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Warren Buffett sends his daughter to shop for him at the Caddy dealer so he doesn't get screwed: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2014/07/15/warren-buffett-shares-the-inside-scoop-he-bought-a-cadillac-not-a-subaru/Plenty of rich guys drive shitty cars cause they don't give one crap what other people think and don't care about cars except as appliances to get from one place to another.
Agree with this - a Miata is an absolute blast to drive all the time, a 911 is fun to drive reasonably fast.
Just drove a Lexus GS 350 F Sport. Absolutely amazing car in every way. Good thing I liked it too since my wife killed the idea of the 911 since I just bought two motorcycles.
OK, this thread is giving me some hope of actually moving stuff again. So going to list some stuff and see if B&S can work for me. I just would prefer to use SF than eBay, but lately I've been getting better prices on eBay than offers here (which is ridiculous).
This jacket is too baller for me - I just can't pull it off in my old age. I've dabbled, but now ended that phase and have this brand new jacket sitting in my closet for a while with tags still on it. From the S/S 2011 collection of Attachment. Originally $680. MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION "Tufcel" special fabric Riri zip closures Zip - overlong sleeves MEASUREMENTS Size 5 S2S ~20 in (raglan) Sleeve ~26 in (raglan) Length 26.5 in Here are some more pics of a used size...
If you want THE denim jacket, then this is the one for you. When I say NWOT, I mean it, it is pristine in every single way. I am just not a denim jacket kind of guy, but was enamored with it. New is $370, so this is a read deal. Purchased directly from Mister Freedom. You can see the original details here: http://www.misterfreedom.com/lot.-64-ranch-blouse.html MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION Early round-type collar, A-1 style. ‘Vintage’ boxy but fit silhouette. Original MF®...
Love the speed triple except for the double headlights. Replace with a Vrod headlight and you are good to go!
I like it except for the lines of the LED headlights - just don't work for me.
So no IMS? Because I could probably deal with the headlights, but IMS is frankly an embarassment to Porsche and they should have redone every single one of those engines.
Yeah, I've had several items sit for a while, enough that I changed my mind, closed the ad, wore it for a while, and re-opened and had it sell many many months later.On the other hand, there is definitely stuff I thought would sell right away that I end up just sitting on forever. It is kind of annoying cause I actually want to do a big clear out, but it doesn't inspire confidence this is the way to do it.
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