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I have a pair of eSquads that seem okay, but honestly I never really wore them (needed to hem them and never did). My Saints are pricey as fuck, but are amazing. No armor though.Otherwise, I think Dainese and Rev'It make jeans that don't look like shitty baggy pieces of crap. Other than that, no idea.
That Layer-0 is pretty tempting... Where can I find one? Given all the money here in the Bay, shopping is pretty much limited to the Archive for that sort of thing.
Hopefully this pushes the thread to the next page so I don't have to see that fat chick. I suspect that a lot of those people will still be interested when it comes for sale. People are also financially illiterate and don't realize that on a TCO basis, Teslas are effectively about the same as cars at half the price (even with $2 gas). Regardless, I'll be surprised if they can deliver them at all in a timely manner.
I ordered a Phree. No idea how good it will be.
Looked through posts and they all look old. I got one weekend in Vancouver, need some intimate, low key places to catch up with a friend. Food should be excellent but not pretentious or overblown.
I wouldn't sweat it - this one stops and starts.I'm thinking about selling my very underused HP4... Need to decide on something that I won't feel guilty about putting minimal miles on.
I think the Macan is much better in pretty much every way. New F-pace also looks nice.Not sure if MB has upgraded the interiors of their smaller SUVs to match the new sedans (GLC? GLE?).
I don't like that at all, but the one I have for sale is pretty conventional in comparison. In the end I may just keep it in case I ever decide to go slim over muscular, but I hate that is is just sitting in my closet.I am thinking a CCP scarstitch if I can get one large enough.
Uber is pushing this technology hard behind the scenes. I suspect they will be one of the largest R&D spends in the field if they aren't already.I frankly can't wait. I hate commuting and am fine with giving up fun driving for the convenience - but I often get carsick when chauffeured, so that is the only part I won't like.
So the plastic nose cap is gone. The look is bubbly futurism and a bit bland. But if I was Chevy Id be pissed. I have a car I can actually deliver and people would rather speculate on Tesla deliveries which will probably be delayed quite a bit. But the reality is that Tesla will delay to get it right and Chevy will shovel shit out the door whenever they can.
New Posts  All Forums: