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Super uneven.First half is like all those crappy 90s Bond movies with bombastic music, stupid over the top stunts, etc.Second half tries to get back onto the new Casino Royale grit vibe and partially succeeds.It is better than QoS at least.
Yeah, I was a strong high school player, took a break and got into MMA and getting big for the 20s-30s, now thinking long term I might need some sports that aren't as brutal for old age Massive doping, especially on the women's tour, will be the next thing to pop and further ruin tennis's reputation. The fact that they ignored Capriati when she was getting more gorilla than human tells you that the ATP/WTA has its head in the sand. They just hope to keep the gravy train...
Not sure how many people here follow tennis. Absolutely brutal expose on BBC Sport right now about it: http://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/35319202 They won't list too any of the players, I imagine because of UK libel laws which are absolutely ridiculous. But this makes FIFA look like a respectable organization.
So I am selling my Incarnation jacket below and need a slightly larger replacement. Any suggestions for something similar in style>?
The sweatpants are all crazy short if you have long legs. Even despite the "look" they are way too short for me.
I liked Creed as well, no idea about the scene... I think it is kind of funny that we have two movies that are about the next-generation (Creed and TFA) which are very, very much retreads of the first movies from which they are descended.
When I was young, I never thought I would say this - there is almost nothing I am less interested in than another supercar. The market is flooded. The engineering required to make an electric car cheap is far more interesting than just throwing more money at the problem.
Creed is basically a very intentional homage to Rocky 1...
Just saw Creed.... a pretty great retelling of the Rocky story. Which, given the number of tries they have had, you would expect.
How large does Poell leather come in? I probably need a 54, hell maybe a 56 given the tight fit of some leather.
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