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I've done it several times. It hasn't been that hard in the past, but you definitely want to have the full tool kit that they sell, a nice clean surface and places to put tiny screws (and lots of light to find those screws whenever you drop one).
Finally tried on a RMC Buco J100. Loved the jacket, but the sleeves felt slightly short. Need to put in that order for a Himel Kensington I think,
The Switch just looks too complicated and gadgety. I remember the Wii having too many damn peripherals, and this is worse.
People are super obsessed with hating on Tesla. I don't really care. The cars are pretty nice if not as nice as people think they should be (because they don't realize the TCO is significantly lower). I would still want regular controls for a lot of interior function personally and they are just too wide.The new 5-series? Meh. Everything BMW has done since Bangle has basically made them look more like Pontiacs. Generic and uninteresting profiles. Maybe I am just old, but...
Is that raw CF with clearcoat?
I think I am liking the Rev'it Mohawks. Now to find some locally to try on.
The Vitesse ones are "almost" attractive. Using traditional colors on sport/motorcross boots just ends up being kind of weird. Kind of like Cole Haan's more extreme Nike dress shoes. I am kind of favoring the Stylmartin Indians, the hiking boot aesthetic works for motorcycle boots which need to be a bit chunky. I wish someone made something like a Trickers Stow but with more padding up front for the shifter and a bit more bracing/support in the back). Or maybe a sleeker...
I'm looking for some new "casual" or "urban" type motorcycle boots. So far, the candidates seem to be: Dainese Cafe Boots - military boot look Stylmartin Indian - hiking look Stylmartin Oxford - brogued chelsea boot? Rev'it have some options too in this category. Anyone have any of these and care to suggest anything I am missing?
Just finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Very satisfied with it.
Japanese understress their engines. It is why they are so reliable and they have difficult building a competitive sports car. I am curious to see if the rumored Supra successor breaks that formula but I suspect it will be underpowered for the price.
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