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Damn it, I wish these were 44s.
I am sort of the opposite - I'd definitely like the suede 5 zip and that Incarnation turns me off a bit (even though I am normally obsessed with Incarnation).
They are just being unrealistic in how strong their name is for something like this... I seriously like the watches looks, but there is just no way I could bring myself to buy one over a JLC or Blancpain or whatever.
I actually think the RL watches are pretty good looking overall, but about double what they could reasonably charge given the lack of pedigree. As you point out, at $10K, you can get a watch with real horologic history and it just comes off as arrogant that RL thinks they can command those prices. Tiffany, on the other hand, with a strong push, I could see doing well in watches, but their deal with Swatch must have been total crap.
For those who know Incarnation, don't read any further and just buy. For the uninitiated, Incarnation is Keita Ogawa's project making beautiful pieces out of Guidi leather. Striking the perfect balance between edgy avant-garde and daily wearability, you could practically frame the jackets. It is like crack. This is mint, I ordered from Keita and had made in a distressed brown color exterior and smooth interior, but should have gotten an XL for my fat ass. So it has been...
You pay for a hackintosh in time... sound drivers, updates to the OS, etc...
They made a deal with the Swatch group to try and get serious about watches. and massive shenanigans ensued leading to them having to pay out ~$500M.From what I have read, Swatch didn't want them to compete with their house brands and also went far afield in styling, Tiffany hid them in the back since they were kind of ugly. The interesting comparison is with Ralph Lauren who came in far too high end with a similar deal.
I have a cordovan NATO strap for my PAM, thin but looks good
Tried on a Blancpain FF Bathyscaphe today. Liked it more than I thought I would, but the date window and lack of steel bracelet turned me off of it. The JLC Duometre a Quantieme Lunaire in the 40.5 was quite nice,.
Agreed. I'd put snow tires on that thing and drive the shit out of it.
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