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Who is a good maker of exotic leather shoes? Alligator, ostrich, etc...
DELETED - meant to post in CM
Could you provide measurements?
The last thing I need is another tuxedo, but if this was 40, I would be all over it.
Heh, and I was thinking, if they were only a half size bigger!
Just got a Uturn - surprisingly good for the money. It isn't at the same level as a Well Tempered or whatever, but I would say it is at least on par with other entry level stuff at a much better price.
This winter has earned them. Uniqlo heattech works pretty well and is very thin. Terramar silk on STP is another option.
Long underwear
High quality suits are actually a pretty good buy from B&S here. Just figure out your size by measurements and what style looks good on you (strong or soft shoulder, etc)
Between a couple of different things right now - may go do found a startup, or just looking for investing opportunities that throw off cash and chill out a bit (e.g. rental properties in NYC).
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