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I used to have Sidi's but have moved to Daytonas and find them just a huge amount better.
Can anyone recommend a good recipe book? Criteria are: 1. Every recipe is well thought out and good (no collection of a million crappy recipes) 2. No esoteric stuff requiring me to labor over a witches' cauldron (rules out PDT for example) 3. Explains the specifics of why particular liquors are used when called out (e.g., if the recipe says Plymouth Gin, then why that gin and what are good subs) 4. Covers all the basic drinks
Sorry - the initial post indicated shearling was included? I'll just reach out to them.
So I suppose we should split into an all-Gorse group and a suede/Gorse combo?
I'd be in, but frankly not interested in suede. What is the point of a hard wearing winter boot with suede on it? I am an 11UK on the 888 last, so I'd definitely need sizing assistance on this one.
These are NIB Linda Farrow Luxe Aviators in Tortoiseshell. I picked them up online and they didn't fit my head well, so off they go. Linda Farrow makes premium stylish eyewear for a lot of different people (e.g., Dries, etc.). Very high standard and very fashionable stuff. Measurements: 58 lens -18 bridge - 145 temple length $145obo shipped Added some pictures of the wrapped glasses and the ridiculous large box and leather wrap it comes in...
Just hunt audiogon for something in a price range you are comfortable with. Honestly if you are just getting back into it, I wouldn't agonize over this too much. Or get an ART DJ PRE II for $50 and just replace it when you decide you are serious.
When cars don't look good in certain colors, to me that is a sign that the design is weak. The original Mas QP was sex on wheels in any color. Same with a lot of Ferraris.
There are some LF Luxe on Gilt. I just got a pair that don't work on my face, so I will be selling them at my cost (~150) soon on the forum.
A couple of thoughts, solicited and not.1. I'd save for the better watch. I like some of the FC stuff, but if you have the opportunity to get something better and aren't hurting yourself financially for it, get a JLC or other.2. It won't retain value at all, so only buy it if you intend to keep it.3. Consider that the current trend for men's watches on women will (and probably has to some extent) run its course. If you already have a couple of larger watches, you may want...
New Posts  All Forums: