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Had my Apple watch appointment just now. Initial thoughts: (1) The 42mm wears a lot smaller than I expected. Will probably end up going with that size (2) The bands are universally mediocre to terrible Steel band- lightweight, felt flimsy, clicked and made lots of noise. The most disappointing of all of them, a Seiko band is probably ten times better Milanese - reasonably clever, but needs a little bit more machining on the inside to be less rough. Never liked the look...
I just can't imagine buying the CT6 though. What does it offer over any of the others? Cadillac thinks raising their prices makes them luxury. The reality is they need to offer more value at every price point to build trust. The Hyundai Equus had at least the brand discount.
I am waiting on the Ocean Drive to manifest as an S-class convertible.
I just can't bring myself to buy anything but a base model Apple Watch. It will absolutely be obsolete within 2 years, probably within 1 year. The functionality doesn't change by model. I could almost see a reason to buy an Edition - bragging rights (conspicuous luxury), collectibility, etc. But everything in the middle? Just doesn't seem worth it. I figure an Alu one with what will be an inevitable aftermarket metal band will be just fine.
Complaining about plot holes in Fast & Furious movies just seems like you haven't set your expectations correctly - big dumb movies are fun on their own terms.
I leave for a few days and damn, everything changes. I love the direct connection to Mauro through the forum (although he has always been awesome about answering my queries via email as well). I do think it is a mistake to close down the thread, but I can understand where he is coming from. People are entitled asses who think Mauro owes them whatever it is they want. Anyway Mauro - before you totally sign off from here - please consider polo shirts (both short sleeve and...
I am really curious about This War of Mine. Anyone actually play it?
It's a sports car, it is supposed to be ostentatious. If anything modern Lamborghini is too tame under its German masters, an exotic should be Countach ridiculous.
Where does that come from? Groundhog Day was about enlightenment. All You Need is Kill is an easy Breezy sci fi book with a bit of "and the war goes on" in the end. He could have had his happy ending by being dug from the rubble with or without Rita and being hailed a hero. But going back without any losses meant that there was no real sacrifice except for his time and experience.
An Interceptor would definitely be something I'd love to take a spin in.
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