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Well the price is more than they have been on B&S.
I've been washing and hot drying it to get it down, but will probably just goodwill it at this point.
Agreed on the Sazerac - a Manhattan is just what I order when a bar can't do a sazerac.As a push on the "add one bottle" philosophy - we picked our three for diversity of flavor so everyone could be happy with something when entertaining.
Yeah, I wish I had known the fits had changed, I ended up with a crazy baggy one.
We do Sazeracs, Last Stands and Vespers, along with a couple of lighter summery drinks when appropriate. I prefer just having a limited assortment I can do quickly and well and don't worry too much about whether they overlap in any way.
Icebreaker took a huge dive when they moved production out of NZ. I haven't found a good replacement yet for merino.
I don't drink often, but when I do...
I sent my wife this list - although I think a lot of it is available here. Tyrconnell 17 Connemara 17 Locke’s Grand Crew (probably out of it) Midleton Barry Crockett We'll see what happens.
I am no expert in Irish Whiskey - any suggestions in what is the best domestic-only (or at least non-US available) choice?
Agreed. There are too many watchmakers who apparently don't understand the golden ratio.Also, it probably means there is a huge spacer for the movement inside.
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