of SMS and email to know whether I should pull out my phone or not.
Ok let's make this simpler. Most of the brands are interchangeable. I've gone winter mountaineering in Uniqlo and in Mountain Hardware and the differences aren't that huge at a particular fill level (or close to it)
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