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Uber is pushing this technology hard behind the scenes. I suspect they will be one of the largest R&D spends in the field if they aren't already.I frankly can't wait. I hate commuting and am fine with giving up fun driving for the convenience - but I often get carsick when chauffeured, so that is the only part I won't like.
So the plastic nose cap is gone. The look is bubbly futurism and a bit bland. But if I was Chevy Id be pissed. I have a car I can actually deliver and people would rather speculate on Tesla deliveries which will probably be delayed quite a bit. But the reality is that Tesla will delay to get it right and Chevy will shovel shit out the door whenever they can.
SPOILERS AWAY I thought JJ was a bit better overall, but do agree it was a bit too stretched out. The Luke Cage ending was entirely expected since the moment she knew who he was, I was yelling at the screen - go buy some fucking earplugs for him. DD season 2 - Punisher arc was the best part by far; Elektra arc less so; and once ninjas show up it always hits super-cheese. Plus the NYC neighborhood thing is dead as doornails and has been for a long time. Nobody gives a...
My Multistrada was a ridiculously tall bike, damn if I don't miss it still. The HP4 is fun and easy to ride, but doesn't quite trigger the senses the same way as a Ducati.
Thanks...Over on TFL - Diamond seems to have some fans and some detractors. Himel seems like it is going to be the way to go.
I had one kitted out the same way pretty much, but sold it when I realized that going to the track was never really going to happen.
I assume you put a GSX front end on it? Totally worth it. SV is just the most versatile bike out there, you can track it, you can commute on it, pretty much everything.The triple is honestly not a better bike, just rarer and cooler looking.And you would probably be fine with a liter bike since you seem to respect the power it can throw down.
So besides Himel, Flathead, RMC - anyone else doing a nice J100?
No J100 though.I've heard the RMC ones have short arms which will definitely be a problem. I may just go Himel or another vendor. I hesitate on the Himel only because of sizing.
That triple looks pretty sweet - a headlight change to something black would pretty much finish it off.
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