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When cars don't look good in certain colors, to me that is a sign that the design is weak. The original Mas QP was sex on wheels in any color. Same with a lot of Ferraris.
There are some LF Luxe on Gilt. I just got a pair that don't work on my face, so I will be selling them at my cost (~150) soon on the forum.
A couple of thoughts, solicited and not.1. I'd save for the better watch. I like some of the FC stuff, but if you have the opportunity to get something better and aren't hurting yourself financially for it, get a JLC or other.2. It won't retain value at all, so only buy it if you intend to keep it.3. Consider that the current trend for men's watches on women will (and probably has to some extent) run its course. If you already have a couple of larger watches, you may want...
I'd ignore the quality part of that email - I buy because of the quality. 80% as nice wouldn't do it for me and I would move on. I do agree that the pant fit names are confusing and I have to look them up each time. Some good points, but I think mixed with personal preference.
I would suggest lengthening the arms on your shirts a bit and getting rid of the monkey-arms/regular fits. The arms just seem a bit short on the regular ones, and it is a let easier to have a sleeve taken in than let out (of course, I have long arms, so I am biased)
Well, to be fair, it should be a pretty automated yes/no system. Frankly given the number of MTOs floating around the forum, Styleforum should just build something like that in and let people launch MTOs and other deals that way. Of course, for the most part, I mostly want to hit critical mass for random stuff I want (e.g., alligator chukkas from Carmina or Vass; custom fabric runs for suiting and shirts) and find the soliciting through threads to be too much of a pain.
@Msg - I am completely the opposite as far as preferences. I care a lot more about the inane details that nobody sees (whole garment, etc), don't need lot of random weird stuff that is ultimately very limited, and would love to see Mauro even offer much higher end fabrics and construction (e.g, his pants are great, but my Paul Stuarts by Caruso are still the best made and best fabric I have seen thus far). The best model for clothing I have seen is Gustin's where they put...
If you have time, I know I have seen posts on how to repair it yourself. It didn't seem terribly difficult.
Japan sometimes has cheaper Acronym - but in general it is a long hunt to find a deal on any of it.
Heh - Just realized all the guys wearing suits on the site have their bottom button done. Been wondering why those pics looked a bit funny for the longest time.
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