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Basically high performance means less reliability because you are running closer to the edge of the threshold. Parts aren't engineered to withstand constant 200mph, there are trade-offs in weight and aerodynamics that need to be made just to get there.
So I just was looking for info on the Z06 and ran across a crazy dude that for 2 years has been posting insane, obsessive hate about the C7. Like daily. Look up PeterMJ. Anyway definitely on my shortlist of cars.
Jalopnik just finished out a series on owning a Ferrari. Pretty much matches all my friends' experiences - e.g., pain in the ass 90% of the time for 10% of goodness. Best clip is him "picking up women" which basically shows if you have no game, getting a dog is a better move.
God, you are right, that is awful.The FXX-K, OTOH, looks ridiculously over the top but hot.I wish Lambos came this aggressive nowadays - they just seem like the same wedge over and over again.
You are at least a year away. I think you could safely to a two year or lease. Plus if you come up early defer a bit so they get a couple more links worked out (protip: Tesla build month matters more than model year as they revise continuously).
Hmmm... I owned a 2009, so I can't say that I agree. I thought they were pretty innocuous in styling, and maybe even boringly handsome. I hated the one bawlin just posted - those oval headlights from that era never worked on the E-class and the mushed together ones on the C-class looked even worse.Some people didn't care for the large star on the grill, but that has been an MB thing for a long time. The interior wasn't really up to class standards, but I preferred the...
I agree with this (and yes, we can go there). They nailed the front end - I love the new headlights and DRL profiles. But the rear just looks weak (on the E-class too)
Haha, i own a Lexus GS - and most people hate the grill and like to tell me so all the time. It just doesn't bother me.Acura MDX - looks like a crossover (basically anonymous). LED headlights are kind of neat, but they could have been more creative than a row of them. The beak works okay since it is a much bigger vehicle.I am actually kind of interested in the new 3-row Lexus CUV that is going to be based on the LS platform. I've been waiting for (a) a full size crossover...
Agreed - get cheap crap rims and just switch out. Michelin Xi3 or Blizzak WS80s.
I think you can build an XC right now on their website with pricing. Dynamics are a bit questionable.If the interior matches up to the pics - then I think it will be a winner.
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