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So my final thoughts on this - buy either a Sport or an Edition and skip the middle. Sport if you intend to replace frequently since this will undoubtedly be a 1st gen product Edition if you are baller. They will most likely sell reasonably well, go through a devaluation and then pick up 20 years from now or something in value if yours is mint. Anything in the middle just seems like a bad compromise. There will eventually be third party straps so even if you want a...
I think the car looks awful - Bentley took an A5 - tacked on a fireplace screen and Beetle headlights.
Cayman GT4 over both of them every day of the week.
GS350 F sport. Awesome car in every respect.
I've used a car broker for my past two purchases and it definitely worked out fine for me - saved a ton of money on my minivan and helped me quickly find a decent price on my other car. I didn't even get the full benefit, since I didn't need them to do trade-ins at the time.
RC8 streetfighter? Most people would just go Duke which is more hooligan anyway.
Outlook is the best. The only problem is it doesn't search as well as the Gmail app.
I agree, it was pretty good until the end where the focus tries to switch to the group who are entirely uninteresting. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, definitely V8. Mostly don't want to deal with the reliability issues of a v10 lambo engine, figure that Audi V8s are slightly more reliable. Plus if I was interested in pure speed, I'd probably just go GTR.
I was really tempted by an Evora until I saw those pics. Definitely more esoteric than a 911 and with a Toyota engine, should be reasonably reliable, even if build quality for Lotus overall is pretty mediocre.I love mid-engined cars.I suppose we'll wait for the baby, see if they can all cram into the GS. If so, Boxster S or maybe a used R8 for me most likely. If not, than Model S P85D or X.
New Posts  All Forums: