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Thanks! Apart from filippa k, any other places in San Francisco still offering good discounts? Am in town for a few days, looking for places to check out...
Forgot to post this earlier! A great deal on a Glaser Designs briefcase: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
I think it's fantastic that you are being sensible with your money! Don't be like me.... I'd suggest if you can, wait and save a bit more money so you can get a better bag. Filson = good investment + years of good use, so it's worth it in the long run. Crane's is doing free shipping to the US at the moment, maybe they could give you a shipping discount to Canada? That may help a bit? I just sold a Jack Spade bag that's within your budget
Quote: Originally Posted by tailorrmade Has anyone had experience with Tusting Explorer bags? I've had my eye on them for a while but just never pulled the trigger. To be honest, it was one of the finest bags I have ever held and I have had a few! Well, if you have handled it and it felt good, then go for it. I have never seen them in real life, but people on SF seem to like the brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by niwawa I wear US 9. This fits perfectly. Then I'd listen to the seller! oh, free bump I guess. They look nice.
Just email them and let them know what you're after - they are very helpful!
My experience tells me Prada's size 8 is quite a bit bigger than US9...just a heads up, and free bump
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I've been eyeing this on the net but know nothing about them: http://www.customhide.com/weekender.html [/IMG] You can do a search on SF - I have read people's comments about them. I did ask a SF member about his - feedback was positive (fb on a new bag, no info on longevity), especially for the price.
The "pebble grain", or "milled leather" as Myron calls it, is no longer offered. What CS ordered is one type of leather that Myron is working with (I did check with CS - the poor lad was on the receiving end of many questions ). Myron is currently working with a few types of leather. He can also make the bags out of sailcloth (and maybe ballistic nylon, too).
Quote: Originally Posted by foxnwolf WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie: Tote $150 Great for summer/little things. I heard Jcrew was going to start carrying this brand.. M0851 (was Rugby North America) Postman Bag $400+? Ultra-soft leather. The interior lining is for girls though.. WANT Les Essentiels - they have some nice bags, but very $$$ though.... I had one but decided to sell it because the size wasn't suitable for me. It was hard...
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