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I assume some of you saw this? Pretty cool looking kit for a Ninja 250. And I am definitely not a Streetfighter type person normally.
It is called a detail. All boogers taken care of.
I can definitely see that. I bought Salks cause I love the extended high end.
Why would it be foolish. 4700 miles is nothing and you get a bit more and get to drive the price down further. Use the savings to put in an actually better stereo than the stock one if you actually care and walk away with cash in your pocket. To my mind that is a complete win.Just make sure the loaner has never been smoked in (if you are a non-smoker), give it a really good exam and ask for the repair record. Also really aggressively push the price of an extended warranty...
So details are:P85 Pearl White (may switch to Red)Grey leather interior, matte obeche woodDelete spoilerTech packageAir suspensionPanorama roof19" stock wheelsRear seats for the kidsParking sensors andAfter deliveryGet body armor (would appreciate the referral UnF)IR shielding of windowsMaybe wrap the nose cone to be matte or somethingConsider aftermarket Reus sound installation
Just ordered a Tesla... now the wait begins.
I did some whitish buttons on mine similar to this:
Fair point, I was being overly snarky. Apologies.
Sorry dude, but you just sound ridiculously entitled, wanting everything to be handed to you. Real literature often requires work to appreciate it. Hitting that sublime level of understanding is the reward at the end. With the exception of Roth, the other authors are pretty light, enjoyable stuff, but not even close to being truly literary in nature. I'd just say accept that you don't want to invest and read what you want.
Just said fuck it and put down a deposit for an HP4 Competition.
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