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What do people think of the Gustin jackets?
Started the Magicians, deviates from the book pretty early. Everyone looks 25 but is supposed to be in college. We shall see how it goes, the books had the most annoying characters in many ways, but had a really solid ending. The Expanse also deviates a lot, and seems to be moving a lot slower than the books in many ways. But I just started the books so who knows. Spiral seems interesting, but not sure it is quite the French Wire as it was described to me.
Agree, the shoulders are just hanging off of you. I'd just flip it.
I own an HP4 - agree that the assymetrical headlights aren't awesome. The Panigale is definitely better looking. But the HP4 is easy to ride around in a way a lot of sportbikes aren't. Tuono is nice, but the RSV is just so much better looking.
Nobody remembers when Trump's ex said he kept a copy of Mein Kampf next to his bed? And then he did a Clinton'esque denial saying that if he did have the book, he would certainly never have read the speeches or some BS like that?
I've had one for sale forever. The worst part is that it is relatively conventionally styled, I have just put on too much muscle for the high armholes to fit comfortably.Ridiculous stuff, but honestly for anything less than what I am listing, I'd rather just keep it in case I slim down in the future again.
I have no idea what features I would find particularly compelling right now... Waterproofing would be nice, as would wireless charging. But whatever... These phones are just turning into commodities at this point. I'd rather they fixed all the BS in the software - like make Siri not such a useless cunt.
The dichotomy is wrong. It is going to the track for fun vs racing. If you are racing, you are going to get the GT3 since those split second shifts are going to matter. If you are a manual enthusiast and don't care about optimizing every last millisecond, then you get the R.
Hmm... need to find someone with a larger scarstitch to try on. It is a lot of $$$ to drop on something that might not fit right and has very pain in the ass US distribution.
No... and my feel on that was it was too small...
New Posts  All Forums: