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I am no expert in Irish Whiskey - any suggestions in what is the best domestic-only (or at least non-US available) choice?
Agreed. There are too many watchmakers who apparently don't understand the golden ratio.Also, it probably means there is a huge spacer for the movement inside.
Ummm... it is a Ferrari, you are already over the top.Can you suede gator? If I saw shiny gator in a Ferrari, I would instantly think it was a garage queen that was never driven hard at all since you would slide right out.
It's all spread out since no store really specializes in the stuff. The firmament has both acronym and veilance, and maybe the bureau?
I would think you would slide around a bunch. Better to do suede of some sort for some grip and just replace as needed.
Yeah, basically. Hell, it would be easier to get boots made out of something like croc or stingray than whiskey cordovan given availability.Rat's ass, though... hmmm., probably hard to get premium cuts of that.
Nobody has any suggestions? Surprising.
I'll let the Rolex service center take care of it. I need to have a link added into another Rolex I have anyway (a Yachtmaster I have from my father, it is just a bit too tight right now).
I'll just swing by Leffot tomorrow...
Quick throw on the wrist (need to get the dealer to remove some links still)
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