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Is that raw CF with clearcoat?
I think I am liking the Rev'it Mohawks. Now to find some locally to try on.
The Vitesse ones are "almost" attractive. Using traditional colors on sport/motorcross boots just ends up being kind of weird. Kind of like Cole Haan's more extreme Nike dress shoes. I am kind of favoring the Stylmartin Indians, the hiking boot aesthetic works for motorcycle boots which need to be a bit chunky. I wish someone made something like a Trickers Stow but with more padding up front for the shifter and a bit more bracing/support in the back). Or maybe a sleeker...
I'm looking for some new "casual" or "urban" type motorcycle boots. So far, the candidates seem to be: Dainese Cafe Boots - military boot look Stylmartin Indian - hiking look Stylmartin Oxford - brogued chelsea boot? Rev'it have some options too in this category. Anyone have any of these and care to suggest anything I am missing?
Just finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Very satisfied with it.
Japanese understress their engines. It is why they are so reliable and they have difficult building a competitive sports car. I am curious to see if the rumored Supra successor breaks that formula but I suspect it will be underpowered for the price.
Hell, I think a broken down 80s Honda Jazz scooter would be more valid at this point. But whatever.
Yeah. It seems overly ambitious to me. But who knows?While I like driving, honestly I would trade it for a more chilled out non-driving activity any day of the week. My biggest problem is I get car sick if I try and do things while someone else is driving (and having been a management consultant, working on spreadsheets in the back of a Lincoln Town Car is my idea of hell).Anyway, I will see how the first year LCs look and then decide whether to do it. I don't mind the...
I used to do twisties. Now I scoot over to the gym and back and run errands occasionally.Used to, now in Oakland (Piedmont actually). But with kids... you always have an errand or two while you are out and dragging 4 gallons of milk back on a motorcycle is a pain.I actually have never cared about engine noise. I like the open-air motoring. To be honest, I sometimes prefer road cycling because you can hear nature. So if I could get a silent motorcycle, it wouldn't be a bad...
So Ford is saying they will mass produce an autonomous car in 5 years. Now I am wondering if I should throw down on an LC or just wait and let my car do the driving. I am kind of favoring the latter.
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