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Agreed on the Sazerac - a Manhattan is just what I order when a bar can't do a sazerac.As a push on the "add one bottle" philosophy - we picked our three for diversity of flavor so everyone could be happy with something when entertaining.
Yeah, I wish I had known the fits had changed, I ended up with a crazy baggy one.
We do Sazeracs, Last Stands and Vespers, along with a couple of lighter summery drinks when appropriate. I prefer just having a limited assortment I can do quickly and well and don't worry too much about whether they overlap in any way.
Icebreaker took a huge dive when they moved production out of NZ. I haven't found a good replacement yet for merino.
I don't drink often, but when I do...
I sent my wife this list - although I think a lot of it is available here. Tyrconnell 17 Connemara 17 Locke’s Grand Crew (probably out of it) Midleton Barry Crockett We'll see what happens.
I am no expert in Irish Whiskey - any suggestions in what is the best domestic-only (or at least non-US available) choice?
Agreed. There are too many watchmakers who apparently don't understand the golden ratio.Also, it probably means there is a huge spacer for the movement inside.
Ummm... it is a Ferrari, you are already over the top.Can you suede gator? If I saw shiny gator in a Ferrari, I would instantly think it was a garage queen that was never driven hard at all since you would slide right out.
It's all spread out since no store really specializes in the stuff. The firmament has both acronym and veilance, and maybe the bureau?
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