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Which is worse, a little bit of bumping or an IED ripping through the floor splattering blood and wine everywhere?Case closed.
Piob - I realized your lack of power on a lot of these cars had already been solved - this thing will easily haul your wine through hostile territory.
Hmmm... you mean the Chrysler Sebring?Seriously how can that be your pick in a class that includes a ton of great looking cars?
This is why you don't want a Cadillac. The dealership experience is total shit.
Hmmm... I googled and couldn't get a clean picture for it. If it is a standard single-DIN size and doesn't have a weird interface to the front, should be no problem to find a Blu-Ray that fits and looks OEM. If it is smaller, then you may need the car guy to do some custom mod work to hide the Blu-Ray behind the OEM fascia. Otherwise, I am not too sure.Anyway, I'd suggest giving Pate a call and see what he says. These guys are also super-busy usually so you would want to...
I think I am wrong on the OEM Blu Ray for Mercedes... not finding the link I had, so I suspect it was incorrect. Is the disc player for your Mercedes separate from the head unit?
Finally got around to this: A bit over the top with the allegory, but it was a good ride. And now for a classic:
More than that - I believe they have Blu Ray in other MB models, so you could just see if those are drop in as well...
Agreed, there are a bunch of hacks. My minivan is getting redone after my last guy f'ed everything up. So I went to the best guy in the area and he is going it right from the beginning. So a simple plan would be: (1) If MB offers a Blu-Ray in another model, it may be possible to transplant that system into your car and keep everything OEM - maybe the dealer will do it for you. (2) If there isn't an OEM transplant solution, I'd just call the best shop in your region and...
A couple of thoughts:(1) Who even owns physical media anymore? I don't, so I am having a Roku installed in my car right now actually.(2) Premium entertainment systems are good and getting better. But frankly a very nice aftermarket SQ install will still be betterMore importantly, I encourage you to think about customization in a different way. Think of it like bespoke service rather than modding. Cars used to be coachbuilt to the specifications of the buyers and you are...
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