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I am tempted by the 5.5 since it would combine the functionality of an iPad mini with a phone for me. But it all depends on pocketability. I am glad they didn't thin down the side bezels, I have enough problems accidentally touching the sides while holding it already. I wish the top and bottom bezel had thinned out though, the LG G3 seems like a superior form factor for a 5.5 inch screen.
So Luca di Montezemolo stepped down because of Sergio Marchionne wants to sell more Ferrari volume. Should be interesting to watch Ferrari prestige finally decline after they navigated juked reviews, artificial scarcity and a bunch of other bullshit successfully. Maserati will just become another BMW I suspect, leaving Alfa with nowhere to go.
Apple Watch - ugly, so the functionality better make up for it. iPhone 6 and 6+ - I will need to go see a Galaxy Note 4 to see if the 6+ is a manageable size. But I suspect I'll either get a 6 or just hold out on my 5S for now. Apple Pay - the most exciting part of the announcment is finally getting Apple to drive mobile payment adoption. May thin out my wallet a bit... ---- What I'd like to have seen? 1. Wireless charging for the phones 2. The camera not stick out on...
So why not a Lexus GX?
I'll completely disagree -iIn the end it is a high-end not quite perfect replica on a modern chassis. If it was an original, it would be different, but I suspect it will not appreciate greatly or ever be a true collectable except in rarity. A Zonda or Huayra is original which is worth a lot.An Equus Bass is at least an homage to a muscle car.
I think the headlights seem a bit droopy, but overall it is fine. I was hoping for some of the stronger design language from the Mazda 6 (which is stellar looking) would have made it in. (and I wish Mazda would either kill their rotary or put it in enough models including the Miata to make it worth really investing in).The real question for the Miata nowadays is whether it is better than a used 987 Boxster, and the answer is probably going to be no.
I'd rather get a Superperformace GT over a Singer if I was getting a replica of any sort. The Singers are cool but why not just buy a real classic if they readily available? I'd love a 2000GT replica though since the originals are too pricey.
I really like this, but it is sort of chicken or egg thing for me, since my stuff isn't moving I am kind of unwilling to go in on other stuff... Sadly I think eBay is in my future, and I hate eBay.
Sized XL, this is a very nice, matter hooded puffer with the usual Stone Island details. Fabric is awesome, warm but not heavy, etc. Removable SI tag on the arm. MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION Garment dyed construction Nylon shell Resin coating for windproofing Injected down feather fill MEASUREMENTS STS 19 inches Sleeve 26 inches Length 27 inches Price includes shipping CONUS
Oh, I know. But the Hamptons are pretty much the epitome of bad taste at this point.
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