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Fair point, I never thought I would buy one since they have typically been perfect luxury cars in the sense of being appliances that you never need to think about. I did buy a GS350 F sport since it really is an amazing sports sedan, so maybe their direction has changed - because if you can get old-BMW driving dynamics with Lexus reliability and build quality, that is pretty much a complete win.But I suspect my next car will be a Tesla.
Not sure why that is in quotes - Lexus interiors are at a minimum competitive with the Germans and frankly better in some areas. BMW interiors have never been much to write home about, even on the 7 series. Audi's always got lots of plaudits, but I never really understood it. Mercedes, when they do a good job (i.e., not in the last gen C-class), have been quite good.
Here you go Piob: Hennessey Ford Velociraptor No lack of size or power. Even the Expedition EL Platinum doesn't have a V8 option, instead an EcoBoost V6. 370hp and 430 lb-ft of torque although I can't find the curves.
P85D is flat out amazing. Even the ridiculous automation features are amazing, like parking itself in the garage, etc. If I was another luxury brand, I'd really start sweating now. Tesla doesn't have the interior quality to match, but the rest of the pieces are lining up quite nicely.
I also think the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was good, so the only reason to make a sequel is that audiences can't handle foreign movies
It was decent, but not amazing. I read somewhere he mapped out a bunch of ways to kill characters and then built the plot around the death scenes and it sort of feels it. Sonatine is probably my favorite of his gangster movies (I also like A Scene at the Sea which is his odd-ball flick)
I'd definitely love some long-sleeve Ts..
Last night it was some Beat Takeshi...
Sorry to clarify, I was talking about the sweaters where you are only making some amount of each. Why not take pre-orders and then run off the right number?
I did love Eyes Wide Shut, but I felt that Tom Cruise is a passenger in that movie while things happen around him. Being wide-eyed and shocked most of the time doesn't take massive acting skills and I suspect another actor in the role could have done better. But I have never seen Magnolia where I hear he does better. There is definitely a school of actors who just play themselves in every movie - Tom Cruise, Nic Cage, Keanu Reeves, etc. When I see them, I think of their...
New Posts  All Forums: