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I am sort of disappointed.(a) Clarkson deserved to lose his job and suffer a bit for being such a dick.(b) Top Gear rarely is that interesting any more.Maybe with a higher budget they can get back to doing ridiculous stunts. But they should just cut out the actual car reviews. I'd rather watch Chris Harris anyday.
Yeah. My bigger problem is that at $2K, I can pretty much get a custom jacket made to my specs. Plus none of the pics look like they have armor in them. I wonder if they are having Schott make them since they are being made in NYC?Anyway, way too pricey - and I'd rather have a cafe-racer center zipper, band collar, no pockets jacket anyway.
Some interesting but pricey gear posted here. The two most interesting are the Saint jeans and the Thesis jacket - but $600 and $2000 both seem a bit ridiculous - and I spend tons of money on my stuff. Hell a full kangaroo racing suit can be had for $2K from Heroic...
I'd buy an Acronym 3A-7 if they still made it. The Cote & Cielo tsar is slightly to modern. Anyone have any suggestions?
So Vette ring time is 7:18. I think everyone was expecting better, although the time is quite good, I suspect a ZR1 with the newer tires could at least match it. I am a bit surprised they could even finish the lap with the overheating issues being reported.
New Giulia just isn't as good looking as the 157/159 predecessors. Interior looks pretty damn good though. But let's see how build quality and the actual product looks - I suspect it won't be quite there to compete with the 3-series. The XE seems like a stronger competitor. Next tier cars like the A4/Q50/IS will probably not see too much losses either. I do suspect that some people will buy it instead of an ATS though.
I have a Held with a heat reflecting black finish - it works decently well. Can't really wear Dainese stuff - too much logo.
So who are they going to compete with? The Audi R8 and 911?
Just bought some Fidelio X2s, so far they are stellar, not even using amplification...
I think the improvements are all low level - speed and bug fixes. Plus Swift going open source means they are happy with the underpinnings, so there will be a bunch of dev stuff about that. I am happy they are doing a maintenance release... the system needs it.
New Posts  All Forums: