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Where does that come from? Groundhog Day was about enlightenment. All You Need is Kill is an easy Breezy sci fi book with a bit of "and the war goes on" in the end. He could have had his happy ending by being dug from the rubble with or without Rita and being hailed a hero. But going back without any losses meant that there was no real sacrifice except for his time and experience.
An Interceptor would definitely be something I'd love to take a spin in.
Saw Interstellar and thought it was absolutely awful. Have no idea what movie other people have been seeing. Edge of Tomorrow - I could have dealt with the happy ending if it hadn't been that much of a cheat. It was just too pat. Big Hero 6 - liked everything about Hiro but the rest of the superhero ensemble was unnecessary and distracting. Next up La Haine and The Hidden Blade
Anyway, i8 is about the only BMW I am interested in nowadays so I am definitely curious.
Or maybe when you visit a factory and warehouse as part of an M&A diligence of a well known Chinese company and find the address is a building with thousands of PO boxes for many many fake companies and other scams - you start to get skeptical of the Chinese economy?
So my final thoughts on this - buy either a Sport or an Edition and skip the middle. Sport if you intend to replace frequently since this will undoubtedly be a 1st gen product Edition if you are baller. They will most likely sell reasonably well, go through a devaluation and then pick up 20 years from now or something in value if yours is mint. Anything in the middle just seems like a bad compromise. There will eventually be third party straps so even if you want a...
I think the car looks awful - Bentley took an A5 - tacked on a fireplace screen and Beetle headlights.
Cayman GT4 over both of them every day of the week.
GS350 F sport. Awesome car in every respect.
I've used a car broker for my past two purchases and it definitely worked out fine for me - saved a ton of money on my minivan and helped me quickly find a decent price on my other car. I didn't even get the full benefit, since I didn't need them to do trade-ins at the time.
New Posts  All Forums: