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Is it true that there is no official C7 Nurburgring time yet? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with that car that they haven't release one?
I just saw this pic of the interior of the CLS63 AMG. I hope it is nicer in person than the pic, because it looks like crap.
Having a photochromic shield is the one thing I miss with my current Schuberth. I thought about getting an e-tint one which would be the perfect solution, but I have heard they have terrible quality issues where the dimming feature fails on certain crystals causing weird patchiness. I use a light 50% tint which is sort of best/worst of all worlds situation. Works okay at night and okay during the day. If it is too dark and I am not going fast, I'll just flip the lid up to...
Yeah, that really took the shine off of Ferrari for me - that article is dead right, by doing that, they basically are admitting they can't dominate versus a Porsche without "cheating". I think he liked the i8 - but admitted it isn't a full on sports car. Which is fine by me, but I would never expect a hybrid today to be at that level.
Had NSX pricing been announced?
i8 just looks great while being ridiculously futuristic. I am excited to see if they'll do an i5/i6 type sedan soon.
Ok. Just got a ps4 and wii u. Destiny is fun up to level 20 then it seems to be a pain
Well that was an essay on the Hobbit... Anyway, I am probably in the minority, I didn't love the film adaptations in the first go around. They were okay, but a bit soulless and frankly needed to cut even more out if for no other sake than pacing. High fantasy doesn't have to equal pompous, but it often does (although Tolkien's books were just as ridiculous, so maybe that is fine). I figure someone will fanedit all three Hobbit movies into a nice lean ~90-120 minute...
Buick - I like it overall, but has a bit of Infiniti M-bloat going on. Ford GT - Looks overstyled and not as sexy as it should to me. It all depends on the price. Porsche's sell fine with 6 cylinders, so I don't think that is the bar that it is being made to be. But hard to believe they didn't stick in the Coyote V8 at least. ... Saw my first MB GLA. Looks like someone took the 5 foor hatch version of the CLA and put it on GLK running gear. Which would be cool if...
I have no problem with luxury crossovers. It is way more comfortable to sit upright if you are being chauffeured around town. I'd rather not see any ground clearance though as that is hardly needed.
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