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Can you point out any mods for the current GS that add dyno verified power? I used to keep a list of all mods available for the current gen and there were potentially two super chargers that might have been modified to work but almost nothing.
Why? It is far more discrete than pulling out your phone.Admitedly mine is ultra-hipstered with a cordovan nato strap...
It isn't useless, it just isn't particularly useful.The apps are mostly garbage, so the real use I get out of it is the previews of SMS and email to know whether I should pull out my phone or not.
Ok let's make this simpler. Most of the brands are interchangeable. I've gone winter mountaineering in Uniqlo and in Mountain Hardware and the differences aren't that huge at a particular fill level (or close to it)
No I worded that off a bit, I think the delta between brands at roughly the same rating is about the same. Like 720 fill mont bell vs 800 fill whatever is just not that big of a deal.Anyway, no need to be a dick.
My impression was that it was more fashion-side of technical - if you look, a lot of the brands discussed are ones like Isaora and Outlier. There isn't that much chat on hardcore outdoor stuff like Westcomb or FF or whatever.
Been riding my Peloton spinning bike a lot lately with the rain here - the pro cyclist led classes are pretty great.
Man... took my HP4 out for a spin after a long time today. People would kill me if they saw how dusty that thing is right now - I need to start riding mroe.
I mean, I know the hype is there for FF. But realistically there are plenty of good down jackets. The nice thing FF has is the customization, but I would never suggest that they were very good looking. Even their lightweight down jackets are kind of puffy and seem meant for purely technical adventuring.And I would almost ignore the ratings and just look at the article underneath for some down basics. I honestly have never really noticed much of a difference between most...
Ah nice - that wasn't an option when I last looked (but that was a long time ago).
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