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Added fabric details.
He saw a Lambo coming down the street far away, started making a turn, and only then found out the guy was speeding like crazy and closing the gap. Definitely the Russian part of town given all the exotics on the street.
I agree that the DB4 was quite lovely. I don't think this "homage" is terrible given the limitations of modern car design. Sure it is much longer, but I think they wanted to keep it "British" so they were pretty limited in platforms (the F-type might have been a better donor to start but is pretty new and probably wasn't available during development).
I am sure everyone caught the David Brown DB5-knockoff announcements: Basically it seems to be a reskinned XKR. Price to be announced, but probably a lot more than it should be.
This is a nice warm charcoal blazer - no signs of wear. I mostly left it in my office to have a jacket to throw on when it was either cold or I had an unexpected meeting. It has a decent amount of waist suppression in it, unlike a lot of Z Zegna jackets, so just note that it is slightly different than the normal fit. Measurements: P2P 21 Waist 18.5 Shoulder 8 Sleeve 26 Length 31 Price includes shipping CONUS.
This is a MINT condition Boglioli check sport jacket, perfect to dress up or down with. Working surgeons cuffs and all the trimmings, unlined so very lightweight and drapes very nicely. the color is a very neutral grey (first pics are slightly warm, second pic is definitely too bluish). Measurements: P2P 21 Sleeve 26.5 Shoulder (BOC to shoulder) 7 S2S 19 Length 29.5 Fabric: 55%WO 45%PL Price includes shipped CONUS and is firm.
986 Boxster was fun to drive at 30mph. It wasn't all that fast in a straight line, the interior quality was shit, and you were always worried about an IMS failure tanking your engine. But that car was fun at any speed.
Was randomly tuning about the Norton site to see whatever happened to their rotary and found it had been resurrected by one of the engineers: http://www.fasterandfaster.net/2013/10/brian-crighton-we-plan-to-make-range-of.html Very intriguing.
I expect you will see this in the 2015-6 timeframe when the new, more affordable model emerges - they will need to differentiate the S further - and more range and more size would be a pretty classic way to do this.I have been thinking about a Panamera as well, the styling doesn't bother me (and I prefer the hatchback anyway). But that will also be redesigned in 2016 or so on the new VW-group MSB platform I think. The other car in the mix is the XJL, but I haven't driven...
I used to have Sidi's but have moved to Daytonas and find them just a huge amount better.
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