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I grew up in Chicago and spent many years there and have no desire to ever go back. I'd take a shitty shared studio in NYC over a 3 bedroom in Chicago any day of the week. Only good thing is some of the food (Alinea, Publican, etc). The girls are fat, there is no culture at all and the infrastructure is absolutely falling apart.
Decided to delay the Tesla order a bit since I think I want AWD and the new seats that are supposedly under development. Need to decide on a bridge vehicle for a year or so, may do a lease assumption - anyone do one of these?
Heh, the current RWD 1 series is the only car in their stable that is remotely like the legendary BMWs of the old days (E30, E28, etc). Everything else they sell is now solidly aimed at aspirational middle/upper class housewives.
Arrrgh, my size. Damn you
Anyone try one of the Greyskull training regimens? Finishing up month 2 of P90X and want to move to a Linear Progression without fattening up. More here: http://strengthvillain.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=89
I had a Ninja 250 and found it surprisingly roomy. The engine is pretty gutless though and is pretty much pegged at redline a lot.
I think it would be a fun way to have a cool streetfighter for under 4K. I think it would have been better on an SV650 personally since that is just a better long-term hold of a bike.
I assume some of you saw this? Pretty cool looking kit for a Ninja 250. And I am definitely not a Streetfighter type person normally.
It is called a detail. All boogers taken care of.
I can definitely see that. I bought Salks cause I love the extended high end.
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