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The only Android phone that I am jealous of is the Yotaphone for the eInk back.
Apu Trilogy is being re-released. Never saw them, but anything that gets Kurosawa to say "To live without seeing the films of the Indian director Satyajit Ray, means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.” is something I will immediately go to theaters for.
I'm on PS4. To be honest, I really like the HoW expansion. The story missions are pretty fun, the strike is about par for the course (could be a bit better), and PoE can be decent to good (although I haven't tried higher than 32 yet). I think right now there is about the right amount of content for the game (if they had this at launch, it would have been better). They have definitely listened to the community and made things better. And the introduction of third party...
If anyone is looking to run POE or HoW storyline and needs a member for a fireteam, send me a PM. I ran the new story and nightfall on one of my characters, but have two more to do this week, plus POE on all three (plus VoG and everything else...)
VFR400R is probably the absolute best choice out of those actually - super culty and unique. But hard as hell to find a good one (at least in Cali). Ducati 851 or Paso?
Hmmm... House of Wolves today or Witcher.... Grr.
Oh yeah, that is what I get for going right off of memory.Anyway - one of those.
GPZ 1100 - it was good enough for Maverick. It is good enough for you.
I thought the choreography was tightly knit, but otherwise completely forgettable.
Performance is roughly 2011-12 macbook air level. So shouldn't be that bad.Use uBlock - much lighter weight.I used to run a Hackintosh, but got sick of trying to keep everything working (sound drivers in particular seemed to be a pain).
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