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Thanks for this! Good to know. I wish they'd use leather shoulder straps with their leather bags. To me, a full leather bag with a canvas strap just looks argh - cutting costs, cutting quality and looks.
Looks to be sturdy!
No personal experience here. Is this their site? http://www.mysteryranch.com Which bag were you referring to? They seem sturdy. Not my kind of bags though.That site is interesting - a cross between Farfetch and Etsy?
I agree. I have always liked Bleu de Chauffe but that one does look too much like the Mismo Day Pack. I say go for Bleu de Chauffe's leather bags - their waxed cotton offerings haven't been as interesting. You could also wait for sale time - I have seen Mismo stuff on sale by retailers but you will have to be quick.
The measurements are v close to my O'Hare... It is a very good size. I agree - big enough to not be mistaken for a purse. It does make a visual statement.
Original retail: $375. Includes shoulder strap (currently wrapped inside the bag). Brand new with tag. Price includes shipping to contiguous US locations and PP fees.
Sorry I missed it. Did you bid on it? I am not a fan of the contrast stitching. Made it too busy but I am a minimalist at heart.
1) Buttero tan leather derbies $190 Worn only twice. They are a bit too roomy for me, unexpectedly, as other Butteros I have are in 41 and they fit me perfectly. I love Butteros. They are built like tanks. I have the black version from the prior season and I love them. For reference, I am CP41, Prada 7.5, Dries 7.5, Tod's 8, Grenson 7/7.5, Tricker's 7 in 4444 last and 7.5 in 4497 last. Leather soles but I had tan nonslip put on. Made in Italy. Shoe trees not...
So guys, This bag whore has finally pulled the trigger and bought a tote. It's the WANT Les Essentiels O'Hare tote. I have attached two stock photos (from Oak NYC and Mr. Porter). I really like it. If the handles were longer, I wouldn't have bought it. It's a personal thing of course but most tote handles are too long for me - the form factor is quite different. The leather is very good - it's super soft and lush. It's roomy, and I like the size of it. I won't...
^ Do you think the older Coach products were of better quality? I can't comment on that bag because I have not seen it irl but I keep hearing the quality of current Coach products are not very good (with regard to price to quality ratio). It is my pet peeves, though, that a leather duffle bag comes with a nylon strap. It's a cost cutting move by the company. I think it's look so much better with a leather strap.
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