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I use Airmail 2 on my Mac and Acompli on my iPhone. The one thing I am losing out on entirely is Handoff/Continuity.
I assume Mercedes will shape them up since they had to take leftovers after Ducati was bought up. I would have gone with Aprilia personally.
My SV I am thinking I might sell. My HP4 is too much of a garage queen and I need to start putting miles on her. But then again I am in Cali so no winterizing here.
That is nothing new - the W220 S class had almost the exact same lines as a Lexus ES300 of the era. How do I know? I used to park in a dark garage and would get them mixed up all the time. And, at that point, I could probably see a single taillight a mile off and tell you make and model of most cars.
I still find they don't load quick enough and sometimes still don't appear at all. I went back to Apple for now.
Just read a whole article about how the processor is throttled because of heat in the enclosure. So if you are performance minded, might be best to wait a revision. But otherwise they look pretty great.
Agreed. Rather than soften the 458 they brought in a GT. So I think it is fine. The Cali is about the same price so it isnt really cheapening the brand.
My wife has an Icebreaker and it seems to hold up fine. It was before their move to China though, so maybe quality has declined.
Next gen highlander will be going bigger. As for car seats, we pretty much use Britax 90s since our kids are f'ing huge and they are just big. Nothing to be done about that really. They are just bigger and bigger every year. Plus side airbags have narrowed the cabin. If you want easy access to the third row - nothing does it. Our minivan barely does it. I am waiting for someone to introduce third row doors. On a body on frame system, it wouldn't mess things up too much....
iPad mini 3 literally is the 2 + TouchID. Not sure why they went this route. My suspicion is that a 5.7 iPod touch will replace it and that the iPad/iPod touch lines will merge. Then Apple will have iPads in 5.7 / 9.7 and maybe a 12 size.
New Posts  All Forums: