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OK - I think I am going to go with a J100 - Himel vs RMC? Need to figure out where to try on each here in the Bay. Anyone comment on either fit? I want it to be pretty slim cut.
Doesn't RL repaint all his cars a couple of different colors depending on type? Custom silver for sedans and red for sports cars?
Heh, I bought the Unbreakables, which are 600 for jeans. Cause if you are going to spend, might as well just do it. Dyneema is expensive stuff, hiking backpacks made out of it run $600+ anyway, so the price isn't that surprising. Pants are the one area I am kind of willing to skip armor on. I tend to go ATGATT, but my Held pants are being repaired right now and I wanted a casual option that was still protective. I am not that interested in their tops since they aren't...
Just bought some ridiculously pricey Saint jeans - dyneema woven into the fabric (not patches like a lot of other jeans). They feel like soft lightweight summer jeans and are ridiculously nice.
My take on the NSX - Disappointing and overpriced. Styling is basically the R8 with an ugly nose tacked on. Performance - we'll see, but my understanding is they benchmarked the 458, and that is a generation old.
What do people think of the Gustin jackets?
Started the Magicians, deviates from the book pretty early. Everyone looks 25 but is supposed to be in college. We shall see how it goes, the books had the most annoying characters in many ways, but had a really solid ending. The Expanse also deviates a lot, and seems to be moving a lot slower than the books in many ways. But I just started the books so who knows. Spiral seems interesting, but not sure it is quite the French Wire as it was described to me.
Agree, the shoulders are just hanging off of you. I'd just flip it.
I own an HP4 - agree that the assymetrical headlights aren't awesome. The Panigale is definitely better looking. But the HP4 is easy to ride around in a way a lot of sportbikes aren't. Tuono is nice, but the RSV is just so much better looking.
Nobody remembers when Trump's ex said he kept a copy of Mein Kampf next to his bed? And then he did a Clinton'esque denial saying that if he did have the book, he would certainly never have read the speeches or some BS like that?
New Posts  All Forums: