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I agree with this (and yes, we can go there). They nailed the front end - I love the new headlights and DRL profiles. But the rear just looks weak (on the E-class too)
Haha, i own a Lexus GS - and most people hate the grill and like to tell me so all the time. It just doesn't bother me.Acura MDX - looks like a crossover (basically anonymous). LED headlights are kind of neat, but they could have been more creative than a row of them. The beak works okay since it is a much bigger vehicle.I am actually kind of interested in the new 3-row Lexus CUV that is going to be based on the LS platform. I've been waiting for (a) a full size crossover...
Agreed - get cheap crap rims and just switch out. Michelin Xi3 or Blizzak WS80s.
I think you can build an XC right now on their website with pricing. Dynamics are a bit questionable.If the interior matches up to the pics - then I think it will be a winner.
Q7 is still better looking than the older Cayenne and the newer, more feminine Cayenne. New XC90 looks better than both of them. And purity implies, to me, honesty of design, and shoehorning a rear engine architecture through decades of iteration while hampering your better mid-engined platforms is hardly purity.
I see your spoiler and raise you:
Oh the 911 is stale as hell - people can argue about how its a classic - but I think it is a dull / safe choice in midlife crisis. The Cayman is better looking (and more fun). The Panamera was a reasonably successful execution of the 911 design language but new in the context of sedans (although I know people hate it). The Cayenne was a failure of that design language (and still is in its newest iteration - the Audi cousins are much better looking). Just saw pics of the...
So James Bond 24 will have a limited edition Aston Martin DB10 (not for public sale). But I assume this is the future direction of Aston Martin design. The current design is definitely showing its age (and making all the models look the same doesn't help), but this new streamlined design is oddly bland.
Let's just say those two hours were entirely wasted. And Kayla wasn't particularly hot in the movie anyway. Now I need something to cleanse my mind.
The Maze Runner was just awful - I don't even know why I started watching it, was just looking for mindless fair. But it was just so awful...
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