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But I think that is a classic mistake when looking at these bikes. If you are just starting out and looking for a starter bike, you most likely aren't going to keep it that long - maybe a year or two. In which case the high price is just a cash flow issue. You buy at the high price and a year later you sell at a high price, so the TCO isn't all that terrible.The thing is, there is always high demand for entry-level bikes. Here in Cali, 8 year old Ninja 250s sell for what I...
Well, what kind of bike are you looking for?
Sure there are. Tons of standards, nakeds, etc. And, by definition, you want a "low-end" bike since you may drop it.E.g., go buy a GS500 if you want a standard naked bike. Tons of dual sports, Honda 500X if you want ADV style, etc.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was pretty dull and the plot was too stretched... Started Black Mirror - the first episode was just so implausible and overly sensationalistic it is hard to want to go on.
Those Royal Enfields look pretty great actually.
I thought this editorial was pretty interesting - Editorial: There Are Still Bad Cars, But You’ll Never Hear About Them Basically in short, they said the cars that suck are actually generally at the high end: Mercedes G Last gen RR sport AM Vantage MB CLA Lincoln MKZ All Maseratis Ferrari 360 & 430 No idea if they are right or not as I haven't driven most of these, but definitely a bit more interesting than the usual automotive journalism crap.
Just strip off the plastics on the Ninja and call it a day. Toss on a different headlight if you want to naked/streetfighter it. Probably the best thing to do anyway since you'll be learning on it and will recoup your expenses when you flip it to the next beginner. The CCW bike is pretty cool looking, but I have read mixed things on their construction quality. The reason to go with a used Ninja 300, CBR300 or SV650 to start is that they don't really decline in value....
Hm.... I didn't realize we were discussing beginner bikes. again. Look, there are a million posts out there about what to get as a beginner. But the truth is the answer is pretty obvious. Nobody wants to hear it but this is how it is. Buy something like a relatively new 300cc bike from craigslist. A Ninja 300, a Rebel 250, whatever. Ride it for a year and sell it for whatever you bought it for. If you are fat then maybe think about one of the Honda 500s or a used Suzuki...
Because the association between money and intelligence is highly overrated.
I'd go with the Hypermotard, that thing is just made for commuting in cities - narrow, good suspension travel, etc.
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