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Is there a CCP dealer in SF?
My Acronym 6TS gym bag is at capacity since starting muay thai. Need a bag about double the size that looks good for the office. So 60L-ish. Any suggestions? the RVDDW bag looks good, but too logo-y. Datsusara has too many pockets / not sleek enough.
I think you will like the torque of an electric motor more. Once the weight comes down and they are competitive in the twisties, then there will be literally no reason to buy a gas car anymore. I mean a Tesla D in Ludicrous mode has a sub-11 quarter mile and 2.8s 0-60, so it is probably faster than any gas car you are going to own anyway (except highly modded or highly expensive).And the noise - are just faking their exhaust notes anyway right now.
I use Time RXS and have always been happy with them. Was thinking about moving to ATACs for the one shoe option but decided not to bother with cyclocross and took Muay Thai back up instead.
You'd be surprised. When gas was pricey the TCO for a Tesla was about the same as a mid level lux car over 5 years (think 5-series). Now it is definitely a bit worse but not terribly bad.Basically the two drivers of car cost are depreciation and gas. Model S depreciation had a floor put on it by Tesla buy backs and the gas price was about equivalent to 3 cents a gallon when I built out my depreciation model.The value prop is you get a full size car with a lot of status,...
I'm heading down with family, a bit of scouting for a potential move from the Bay. Staying in Playa Del Ray. Any ideas of restaurants and things to do with kids that would be better than the typical crap?
S has jump seats in the rear for children up to about 7 years old. My kids love them when we've been to the dealer. Apparently it is also one of the safest cars out there, with some sort of dual bumper system for the rear, a roof that was stronger than the testing machine, etc.
Hmmm that DG Tech Sienna looks kind of perfect. May have to give them a call.
So the Town and Country just got rear-ended last Sunday - waiting to find out if it was totalled. It was a piece of crap anyway, so we are going to move on. Carrying 4 kids in seats regularly so we are talking lots of seating. Shortlist right now is: Mercedes GLS - haven't been in one; older platform; worried about space in third row and in cargo Volvo XC90 - haven't been in one; worried about space in third row and in cargo; but that interior redefines the class Honda...
Super uneven.First half is like all those crappy 90s Bond movies with bombastic music, stupid over the top stunts, etc.Second half tries to get back onto the new Casino Royale grit vibe and partially succeeds.It is better than QoS at least.
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