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Manuals don't sell in sufficient volume to justify their existence except for niche sports cars, and even there most of the time are 80:20 sales auto:manual. I'd also suspect that the research shows that most people will not switch for lack of a manual, so the actual lost sales are probably minimal. Car enthusiasts care. Racers don't since they are focused on times and dual clutches are faster. Average drivers/commuters don't care either. MPG is just a small part of it. If...
Yeah, I now am 29. But literally two of my friends have PS4s and Destiny, so basically it means I will need to whore out to a site like DestinyLFG to get something together for the VoG and EOC raids. Annoying.Is there a SF gamer-tag thing going? On PSN, I'm tkn__x (two underscores), feel free to add me, but let me know you are from SF. Definitely up for a weekly VoG run or daily/weekly runs.
Well I'd definitely go CPO for an Audi. And an A7 is much better looking.
Just buy a CPO Lexus or Acura - they will be more reliable than a German car. None of these cars will "make you look cool", they are all fine cars...
I don't know why you would see a Taken sequel after the first one was such shit. It was the most pathetic sort of wish fulfillment for a father who kills terrorists to save his daughter's virginity.
UPDATE - when googling ran across this site. This guy is sort of insaneGT350Rs came out and spanked the Camaro Z28.
Is it true that there is no official C7 Nurburgring time yet? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with that car that they haven't release one?
I just saw this pic of the interior of the CLS63 AMG. I hope it is nicer in person than the pic, because it looks like crap.
Having a photochromic shield is the one thing I miss with my current Schuberth. I thought about getting an e-tint one which would be the perfect solution, but I have heard they have terrible quality issues where the dimming feature fails on certain crystals causing weird patchiness. I use a light 50% tint which is sort of best/worst of all worlds situation. Works okay at night and okay during the day. If it is too dark and I am not going fast, I'll just flip the lid up to...
New Posts  All Forums: