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Frankly given that 4-cylinders nowadays have the power that V8s had not that long ago, I don't really care that much. A 4 cylinder Accord does 0-60 in what? Just under 8 seconds? A 1998 Ferrari 308 GTSi was 7.8 seconds. And if you want torque - the era of electrics will be a revelation - Piob will be able to haul a shit-ton of wine in a 3-row seated monster with instant torque at zero in maybe not the next two cars he leases, but the next one after that (so let's say 6...
I love that grey. It is perfect.
FYI Current ES is on the larger Avalon platform.And, my parents owning an early ES300, there was a ton more sound deadening, the leather quality is still great (they still have it), and numerous other tweaks that, to their mind, more than justified the premium over the Camry equivalent. Hell, in free car washes alone they probably made up the difference. That being said, the current Avalon is a lot closer to the Lexus in refinement (and a lot less floaty and shitty...
I was thinking about a random article about Ralph Lauren's cars a while ago and it mentioned something about how he paints all his cars one of several colors (sports cars are a particular red; other cars are a sterling gray, etc)... It is why whenever you see photos of his cars, they all match.
Yeah, you are wealthy. Relax about it. False humility is pretty bourgeois.But anyway, being driven around is cause you have better things to do (e.g. spend time with your wife or work or whatever).
I am the opposite way. I see Americans driving themselves around in S-classes and other full-size luxury cars and wonder why Americans don't know how to be wealthy? If you are buying a car that big, you should have a driver. Otherwise, one side down is a much more fun-to-drive car (E-class or equiv).It is kind of like when I visited Carmel and saw those tiny $5M homes near the ocean - where the hell would servants live?
From C&DSo AWD on the S63 would probably help some as well. Plus it sounds like the S65 is aimed a bit more at comfort and may be geared accordingly. Not quite sure why since there is the S600 Maybach which I assume would be the chauffeured car. Although maybe this is in anticipation of an S65 AMG Maybach Black Label King Ranch Platinum Limited version or whatever...
So the trick is you have to sync them with iTunes and then they can play in Spotify playlists. Obviously this is a bit of a pain in the ass. I basically have a playlist I dump songs I want to use with Spotify. There are lots of odd omissions for Spotify, often just 1 song here and there by an artist... They should offer to sell you the track right then and there for a buck and then have it stream to you personally.
I am more excited by the new Google music service, but will probably stick with Spotify since it is Carplay compatible. Maybe Beats will be worth it if it better integrates your owned music from iTunes into syncing...
I don't know if I agree on Audi interiors being the best in class. Mercedes > Lexus > Audi perhaps. Those new Mercedes interiors are finally up to where they should have been the whole time.
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