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I had one kitted out the same way pretty much, but sold it when I realized that going to the track was never really going to happen.
I assume you put a GSX front end on it? Totally worth it. SV is just the most versatile bike out there, you can track it, you can commute on it, pretty much everything.The triple is honestly not a better bike, just rarer and cooler looking.And you would probably be fine with a liter bike since you seem to respect the power it can throw down.
So besides Himel, Flathead, RMC - anyone else doing a nice J100?
No J100 though.I've heard the RMC ones have short arms which will definitely be a problem. I may just go Himel or another vendor. I hesitate on the Himel only because of sizing.
That triple looks pretty sweet - a headlight change to something black would pretty much finish it off.
I've driven a fair number myself, and I suppose that is why I would probably buy very few "vintage classics". Old Ferraris are a pain in the ass in so many ways (and don't even get me started on the one time I drove a Lambo Countach, that thing was fucking torture)I just don't like owning stuff that I am not using, and the "collector's bug" feels to me very much like my stuff owns me.
I suspect I am a 42 size given the measurements you posted, but could even be a 44.
I'd never collect like either of these guys even if I had the dough. Always struck me as kind of a waste not using them. I would buy nice cars I would use hard and just appall the shit out of everyone when they have birdshit on them and need cleaning and stuff. Hell, I'd stick snow tires on an LFA and drive it around in winter if it still wouldn't be a death sentence.
He does some of them apparently:"The cars are arranged by make, not by chronology, which usually also means that the floors are organized by color, since almost all of the Ferraris are red, the Porsches black, and the Jaguars dark green."From Vanity Fair. It also says that he actually paints some of them slightly different than the standard reds."a few have been painted in colors that are a slight tint off from the original, changed to something almost the same but with a...
Doing a Seinfeld slow marathon accompanied by this Vulture article ranking them all. Still a better comedy than 90% of what is on the air.
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