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The dichotomy is wrong. It is going to the track for fun vs racing. If you are racing, you are going to get the GT3 since those split second shifts are going to matter. If you are a manual enthusiast and don't care about optimizing every last millisecond, then you get the R.
Hmm... need to find someone with a larger scarstitch to try on. It is a lot of $$$ to drop on something that might not fit right and has very pain in the ass US distribution.
No... and my feel on that was it was too small...
A. I don't give a fuck about buying a family car to show off - just what makes the most sense. I can afford an X or a Sienna, that isn't the issue. If I could get all four in an E63 AMG wagon, I'd probably be done.B. Those doors were designed to avoid having minivan doors. That is the only reason for their existence. They delayed delivery of the car to get them working, they prevent the use of a roof rack, require a high roof on a garage, add extra complexity for reduced...
It is really about four kids, aged 5 months to 5 years and all the car seats. That plus we need a car now.At this point, I think we'll just buy a Sienna and call it done. Maybe put down on a Model X after a couple of years when those falcon doors have proven to be resilient (since they are a shit gimmick).
Car purchase update: T&C declared totaled We went and test drove minivans and crossovers, the Odyssey was the clear winner - but with a new model due later this year we don't really want to buy a new one. This Saturday we are going to see if we can stuff all our shit into a Tesla S. The XC90 was as nice as I thought it would be, but, like every other fucking SUV, they put in a 2/3 - 1/3 bench in the 2nd row which means you can't put in child seats in that row and still...
Timbuk2 does one. Don't do fabric - formula / milk spills common.Source- I have three kids.
I am looking to replace the Incarnation I am selling and was thinking CORS Scarstitch but really want to check fit beforehand. Maybe I should just order from Atelier next time they have stock or drop by whenever. Where in LA?
Is there a CCP dealer in SF?
My Acronym 6TS gym bag is at capacity since starting muay thai. Need a bag about double the size that looks good for the office. So 60L-ish. Any suggestions? the RVDDW bag looks good, but too logo-y. Datsusara has too many pockets / not sleek enough.
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