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Several points:1. Wolfvsgoat to me is the ultimate blend of no-corners-cut, no money spent on marketing bullshit - that to me is its value proposition2. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to buy the chambray. Go buy an RRL - oh shit, that is more expensive! Fuck me. Well, I suppose there is J Crew...Let's see how the pre-orders roll in and then Mauro will obviously adjust to his market - if the high end stuff doesn't sell, he can decide whether he is happier with a niche...
Doing above range trips all the time is the exact use case where I wouldn't get a Tesla. Why make him deal with the range limitations which aren't a factor for most?
Tesla costs are high up-front, but running costs are quite low. I did a depreciation model compared to some mid-level luxury cars (E-class, etc), and it was quite competitive. Hell, the new Hyundai Genesis had a higher cost of ownership because of its mediocre mileage.
Agreed, I had just done a bit replacement with MeUndies, and these are just next level and I will just be replacing again.
Has any news been announced on a US release of an RC390?
I am definitely split on it.Pros- I almost always use two hands to type- No need for an iPad mini for video- Easier book reading- Easier car navigationCons- fucking huge in a pocket potentiallyIf I was a woman or carrying a man purse EDC bag, the 6+ would be a no brainer. But will it even fit inside a suit breast pocket? And what about jeans pockets?
Just bought a new riding jacket - Held. Stuff seems very premium and better designed for use than some of the more recent stuff I've been seeing from Dainese. My entire riding life is starting to turn German - boots, motorcycle, helmet, and now jackets...
To be honest, a hybrid would probably work the best if geared correctly. Torque at zero is just amazing.
Heh, the Botanist has been on my "to try" list for a while now. Also sort of curious about Elephant Gin
Must resist.
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