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I have to admit, a Superformance or CAV GT might even appear on a shortlist of sports cars I would consider. The practical side of me would end up with a 911 though. Now if they would only do a 2000GT replica at that level, I'd be very happy.
Bring lots of toilet paper. Eat with the right hand not the left. That is all I got.
I don't love the Panamera, but I didn't think it was terrible. I liked it better than Bangle BMW 7s anyway.
I loved management consulting. The hours were horrible, but the work was way more interesting. I left because I was missing my kids grow up and we were moving from NYC to the Bay, so now I am currently debating about private equity vs industry but unfortunately my contacts out here in the Bay are weak, so taking a bit of time to ramp up. The real joke is I actually have an MD, did residency, got a JD, did private equity M&A, then did management consulting - how sad it...
Sorry, I should have put a comma in there:"When I was younger a partner at the law firm"should be"When I was younger, a partner at the law firm"I was a junior associate for a while then figured out that law firm life sucked and moved on to management consulting.
My understanding is that E39 M5s were a complete maintenance nightmare - in-warranty and definitely worse out. When I was younger a partner at the law firm I worked at bought one new and it definitely spent a lot of time at the shop.
I pre-ordered one out of curiosity. They should work on their advertising since the guy seems like a super-dangerous douchebag using it in the video. I'll even be more shameless and post my referral link: http://www.navdy.com/5L0ZyLvg
Fair point, I never thought I would buy one since they have typically been perfect luxury cars in the sense of being appliances that you never need to think about. I did buy a GS350 F sport since it really is an amazing sports sedan, so maybe their direction has changed - because if you can get old-BMW driving dynamics with Lexus reliability and build quality, that is pretty much a complete win.But I suspect my next car will be a Tesla.
Not sure why that is in quotes - Lexus interiors are at a minimum competitive with the Germans and frankly better in some areas. BMW interiors have never been much to write home about, even on the 7 series. Audi's always got lots of plaudits, but I never really understood it. Mercedes, when they do a good job (i.e., not in the last gen C-class), have been quite good.
Here you go Piob: Hennessey Ford Velociraptor No lack of size or power. Even the Expedition EL Platinum doesn't have a V8 option, instead an EcoBoost V6. 370hp and 430 lb-ft of torque although I can't find the curves.
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