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I think Bendghazi is the new term...
Just watched this: Now sort of depressed.
It was good, but I hated the happy ending. Book was a bit better...
I am assuming you don't need to take clients around in your cars, given the small size of the SLK/CLA. If your objective is to impress, non-car people won't know that you have a CLA AMG and will be more impressed with a base E class. Plus that is just a more useful car if you already have fun cars for long hauls, taking friends around, etc.
I think it is track only, right? Looks kind of cool in a Tron-esque sort of way.
Complete underwear refresh purchased. 12 pairs on their way. Now you just need to start doing socks.
I am also happy to test shirts... Enjoyed getting to test the boxers.
On Yelp I usually get to learn about the menstrual cycle of the person doing the review, how the waitress gave them a funny look, how the portions were too small, and that they used strange food like bavette steak or something that they have never heard of. Basically it reaffirms my hatred of common humanity.
Oh and BTW - noticed WvG wasn't on ACL's American List...
Aren't his suits made by Martin Greenfield?
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