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It is a great bike, no question. But I really am not putting any miles on it. I think 200 miles in 2 years and no tracking is just a waste. I guess I only kind of give a fuck since I periodically make noise about selling it and getting something else, but never do anything.
Yeah I just found that review... Well, that is ridiculous. Maybe Zero is where it is at, although their bland standard styling doesn't do anything.Shame that Mission folded. Those bikes looked good at least.
Anyone see an Energica Ego? Was thinking about finally selling the HP4 and getting something that I wouldn't feel as guilty about not riding...
My sister is buying a new CUV - Macan or F-pace?
The problem with OAMC frames are a lot of them are canted a bit at top which never works for me. Flat or slightly curved down on the outside just works better and feels less feminine. Isn't panascopic tilt something that has to be set based on the height of the person wearing the glasses?
Small tear to the upper bolster of my Lexus seat. Anything to watch out for at an upholstery shop when I am getting it patched?
Might as well go all the way:
Arrived in STL without luggage. Need nice casual fast. Is it just J Crew / chain stores or is there anywhere I should hit up?
Sorry, but neither is really good for the street, Harleys are huge and heavy and expensive when you drop them. Try pushing one up a hill backwards while straddling it (for example when you park on a road with a low curb and high middle.If you are being practical, a standard is the way to go. Or maybe one of the new lightweight off-roaders like the Multistrada or S1000XR. But a Harley is all about showing off to a certain set. A sportbike is underutilized on the street...
Yep. Glamorizing elephant hides isn't directly supporting the poaching of them. Not at all. Some people are deliberately obtuse and will do whatever they want regardless. So I think the Trump comparison is also pretty apt. But whatever. Nobody is going to change their mind on an Internet argument.
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