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So is anyone interested in doing an Alligator MTO through Carmina or Vass? Style is still up in the air: Couple of options Wholecut (this is chobochobo's alligator wholecut on Rain last by Carmina) Dual-material boot (French Oxford boot found here) Anyway, PM me if you are interested (and what style of shoe you would be in for) and if I get enough interest (6+), I will start pricing it out with Epaulet here in NY.
I did them as Rx - so through my program got 40% off of list for the frames.
I just cannot get into a watch that oversized. I bought a large Panerai on a whim and flipped it almost instantly.
I have a Davek and hate it. It's too heavy for a small folder.
I still wouldn't buy one.
Just bought some Linda Farrow Luxe aviators
After losing my Brooks Brothers shell wallet (made by Ganzo in Japan), I picked up a Leffot Fold. Now in minimalist cordovan bliss.
I got them and sent them back. The originals looked like dress pants and I liked their versatility. The new ones are sweat pants
I could be persuaded to go with a monkstrap or other shoe - not that wedded to a chukka.
Is anyone interested in doing a Carmina MTO in alligator? We would need 6 for an order through Epaulet. Thinking an 80175 or 10027.
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