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Agreed, there are a bunch of hacks. My minivan is getting redone after my last guy f'ed everything up. So I went to the best guy in the area and he is going it right from the beginning. So a simple plan would be: (1) If MB offers a Blu-Ray in another model, it may be possible to transplant that system into your car and keep everything OEM - maybe the dealer will do it for you. (2) If there isn't an OEM transplant solution, I'd just call the best shop in your region and...
A couple of thoughts:(1) Who even owns physical media anymore? I don't, so I am having a Roku installed in my car right now actually.(2) Premium entertainment systems are good and getting better. But frankly a very nice aftermarket SQ install will still be betterMore importantly, I encourage you to think about customization in a different way. Think of it like bespoke service rather than modding. Cars used to be coachbuilt to the specifications of the buyers and you are...
Rainy day here, so catching up. This was better than the critics gave it credit for. Didn't shy away at the end from the necessary ending
Seriously why bother at all anyway. An iPad is far superior to any car rear entertainment system. Just go spend the money to have one molded into the car cleanly and it will be great.
And yet the X6 sells well enough that others are copying it... And the question remains - why?
Actually even that I get, now imagine they sloped the shit out of that roof in the back so only your children could fit in there and started selling that alongside your X1... And everything else was the same.
I think you are mistaken a bit... It isn't that I am saying they aren't for me. I understand why crossovers generally exist. But I don't understand why hatchbacks on stilts exist. I just would love to understand the buyers' thinking behind it. Is it that they just want something different?
So given that there is almost no difference in ride/handling / fuel economy between an X5 and X6 - which would you buy?
For some reason people buy X6s though. The GLE is slightly better looking - but we are talking still ugly. I get the raison d'etre for the GLK and its ilk. If you don't care about cars, the high seating position is nice and works well with an appliance mentality. But a small hatchback on stilts? I still don't understand this class of cars at all. Is it conspicuous consumption? "I can buy a useless vehicle and since sports cars are mostly out of fashion, the perfect...
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