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Just went and tried on a 5711R and 5712R. Sorry, but they are amazing. Next on the hit list unless a Dufour pops up.
Are those links to the same coats you are selling? The buttons look different.
I was reading somewhere that Ferdinand Piech drives a Cayman with a flat 8 in it. Tells you a lot about the line-up.
Everyone knows why- They rice them up because most people who buy M cars do it for status and bragging rights. So better to be ostentatious.
I think that is the point of this thread, nobody is buying anything on B&S anymore no matter what the deal is. I let go of some Lattanzis at $200 and that was so low I was more tempted to just give them to goodwill.
Hmmm... annoying. I will have to look around. I had been all set to buy a Belstaff Milford when they were re-issued, but a bunch of Sherlock cosplayers picked them all up. A good great coat is hard to find.
So any reviews of the Great Coat? And anyone know where to find one?
The 1M was named that way because the M1 name is reserved for a different car. That is all. M1:
Well the price is more than they have been on B&S.
I've been washing and hot drying it to get it down, but will probably just goodwill it at this point.
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