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It will soften up over time... My old fishtail is pretty soft at this point.
I'm about to finish up the Witcher since I hurt my leg skiing and am laid up. MEA is definitely next on my list. Just need to decide PC or X1.
I don't think of Kuwaharas as classic style. They are pretty damn funky. Almost bought a pair the other weekend but the stems werent long enough.
It all depends on the jacket style - my Incarnation was ridiculous. If I lifted at all I couldn't wear it. Still an awesome jacket.
Jacket #1 - the zip pockets are inelegant and far too prominent.Jacket #2 - the sleeves are narrow little stovepipes that are almost slightly too short looking and don't work well with the more casual open draped body.Jacket #3 - someone went overboard quilting.And that Kadoya stuff? Pass.
Randomly decided to watch the original Tom Cruise Mission Impossible. Has not aged well at all. Then, to compound the piling on of shit action movies, went to watch possibly the worst action movie ever released, Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone. How this awful piece of shit got made, I have no idea. How Karl Urban's Dredd is not getting a sequel, though, is beyond me. That movie is great.
It would be a plus for me when I want to sneak out early to go to the gym. Used to do muay thai at 5am before work so a loud motorcycle isdefinitely a problem.Frankly I would prefer all my vehicles be silent. I feel a lot more connected to the outside when riding my bicycle.
Victory failing doesn't surprise me at all. There are basically cruiser guys and Harley guys. Cruiser guys will go buy a Yamaha V-star or whatever. Harley guys will buy Harley. Maybe, if they are snobbish, they will buy Indian for something different. I am going to sell my HP4 and go back to a Multistrada. I tried the S1000XR and didn't care for it. The only other bike I am considering is a Zero, but I've heard that it detunes performance once you are on the bottom 2/3 of...
Kia Stinger GT? Return of the affordable RWD sport sedan without all the luxury crap?
And by design with Hugo Boss? You mean cheap thin knockoffs of real stuff.
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