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I'd buy an Acronym 3A-7 if they still made it. The Cote & Cielo tsar is slightly to modern. Anyone have any suggestions?
So Vette ring time is 7:18. I think everyone was expecting better, although the time is quite good, I suspect a ZR1 with the newer tires could at least match it. I am a bit surprised they could even finish the lap with the overheating issues being reported.
New Giulia just isn't as good looking as the 157/159 predecessors. Interior looks pretty damn good though. But let's see how build quality and the actual product looks - I suspect it won't be quite there to compete with the 3-series. The XE seems like a stronger competitor. Next tier cars like the A4/Q50/IS will probably not see too much losses either. I do suspect that some people will buy it instead of an ATS though.
I have a Held with a heat reflecting black finish - it works decently well. Can't really wear Dainese stuff - too much logo.
So who are they going to compete with? The Audi R8 and 911?
Just bought some Fidelio X2s, so far they are stellar, not even using amplification...
I think the improvements are all low level - speed and bug fixes. Plus Swift going open source means they are happy with the underpinnings, so there will be a bunch of dev stuff about that. I am happy they are doing a maintenance release... the system needs it.
Definitely more of a dev presentation overall. But not surprising since they pulled the revised AppleTV at the last minute which I suspect was to be the star of the show.
Maybe, but the mods need to be completely documented, done by one of the best. Then, you know what, they are a wash in value. Otherwise they are a negative. If I want to mod a car, I'll do it myself with people I trust. There are exceptions where someone just wants a 1000bhp Supra and is willing to buy one from the market. But you will have to be very lucky to find that buyer who is willing to pay for it.I pick that example specifically. My friend sold his Z32 that way....
I would never buy a 996 because the interiors are shit, and mostly because of IMS. Same with 997.1s since they have that same engine.Easy - the .1% are driving up prices of traditional classics to stratospheric levels, the .5% go and drive up the next tier and so on.Agree with those older MBs, great cars that look classic right away.Other cars I think might be interesting later:I wonder if the Jag XJS will finally start to appreciate - gorgeous cars with crap...
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