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I gave up on my retrofit - Just wasn't the clearance without doing a lot more work and I got kind of sick of trying to cram everything in there. Shame too, I did a ton including modding the projector, painting the shields, fixing the cutoff, etc...
Forever and they are tanks. But I still wish there was shifter padding - been thinking about taking them to a cobbler to have a flap sewn on.
5k. You can see the ad here: http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=470057
Nice looking, and I ride in my Tricker Stows quite a bit - admittedly shifter padding would be nice.But I don't really pretend that they are real motorcycle gear.
I am not sure you can have that license plate unless you are pushing 1500hp.
Just listed my SV650 for sale - been riding the HP4 more and more so time to move on. Plus I think I may pick up an RC390 for the track instead of using the SV.
How is the rear seat? It actually looks usable unlike most convertibles.
Does anyone here own a Maserati Gran Turismo convertible? Curious how bad the TCO on it is (assuming it is bought used to begin with).
Yeah. Like I said, just stick it back to stock, ignore and don't mention the exhaust. You will get much better pricing. It just is how it is.Like I just did a super-extensive upgrade of the audio system of my 2013 minivan. If we turned around and tried to sell it today, I'd remove the far superior Pioneer head unit and have the stock put back in. I wouldn't mention the upgraded speakers or anything in an ad even though there are thousands of dollars in it. In 5 years,...
I think Mauro is sick right now - don't worry he always makes things right. And, for when you are back Mauro, when will we see some button down shirts? I really wanted a blue pinpoint which is no longer available in my size.
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