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God yes... But I just talked to a local dealer, and he said that they would not be bringing it even as a 2015 model. Absolutely killing me since I would buy one in a sec.
That is really some lovely work. I'd probably say the "flow on the tail" issue is related to the "Swoop" line mentioned here: http://www.bikeexif.com/build-cafe-racer - the back just looks a bit high - I don't think it is the upholstery.
The worst is when people deride the Boxster because they are in a 911, the Boxster/Cayman platform is just so much more dynamically superior.
I am definitely on the outside here, but I just don't think the looks are all that great. It isn't terribly different than an S2000 crossed with a 370z or something like that. As far as looks go, it has nothing on the Maserati Gran Turismo for example.
Insecure much? Who the fuck cares what other people drive? If I wanted to impress people, I would buy at least a F12 or something similar since 911s are pretty much all over the Bay.
Ryca does one for the Sportster, but I don't think it is as successful visually. Even the CS-1 needs its front wheel tucked in a bit more...Eventually I will end up doing something that is in a more modern vein a la Holographic Hammer's concept stuff:
Frankly I'd only get a cab. I am never going to track the thing. And having a convertible is about 10x more enjoyable for me than 150% more stiffness or whatever. And, frankly, talking to another Turbo owner here in my building, he regrets not getting a cab since it is easier to put your kids in car seats in the back over the side with the top down.
Yeah, I am not necessarily looking for that level right now. I am actually thinking right now of doing a Ryca CS-1 as a little cruiser around town with a bit of additional customization. I'd do it myself, but I would undoubtedly end up with a half-finished bike in my garage.
is that why I can't find a reasonably priced 997 turbo s cab either?
Does anyone know of any custom builders in the Bay area? Been thinking about a cafe racer project for a while and surprisingly can't find anyone.
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