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Just strip off the plastics on the Ninja and call it a day. Toss on a different headlight if you want to naked/streetfighter it. Probably the best thing to do anyway since you'll be learning on it and will recoup your expenses when you flip it to the next beginner. The CCW bike is pretty cool looking, but I have read mixed things on their construction quality. The reason to go with a used Ninja 300, CBR300 or SV650 to start is that they don't really decline in value....
Hm.... I didn't realize we were discussing beginner bikes. again. Look, there are a million posts out there about what to get as a beginner. But the truth is the answer is pretty obvious. Nobody wants to hear it but this is how it is. Buy something like a relatively new 300cc bike from craigslist. A Ninja 300, a Rebel 250, whatever. Ride it for a year and sell it for whatever you bought it for. If you are fat then maybe think about one of the Honda 500s or a used Suzuki...
Because the association between money and intelligence is highly overrated.
I'd go with the Hypermotard, that thing is just made for commuting in cities - narrow, good suspension travel, etc.
Not for the headlight I was using which was super shallow.
Why not?
I gave up on my retrofit - Just wasn't the clearance without doing a lot more work and I got kind of sick of trying to cram everything in there. Shame too, I did a ton including modding the projector, painting the shields, fixing the cutoff, etc...
Forever and they are tanks. But I still wish there was shifter padding - been thinking about taking them to a cobbler to have a flap sewn on.
5k. You can see the ad here: http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=470057
Nice looking, and I ride in my Tricker Stows quite a bit - admittedly shifter padding would be nice.But I don't really pretend that they are real motorcycle gear.
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