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Tesla costs are high up-front, but running costs are quite low. I did a depreciation model compared to some mid-level luxury cars (E-class, etc), and it was quite competitive. Hell, the new Hyundai Genesis had a higher cost of ownership because of its mediocre mileage.
Agreed, I had just done a bit replacement with MeUndies, and these are just next level and I will just be replacing again.
Has any news been announced on a US release of an RC390?
I am definitely split on it.Pros- I almost always use two hands to type- No need for an iPad mini for video- Easier book reading- Easier car navigationCons- fucking huge in a pocket potentiallyIf I was a woman or carrying a man purse EDC bag, the 6+ would be a no brainer. But will it even fit inside a suit breast pocket? And what about jeans pockets?
Just bought a new riding jacket - Held. Stuff seems very premium and better designed for use than some of the more recent stuff I've been seeing from Dainese. My entire riding life is starting to turn German - boots, motorcycle, helmet, and now jackets...
To be honest, a hybrid would probably work the best if geared correctly. Torque at zero is just amazing.
Heh, the Botanist has been on my "to try" list for a while now. Also sort of curious about Elephant Gin
Must resist.
Piob - you just need to step up to a GL63 (unless they make a GL65 V12)...
Agreed - Clymer is not exactly the most critical of reviewers, nor is his horologic knowledge that great. That being said, if you have an iPhone and are thinking about spending $500 or so on a casual watch and don't care about mechanical watches, of course you will buy an Apple Watch.The thing is, the watches are so dependent on the phones that you are only going to sell to a subset of your already existing customer base. I doubt the Apple Watch is so great that it will...
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