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I prefer MB styling currently, even with the snouty grills and oversized stars.
I agree, modern BMWs just look cheaper and cheaper each generation. The E34 was probably the last great looking BMW.
Definitely out of left field for me - I am not a cruiser guy really. The only one I have ever had my jaw drop on was a Zero Engineering, and I think I would still feel a bit ridiculous riding one.
I owned a multistrada 1200, it was a great bike. But I never actually took it too far on a road trip (the price of having kids). Maybe a hyperstrada would be a better choice since it would still be fun.
I have enough to at least handle it on the street. Owned plenty of bikes on and off for the past 15 years or so. I am not going to track it ever since I am definitely not interested in killing myself, hence the thought of a CBR300R or similar to take for track days for fun.Triple is an interesting choice. But I really want something almost diametrically opposed to the HP4. If I am not going to ride the HP4 because it is "too much bike" on some days, then it is the wrong...
I am on the waitlist for an HP4 and now trying to decide what to pick up to "bridge" the wait. And, frankly, it is all over the place. There are so many good choices... Should I find something like an SV650 or CBR300R that might eventually see track-only duty? Get a Vespa or Honda Grom to give to my wife? Go try a supermoto like a KTM 450 EXC? Or psuedo-supermoto like a Hypermotard or KTM 690SM? Or even pick up a Royal Enfield Continental GT or other cafe racer? The main...
I just wouldn't mention any mods in the ad...
Yeah, I definitely agree - mods are a value detractor since nobody knows how well they were done and they expect the car to have been abused. I've had friends list the same care mentioning and not mentioning mods and without mods always got around market and with mods got less.
It all comes from Germany-Sweden 2012 where Germany had a 4-0 lead and blew it to a 4-4 tie. Joachim Loew took a lot of heat for that, so I am pretty sure once they were crushing Brazil, he just said fuck it - keep going.
God yes... But I just talked to a local dealer, and he said that they would not be bringing it even as a 2015 model. Absolutely killing me since I would buy one in a sec.
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