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Ours has a charger. But actually may be moving to the Bay area (again) soon. Flying out for an interview this week...
Anyone here own a Tesla? Thinking about ordering one.
I had a 5th gen VFR and generally loved it, but it was damn heavy and not great for city riding.
I just buy the Black on black shorts. I think the rest of their branding is just to OTT for me. The t-shirts aren't too bad since they just have a logo and a bit of type.
I am curious about it, but frankly the Hylete gear I have bought has just been amazing. Their shorts are leagues above anything else I have owned.
I'd say buy some if you like the look, but don't expect it to have legs (i.e., buy cheap ones that you can get rid of in a year or two).
I don't have an MBA (I have other advanced degrees), but just finished working at a top 3 consulting firm in the healthcare space. As an outside observer - school matters... a ton. If you think you can leverage into a decent job somewhere as well as eventually into a top MBA, I'd abandon the current MBA. If you are just going to end up at a mediocre MBA program anyway, then go ahead and finish it.
So did I miss a post comparing the new chinos to the ones that are already up there?
I am going to agree with mike, they might be high quality, but the look is pretty douchey. The RBs have a more classic look. If you are worried about quality, 2 thoughts: (1) just keep looking or (2) millions of people have bought RBs and not had them shatter or anything else.
Dredd with Karl Urban was surprisingly decent
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