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Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc ALSO, three bags from Valentino Garavani AW 09. They produced a very small collection this time, but I like the single "fold" in the leather... it adds just a hint of design/flare to an otherwise standard item. They stole my "fold' idea! I want that Ferre duffle. Too bad even my kidney won't cost that much. Anyone has comment on Pickett from the UK? http://www.pickett.co.uk/PickettSite...me/default.asp...
Quote: Originally Posted by m7ia I really like Saddleback Leather's laptop case in Chestnut (link); however, due to religious reasons, cannot use anything with pigskin in it, and this case has pigskin lining. Would it be possible to get it with a suede lining instead? Or, does anyone know of any similar bags at this price point that use any other type of leather for the lining? Thanks! Check out Walden...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharp Pointy Stick I am looking for a simple clean lined briefcase, similar to the Calvin Klein Collection briefcase ($1,450) shown below but at a $400 or less price point; [/IMG] Any recommendations? ebay has some good deals recently. Also check Yoox.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum can we ask for recommendations? i want something that doesn't look off in an interview, yet can take to school everyday. something small (only need to carry a netbook, a notebook, pencil case, and a 1.5 L water bottle), shoulder straps, handles. price range would be low, mid 3 digits. leather is cool. heavy canvas is also cool. i thought of the ubiquitous filson 256 briefcase, but i am a special flower and i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips I've been looking for these in many colors in exactly that thickness of pattern. Not too thick nor too thin. The OP photo is my ideal as well. The website ^ has a few nice patterns but their to small. Im not into micro gingham. Last year they had thicker gingham....too bad they don't do them anymore. I am also not that into micro gingham.
Too bad you need it by Friday. If you want cheap (and sometimes cheerful) you can turn to http://www.savilerowco.com They have some good and cheap ginghams.
Nice. I have been looking for one myself, size 15
Quote: Originally Posted by theinsider Agnes b. in SF had 70% off everything. Store-closing sale, I believe. Thanks for the info. I didn't get a chance to go Hope someone picked up some goodies at least.
Thanks! Apart from filippa k, any other places in San Francisco still offering good discounts? Am in town for a few days, looking for places to check out...
Forgot to post this earlier! A great deal on a Glaser Designs briefcase: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
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