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So given that there is almost no difference in ride/handling / fuel economy between an X5 and X6 - which would you buy?
For some reason people buy X6s though. The GLE is slightly better looking - but we are talking still ugly. I get the raison d'etre for the GLK and its ilk. If you don't care about cars, the high seating position is nice and works well with an appliance mentality. But a small hatchback on stilts? I still don't understand this class of cars at all. Is it conspicuous consumption? "I can buy a useless vehicle and since sports cars are mostly out of fashion, the perfect...
Basically high performance means less reliability because you are running closer to the edge of the threshold. Parts aren't engineered to withstand constant 200mph, there are trade-offs in weight and aerodynamics that need to be made just to get there.
So I just was looking for info on the Z06 and ran across a crazy dude that for 2 years has been posting insane, obsessive hate about the C7. Like daily. Look up PeterMJ. Anyway definitely on my shortlist of cars.
Jalopnik just finished out a series on owning a Ferrari. Pretty much matches all my friends' experiences - e.g., pain in the ass 90% of the time for 10% of goodness. Best clip is him "picking up women" which basically shows if you have no game, getting a dog is a better move.
God, you are right, that is awful.The FXX-K, OTOH, looks ridiculously over the top but hot.I wish Lambos came this aggressive nowadays - they just seem like the same wedge over and over again.
You are at least a year away. I think you could safely to a two year or lease. Plus if you come up early defer a bit so they get a couple more links worked out (protip: Tesla build month matters more than model year as they revise continuously).
Hmmm... I owned a 2009, so I can't say that I agree. I thought they were pretty innocuous in styling, and maybe even boringly handsome. I hated the one bawlin just posted - those oval headlights from that era never worked on the E-class and the mushed together ones on the C-class looked even worse.Some people didn't care for the large star on the grill, but that has been an MB thing for a long time. The interior wasn't really up to class standards, but I preferred the...
I agree with this (and yes, we can go there). They nailed the front end - I love the new headlights and DRL profiles. But the rear just looks weak (on the E-class too)
Haha, i own a Lexus GS - and most people hate the grill and like to tell me so all the time. It just doesn't bother me.Acura MDX - looks like a crossover (basically anonymous). LED headlights are kind of neat, but they could have been more creative than a row of them. The beak works okay since it is a much bigger vehicle.I am actually kind of interested in the new 3-row Lexus CUV that is going to be based on the LS platform. I've been waiting for (a) a full size crossover...
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