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I fully agree with you - I think Cartier is trying hard, too hard. JLC had one interesting watch, but from a technical perspective, not an aesthetic one. And the rest were just mediocre. Overall a pretty poor showing.As an aside - I was just looking at the article on Julien Coudray on Monochrome right now. I don't know much about Fabien Lamarche except that he subcontracted for other brands for a while, but nice looking stuff.
Thanks for the collection of links. Initial thoughts...Cartier came out heavy with a ton of new designs:I dislike the skeletonized Tanks - it is hard to see the time, and I think this matters a lot to me. Perhaps the contrast between arms and background is greater than what is shown in the picture.Rotonde Day and Night is the most interesting, but the moonphase at the bottom feels too modern versus the top - sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde approachCalibre Diver - this one is ...
I think Dunhill did an exotic hiking boot as well:
Gilt has OB right now, and often (I also have a set of red setters NIB if you are interested).
So far, my MeUndies have held up well. Definitely superior to the CKs and Uniqlos I was wearing before. Now looking at undershirts and debating between Underfit, Tommy John, and several others. Main criteria are super-fitted, super-thin, and deep V so that it doesn't show at the neck. Bonus points for it being slim enough at the neck and arms not to create lines and available in natural colors. Will report back.
Over $500 to get free international shipping I think. Anyone in NYC want to split an order? I am in williamsburg.
At $100k+ Patek and others should offer left-handed watches with the pushers on the other side.
From Google Translate, it seems to indicate he had the jacket tailored to get that fitted look? (Definitely thinking about one, but just wanted to confirm)
So if I want to order Bonafe - do they work direct? I tried emailing through their form and didn't get a response.
Interesting - I just bought some Aclima to try out,
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