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Just read a whole article about how the processor is throttled because of heat in the enclosure. So if you are performance minded, might be best to wait a revision. But otherwise they look pretty great.
Agreed. Rather than soften the 458 they brought in a GT. So I think it is fine. The Cali is about the same price so it isnt really cheapening the brand.
My wife has an Icebreaker and it seems to hold up fine. It was before their move to China though, so maybe quality has declined.
Next gen highlander will be going bigger. As for car seats, we pretty much use Britax 90s since our kids are f'ing huge and they are just big. Nothing to be done about that really. They are just bigger and bigger every year. Plus side airbags have narrowed the cabin. If you want easy access to the third row - nothing does it. Our minivan barely does it. I am waiting for someone to introduce third row doors. On a body on frame system, it wouldn't mess things up too much....
iPad mini 3 literally is the 2 + TouchID. Not sure why they went this route. My suspicion is that a 5.7 iPod touch will replace it and that the iPad/iPod touch lines will merge. Then Apple will have iPads in 5.7 / 9.7 and maybe a 12 size.
I have to admit, a Superformance or CAV GT might even appear on a shortlist of sports cars I would consider. The practical side of me would end up with a 911 though. Now if they would only do a 2000GT replica at that level, I'd be very happy.
Bring lots of toilet paper. Eat with the right hand not the left. That is all I got.
I don't love the Panamera, but I didn't think it was terrible. I liked it better than Bangle BMW 7s anyway.
I loved management consulting. The hours were horrible, but the work was way more interesting. I left because I was missing my kids grow up and we were moving from NYC to the Bay, so now I am currently debating about private equity vs industry but unfortunately my contacts out here in the Bay are weak, so taking a bit of time to ramp up. The real joke is I actually have an MD, did residency, got a JD, did private equity M&A, then did management consulting - how sad it...
Sorry, I should have put a comma in there:"When I was younger a partner at the law firm"should be"When I was younger, a partner at the law firm"I was a junior associate for a while then figured out that law firm life sucked and moved on to management consulting.
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