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Anyone know a good proxy for Paris to NYC for a floor lamp I would like to buy? The seller won't ship it
I bought one of these for my Dad off of eBay - ridiculously thick cashmere.
Do you guys do exotics ever? I had sent an email asking about quill or alligator?
Heh, forgot the basics - thinking 10K or less (she is definitely not WIS). So a Patek 4857 is out of range, but I can't believe how many watchmakers sell quartz for huge prices to women.Smaller the better in general. Something like this Longines @ 29mm (but not in quartz):
I was shopping for a watch for my wife's birthday and have just discovered that any woman's watch is either the right size and quartz or massively oversized . Are there any horologically significant watches in smaller sizes? I recognize that there isn't much room, but if they can fit 300+ parts in a men's watch to tell the rotation of the planets, they can just make a simple 3-hand in a very small size.
It is the classic Beaufort in Olive Sylkoil - Size 40. Really perfect for someone who is a size 42 or even 44. Really in great shape and perfect for the upcoming spring (if it ever arrives). Including some very crappy iPhone pics, but it is such a staple, you know what it looks like. $170 including shipping CONUS. See my sig for trades I am looking for.
I fully agree with you - I think Cartier is trying hard, too hard. JLC had one interesting watch, but from a technical perspective, not an aesthetic one. And the rest were just mediocre. Overall a pretty poor showing.As an aside - I was just looking at the article on Julien Coudray on Monochrome right now. I don't know much about Fabien Lamarche except that he subcontracted for other brands for a while, but nice looking stuff.
Thanks for the collection of links. Initial thoughts...Cartier came out heavy with a ton of new designs:I dislike the skeletonized Tanks - it is hard to see the time, and I think this matters a lot to me. Perhaps the contrast between arms and background is greater than what is shown in the picture.Rotonde Day and Night is the most interesting, but the moonphase at the bottom feels too modern versus the top - sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde approachCalibre Diver - this one is ...
I think Dunhill did an exotic hiking boot as well:
Gilt has OB right now, and often (I also have a set of red setters NIB if you are interested).
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