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I ordered a Phree. No idea how good it will be.
Looked through posts and they all look old. I got one weekend in Vancouver, need some intimate, low key places to catch up with a friend. Food should be excellent but not pretentious or overblown.
I wouldn't sweat it - this one stops and starts.I'm thinking about selling my very underused HP4... Need to decide on something that I won't feel guilty about putting minimal miles on.
I think the Macan is much better in pretty much every way. New F-pace also looks nice.Not sure if MB has upgraded the interiors of their smaller SUVs to match the new sedans (GLC? GLE?).
I don't like that at all, but the one I have for sale is pretty conventional in comparison. In the end I may just keep it in case I ever decide to go slim over muscular, but I hate that is is just sitting in my closet.I am thinking a CCP scarstitch if I can get one large enough.
Uber is pushing this technology hard behind the scenes. I suspect they will be one of the largest R&D spends in the field if they aren't already.I frankly can't wait. I hate commuting and am fine with giving up fun driving for the convenience - but I often get carsick when chauffeured, so that is the only part I won't like.
So the plastic nose cap is gone. The look is bubbly futurism and a bit bland. But if I was Chevy Id be pissed. I have a car I can actually deliver and people would rather speculate on Tesla deliveries which will probably be delayed quite a bit. But the reality is that Tesla will delay to get it right and Chevy will shovel shit out the door whenever they can.
SPOILERS AWAY I thought JJ was a bit better overall, but do agree it was a bit too stretched out. The Luke Cage ending was entirely expected since the moment she knew who he was, I was yelling at the screen - go buy some fucking earplugs for him. DD season 2 - Punisher arc was the best part by far; Elektra arc less so; and once ninjas show up it always hits super-cheese. Plus the NYC neighborhood thing is dead as doornails and has been for a long time. Nobody gives a...
My Multistrada was a ridiculously tall bike, damn if I don't miss it still. The HP4 is fun and easy to ride, but doesn't quite trigger the senses the same way as a Ducati.
Thanks...Over on TFL - Diamond seems to have some fans and some detractors. Himel seems like it is going to be the way to go.
New Posts  All Forums: