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Ryca does one for the Sportster, but I don't think it is as successful visually. Even the CS-1 needs its front wheel tucked in a bit more...Eventually I will end up doing something that is in a more modern vein a la Holographic Hammer's concept stuff:
Frankly I'd only get a cab. I am never going to track the thing. And having a convertible is about 10x more enjoyable for me than 150% more stiffness or whatever. And, frankly, talking to another Turbo owner here in my building, he regrets not getting a cab since it is easier to put your kids in car seats in the back over the side with the top down.
Yeah, I am not necessarily looking for that level right now. I am actually thinking right now of doing a Ryca CS-1 as a little cruiser around town with a bit of additional customization. I'd do it myself, but I would undoubtedly end up with a half-finished bike in my garage.
is that why I can't find a reasonably priced 997 turbo s cab either?
Does anyone know of any custom builders in the Bay area? Been thinking about a cafe racer project for a while and surprisingly can't find anyone.
Better than my attempt to convince the wife that a restored, lifted FJ40 would be a suitable bridge vehicle until the Tesla arrived. I think the kids would think it was awesome, but the wife completely disagrees.
I grew up in Chicago and spent many years there and have no desire to ever go back. I'd take a shitty shared studio in NYC over a 3 bedroom in Chicago any day of the week. Only good thing is some of the food (Alinea, Publican, etc). The girls are fat, there is no culture at all and the infrastructure is absolutely falling apart.
Decided to delay the Tesla order a bit since I think I want AWD and the new seats that are supposedly under development. Need to decide on a bridge vehicle for a year or so, may do a lease assumption - anyone do one of these?
Heh, the current RWD 1 series is the only car in their stable that is remotely like the legendary BMWs of the old days (E30, E28, etc). Everything else they sell is now solidly aimed at aspirational middle/upper class housewives.
Arrrgh, my size. Damn you
New Posts  All Forums: