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I even owned an MTS 1200 and agree a bit - it is an awesome bike, but the whole ADV thing seems like it is meant for 55 year olds or something. The image and the capabilities do not match, which is why I am thinking about a Hypermotard SP, HP4 or maybe even a Mission R.The Mission R is definitely the odd duck - very interesting potential, but besides the engine, is less advanced than the BMW.
Looks like moving back to the Bay is happening... So now time to saddle back up. As I have stated before, I think the MTS 1200S is the perfect bike in many ways. But I have to admit, the new Hypermotards also look pretty awesome for something a bit lighter/more fun. Ignoring difference in price, is there any reason to get the Hypermotard over the MTS?
So Tesla is out for now - mostly because we decided against living in the Peninsula - so no massive commuting to justify the expense. We have the Chrysler Town & Country, so thinking about either picking up a 993 cabriolet or E350 convertible (want something open-aired but that can fit child-seats as necessary). Still debating about this some. Used Acura TL for the nanny.
Ours has a charger. But actually may be moving to the Bay area (again) soon. Flying out for an interview this week...
Anyone here own a Tesla? Thinking about ordering one.
I had a 5th gen VFR and generally loved it, but it was damn heavy and not great for city riding.
I just buy the Black on black shorts. I think the rest of their branding is just to OTT for me. The t-shirts aren't too bad since they just have a logo and a bit of type.
I am curious about it, but frankly the Hylete gear I have bought has just been amazing. Their shorts are leagues above anything else I have owned.
I'd say buy some if you like the look, but don't expect it to have legs (i.e., buy cheap ones that you can get rid of in a year or two).
I don't have an MBA (I have other advanced degrees), but just finished working at a top 3 consulting firm in the healthcare space. As an outside observer - school matters... a ton. If you think you can leverage into a decent job somewhere as well as eventually into a top MBA, I'd abandon the current MBA. If you are just going to end up at a mediocre MBA program anyway, then go ahead and finish it.
New Posts  All Forums: