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Yeah, I've had several items sit for a while, enough that I changed my mind, closed the ad, wore it for a while, and re-opened and had it sell many many months later.On the other hand, there is definitely stuff I thought would sell right away that I end up just sitting on forever. It is kind of annoying cause I actually want to do a big clear out, but it doesn't inspire confidence this is the way to do it.
Credit to Member "Barrister" from Teamspeed[/quote]Thanks - but definitely thinking 911 Turbo instead right now - the low ground clearance just won't work where I am right now. Maybe in a couple of years...
My Dad's 2001 Lexus ES300 has the easiest to use stereo ever - just huge fat easy to hit buttons and knobs.
It looks cool, but I was really expecting a more whole view / Iron Man type thing.
No 986/996 Porsche's for me: (1) Major reason - IMS failures are too common; (2) Minor reason - Omelet headlights.The alternative to me would be a 2009+ 997 turbo since they moved to DFI and got rid of the IMS issue entirely.I think the Ferrari is out anyway, not enough street clearance to avoid scraping.
Any sort of explosive squat would work fine. You could just do a jumping goblet squat (obviously with not a ton of weight), tire flips, weighted box jumps, etc.... Hell, you could just do sets of explosive squats with a lighter weight than your powerlift squat.
Waiting for the boxers to go live! The beta is pretty damn nice.
So how is the i8 more innovative than the Tesla? I'd buy a Tesla and a used 911 and be pretty happy for that $140. Switching topics. Would buying a Ferrari 360 for 80K or so be a terrible idea?
I prefer MB styling currently, even with the snouty grills and oversized stars.
I agree, modern BMWs just look cheaper and cheaper each generation. The E34 was probably the last great looking BMW.
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