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Just watched the Man from UNCLE. Henry Cavill inspires massive jealousy on my part - he is just too good looking.
Shame about the delay - also have heard that Acura was benchmarking the 458 and now has to compete against the 488, so we shall see. My biggest problem is the styling looks like the R8 with a slightly uglier front.
Also, does anyone know how the current Acronym bag fabric breaks in? It talks about patina, but I am not loving my current bag's break-in look (older Limonta fabric).
There are plenty of motorcycle jeans that are ultrastrong - Try Saint.
Just picked up a pair of Zennis for like $35 to try out a new prescription (that includes anti-glare coating). They are definitely below Luxottica standards (which are mediocre), but frankly for $35 they are amazing. The prescription was spot on. Eyeing some Markus T frames for my next splurge set.
Is there a non-luxury nameplate car that was nicer than the name indicates?
So my sister is thinking about buying a new F-type. But she kind of needs a shit car sometimes. What is a good used stealth luxury car? 1st gen Hyundai Genesis? Some old Infiniti? Just get a new Civic or something?
Buying a new pair of jeans for the first time in several years. What's new? Is it still super-skinny (I don't think so)? Super-baggy? Normalcore? High waisted? Fuck... no idea what is going on... who is doing good stuff, etc.
I pretty much use my messenger bag for papers, but have thought about getting a tank bag of some sort. The price of sportbike living is being vain and not wanting to clutter up the lines of my HP4. Although actually, I should sell the damn thing - it honestly is not being ridden enough or to its capabilities. Hmmm - HP4 comp, sell and get a Multistrada and maybe a Panigale? Or hell, this Huge Moto kit looks fucking amazing.
3d touch isn't going to be a game changer IMO. It is interesting, but without cues to know when and where to press harder, it will be niche and, honestly, probably forgotten by most people after a year. If it was truly a multi-gradient pressure-sensitive, vs deeper clicks, I think that would be pretty damn cool in certain intrefaces. Frankly, this is a minor upgrade, which is fine, I expect the 7 to have a lot more useful stuff. Like, hopefully, finally, induction...
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