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So how do you bridge the gap in time? Cause that is my main concern then.
So let's say I wanted to buy a new phone every year instead of every other year. Do I just buy the phones, pay them off and then sell them at each year? If I am lazy, is there a buyback program? I am on Verizon right now, and it seems very unclear to me.
ThanksActually they reintroduced them as sunglasses - so I bought a pair. But I knew the sizing might be an issue and it was - so back they went. The C&T 822s looks pretty similar and might be a bit wider.Tried on some Gotti Neville frames - they looked nice and elegant, so those might be my next "lightweight" frames.
Man, that post reminds me I really should think about investing into some proper pumps instead of just using my Chelseas.
Guidi baby calf leather. Garmet dyed (charcoal/black) with wax treatment. Hand stitching. Amazing stuff. But only if you haven't put on any muscle. As I have been lifting more my arms barely fit. This jacket is in perfect shape. Tagged Number 17 Made in Italy Size XL - like a 48 Shoulder-shoulder 47 cm Pit-pit 53 cm Sleeves from shoulders 72 cm Back length from under the collar 63.5 cm Would trade for an XXL in equivalent leather (Incarnation, MA+, etc) $800 obo +...
Handgrade collection. 330 last Very lightly worn - the sole pics are accurate, barely the slightest crease on the tops. New price is $820 from Ben Silver. $300obo + shipping. I'll try and dig up some C&J bags too. Can pick up in Berkeley, CA.
After sitting in my closet for a year unworn (not even once), I realized I just won't wear white sneakers. It just isn't my thing. So, time to get these out of here. You know what they are. Just a little dusty from sitting in my closet. Includes the bag. $250 + shipping obo. Can pick up in Berkeley, CA instead.
Mercedes S cabriolet pictures are leaking all over the web. Unfortunately for me, they look like they somehow stlll shortchanged the rear seats - is it so much to ask for a convertible I can load friends or children up in and go cruising?
So I missed the Mr. Porter x Cutler & Gross x Kingsman collab frames - mostly because the movie looked like shit and I didn't bother to watch anything related to it until the collection was finished. I like the 60s vibe, the slight modern shaping, and the drop temple. If these were for sale, I'd just buy them. Any suggestions for an alternative?
Just saw MI: Rogue Nation - 3.5/5. A little bit of humor does a lot for this generally mediocre series. Terminator: Genisys 2/5. I liked Salvation better than this convoluted mess. At least Salvation was more character driven. Emilia Clarke just tries to channel Linda Hamilton without bringing anything new to the role. Next up - BBC's Wolf Hall adaptation and The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
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