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Japan sometimes has cheaper Acronym - but in general it is a long hunt to find a deal on any of it.
Heh - Just realized all the guys wearing suits on the site have their bottom button done. Been wondering why those pics looked a bit funny for the longest time.
Finally dove into this thread... I would say move the TV. It seems to be very constant in your layout, but what it is going to do is utterly dominate the space in a very unattractive way. Mounted on a protruding wall just gives it too much prominence...
So is the trellis on it just decorative? I don't mind the frameless design of the Panigale per se, just that it seems to not be doing well for them racing. Of course, since I am basically a poseur and have only tracked my old Ninja 250 a couple of times, not sure if that matters.
I like the looks of the Bathyscaphe - but the date window really bothers me. That and the lack of a metal bracelet.
Agreed - more just for the style rather than the actual shoe.
So is anyone interested in doing an Alligator MTO through Carmina or Vass? Style is still up in the air: Couple of options Wholecut (this is chobochobo's alligator wholecut on Rain last by Carmina) Dual-material boot (French Oxford boot found here) Anyway, PM me if you are interested (and what style of shoe you would be in for) and if I get enough interest (6+), I will start pricing it out with Epaulet here in NY.
I did them as Rx - so through my program got 40% off of list for the frames.
I just cannot get into a watch that oversized. I bought a large Panerai on a whim and flipped it almost instantly.
I have a Davek and hate it. It's too heavy for a small folder.
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