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Just ordered a Tesla... now the wait begins.
I did some whitish buttons on mine similar to this:
Fair point, I was being overly snarky. Apologies.
Sorry dude, but you just sound ridiculously entitled, wanting everything to be handed to you. Real literature often requires work to appreciate it. Hitting that sublime level of understanding is the reward at the end. With the exception of Roth, the other authors are pretty light, enjoyable stuff, but not even close to being truly literary in nature. I'd just say accept that you don't want to invest and read what you want.
Just said fuck it and put down a deposit for an HP4 Competition.
For Mugen on the TT zero race (electric). Not quite as impressive since their only real competition in that space is Czys and Lightning.My hesitation is basically the lack of active suspension and other goodies that are on the HP4. I would love an electric, but at that price I expect it to have all the advanced crap that is on other bikes.
This is a Mission R - electric super bike
I even owned an MTS 1200 and agree a bit - it is an awesome bike, but the whole ADV thing seems like it is meant for 55 year olds or something. The image and the capabilities do not match, which is why I am thinking about a Hypermotard SP, HP4 or maybe even a Mission R.The Mission R is definitely the odd duck - very interesting potential, but besides the engine, is less advanced than the BMW.
Looks like moving back to the Bay is happening... So now time to saddle back up. As I have stated before, I think the MTS 1200S is the perfect bike in many ways. But I have to admit, the new Hypermotards also look pretty awesome for something a bit lighter/more fun. Ignoring difference in price, is there any reason to get the Hypermotard over the MTS?
So Tesla is out for now - mostly because we decided against living in the Peninsula - so no massive commuting to justify the expense. We have the Chrysler Town & Country, so thinking about either picking up a 993 cabriolet or E350 convertible (want something open-aired but that can fit child-seats as necessary). Still debating about this some. Used Acura TL for the nanny.
New Posts  All Forums: