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Heh, I kind of like them and have plenty of other boots, so why not one with a Christy? Admittedly I admit it is sort of ridiculous and lately have been thinking about spending my money on exotic leather dress shoes instead.
Any sizing advice? I am an 11.5E on the Brannock / in Allen Edmonds usually
The issue is finding whiskey cordovan... I suspect Alden just buys it all. May have to source some from Italy or Japan if I can figure out how.
Never done custom shoes before - would it just be worthwhile to wait til I am in Italy?
I think you have two approaches: 1. Create a fully stocked bar with all the bitters, mixers, etc. 2. Work backwards from 3 "house" cocktails and just buy the stuff to make that. I'd suggest starting with option (2) and then just add to your repertoire of cocktails rather than starting with the liquor side of the equation. Yes, you will end up with things that are just used for a single cocktail, but at least you will know you like that drink.
Been trying to get Whiskey cordovan semi-dress boots on Christy sole, but haven't had much luck - mostly because Whiskey is a rare color...
So who makes the best Harrington, rather than the cheapest decent one? private white?
After going through pages and pages of this thread, thinking it may be time to pull the trigger on some nice chukkas in alligator or croc. My understanding is that alligator > croc except for some particular types (e.g., saltwater croc). Definitely not well versed enough yet to know how to choose. Also thinking Carmina, don't really want to spend over 4k.
I think so when you are complaining about font choices, that is probably too picky (albeit the OP prefers batons).Used/vintage is clearly the winner when someone wants a 36-38.
Just as an FYI - when you get that picky, the only point of being unreasonable is thinking that $4K will get you there. That just doesn't get you into the game in watches to justify that level of fussiness. And holding up a Patek as an example doesn't help.
New Posts  All Forums: