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3d touch isn't going to be a game changer IMO. It is interesting, but without cues to know when and where to press harder, it will be niche and, honestly, probably forgotten by most people after a year. If it was truly a multi-gradient pressure-sensitive, vs deeper clicks, I think that would be pretty damn cool in certain intrefaces. Frankly, this is a minor upgrade, which is fine, I expect the 7 to have a lot more useful stuff. Like, hopefully, finally, induction...
I don't really get the deal with jailbreaking. I plan to install plex on mine, and that will stream anything I throw at it.
Anyone have an Apple leather case? Is it any good? I've been using a very minimalTech21 case + tempered glass screen protection and that is probably what I'll go with again, but the saddle leather color looks nice. But if it is at all like Apple Watch leather bands - then forget it. Those things were horrible plastic pieces of crap.
Did Apple Upgrade Program 6S+ 128GB Space Grey. I can't wait til AppleTV is out.
Cayman GT4 seems absolutely perfect. I'd take one over a Turbo if I tracked or didn't need those rear stub seats Isn't there an insane waitlist for the GT4 though?
A couple of thoughts, generally in agreement, but... iPad Pro My wife is super excitied for the iPad Pro - being able to mark up legal docs on a large screen is huge for her. I actually sit with my notebook on my legs a lot, so the case doesn't seem like it would work to replace a Macbook. But if I was the Surface team at MS, I'd be pretty pissed. New iPhones I'll probably do the upgrade plan, I don't care about selling my phone at the end, and all I want is to have...
I don't really care about 4s vs 6s, I just care about torque curves and power. Frankly I don't care about engine noise either - I'd rather have a sports car that was silent.
Is this still running? Where is the link to pledge?
So how do you bridge the gap in time? Cause that is my main concern then.
So let's say I wanted to buy a new phone every year instead of every other year. Do I just buy the phones, pay them off and then sell them at each year? If I am lazy, is there a buyback program? I am on Verizon right now, and it seems very unclear to me.
New Posts  All Forums: