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^ looks good! What's the make? I will post some updates on Glaser vs Clegg later...
Just like what I mentioned before, United by Blue is on MyHabit today!
Brand new in box!
A v late response but it's been on my mind! I just came across this, on sale:http://roztayger.com/product/dual_helmet_bag_by_porterNot sure if it's your thing. Roztayger offers great customer service.Want's O'Hare is quite helmet-y? The new version is a straight up helmet bag, while version I doesn't have any outside pockets. I have the original design in black leather about which I posted a while ago. It's a fantastic bag.I wil continue to keep my eyes open for you.
I have seen them for sale on discount sites like MyHabit. So, don't pay full price!If $150 is your absolute budget, try and catch Archival Clothing bags when they are on sale. I had a red one which I just sold (awaiting payment) but they do them other colours as well. They are well made.
Good choice - that's a good price for a new Filson briefcase. I do think taking your time looking for a leather briefcase is a wise move - it's a worthwhile investment.I have not seen JW Hulme irl. Some of them seem nice! Some are a bit too "heritage" for me but it's purely a personal aesthetic preference! They offer lifetime warranty according to the site. They look kinda heavy. I wonder if some of the bigger bags are so heavy that it might become impractical (they...
Sorry - there was a delay between wanting to reply and actually replying. - You could try Yoox and Ssense;- I thought a couple of briefcases on LuisaViaRoma had potential but they might be sold out now. The rest of their selection is too gaudy for me;- You coud also try Opperman London with the Urban Daddy deal. Their Palissy is a big briefcase with a leather shoulder strap. I can't comment on the quality of construction or materials as I have never seen their bags in...
^Thanks! I didn't know you made duffels. Your briefcases are gorgeous!
This bag whore needs some input! I have been looking for a black leather duffel around 18" x 11" x 8" ish. I have narrowed the search to Glaser Designs and Frank Clegg. Here are the links: http://www.glaserdesigns.com/Pages/DuffelBags/DuffelBagIntro.html Pic is of the 19" version. vs https://frankcleggleatherworks.com/index.php/product/view/Signature_Duffle_Small (I will get it lined) Pic is actually from Lotuff's site as Clegg doesn't have the pics of the...
I saw that gray messenger bag irl - so gorgeous. The leather felt so good.
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