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Not for the headlight I was using which was super shallow.
Why not?
I gave up on my retrofit - Just wasn't the clearance without doing a lot more work and I got kind of sick of trying to cram everything in there. Shame too, I did a ton including modding the projector, painting the shields, fixing the cutoff, etc...
Forever and they are tanks. But I still wish there was shifter padding - been thinking about taking them to a cobbler to have a flap sewn on.
5k. You can see the ad here: http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=470057
Nice looking, and I ride in my Tricker Stows quite a bit - admittedly shifter padding would be nice.But I don't really pretend that they are real motorcycle gear.
I am not sure you can have that license plate unless you are pushing 1500hp.
Just listed my SV650 for sale - been riding the HP4 more and more so time to move on. Plus I think I may pick up an RC390 for the track instead of using the SV.
How is the rear seat? It actually looks usable unlike most convertibles.
Does anyone here own a Maserati Gran Turismo convertible? Curious how bad the TCO on it is (assuming it is bought used to begin with).
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