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Anyone have a Clearaudio Ovation? Been thinking about either that or a Well Tempered Versalex vs maybe a PTP Solid 12 (not sure about the whole idler thing)
Anyone here have an Isogon jacket? I do sort of need a do-it-all softshell.
Seems winter-y to me...
Anyone here ridden an HP4?
I have never heard DeVores where I didn't think they were a bit too rich in the mid-range (which could have been the listening room). But I generally prefer a pretty analytic sound. Could also be the venue which was a dealer's shop.
It is reasonably good for a serial for a season, but after that it is the same thing over and over again. Nothing worth going out of your way for, and I am fairly sympathetic to Laurie from his days with Fry.
Just bought my first Yixing pot and some high mountain oolong to go with it... Diving into tea geek territory hard.
Lots of emails, no takers yet...
Not sure if OP is still around. Some basic suggestions: Don't buy a name brand mattress. They are only one-sided due to private equity owners realizing they could shorten the life of them by (a) sewing in a mattress topper that would die sooner (b) only including one side. I'd suggest going with a natural Talalay latex mattress from a local latex manufacturer. They basically cut it to size. Alternatively, you can order Sleep Innovations on Amazon which is basically a...
Added fabric details.
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