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Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Yeah, it's pretty bad. But, if you go to "e-shop" and find "furla uomo," it is a little easier to find the men's bags. I think they only have their "London" collection available on line? Or maybe I am not navigating properly....
It's fake!!! The label gives it away. The construction is also not good.
Great buy - congrats! Should last you a while. Spend time with it :-)
^ Bluefly has a few Andrew Marc bags. One of them is similar to the one in the pic.
Someone please take the Prada backpack so I won't be tempted!!
Not the greatest photo as it's getting dark here and I was cooking so had to quickly put jeans and belt on!
L.Jo black leather belt, great quality - buttery soft leather, heavy solid buckle. I bought it on Yoox, worn once, but it's too big for me. Length from mid buckle to middle of the 5 holes is 35" so I imagine it's fit waist 34" - 36" US$45 inc CONUS shipping
Looking for the Icarus Deer Small Duffle by Leonello Borghi. Missed it when it was on Gilt. I still want it Let me know if you are willing to part with yours (or something similar).
Quote: Originally Posted by cmsmith First WAYWT, expecting heavy criticism. Feel like I'm on the right track but still have lots to learn. Where is the jacket from?
Thank you, gentlemen. You gave me answers even before I had the time to type out my questions. Just like the song from the band Belly (RIP) - "You know the shape my breath will take before I let it out..."
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