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I did love Eyes Wide Shut, but I felt that Tom Cruise is a passenger in that movie while things happen around him. Being wide-eyed and shocked most of the time doesn't take massive acting skills and I suspect another actor in the role could have done better. But I have never seen Magnolia where I hear he does better. There is definitely a school of actors who just play themselves in every movie - Tom Cruise, Nic Cage, Keanu Reeves, etc. When I see them, I think of their...
Why do limited runs instead of pre-orders?
Just watched the Raid 2. Damn was that the perfect action movie.
]]When they are cheaply contrived - yes.
I think Bendghazi is the new term...
Just watched this: Now sort of depressed.
It was good, but I hated the happy ending. Book was a bit better...
I am assuming you don't need to take clients around in your cars, given the small size of the SLK/CLA. If your objective is to impress, non-car people won't know that you have a CLA AMG and will be more impressed with a base E class. Plus that is just a more useful car if you already have fun cars for long hauls, taking friends around, etc.
I think it is track only, right? Looks kind of cool in a Tron-esque sort of way.
Complete underwear refresh purchased. 12 pairs on their way. Now you just need to start doing socks.
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