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I agree, Clegg's bags do look very nice. I am guessing his quality shouldn't be bad, either. However.....I have communicated with him.....sigh, I felt like he didn't actually value or want my business. Myron Glaser definitely provides a much better purchasing experience. Don't let my experience stop you from looking into Clegg's bags, and I hope you have a much better/smoother experience. I have to say, because of my experience, I have lost interest in the brand.
Gray Cave jacket by Folk. Lightly quilted throughout. Only worn out once. Decided it's not really my style. No signs of wear. Like new pretty much. Folk size 2 = regular small Price includes shipping to CONUS and PP fees.
No experience with the brand but the styling is a bit argh.
Get a Glaser briefcase. You will have a nice bag and a wonderful buying experience.
Not easy to find. I think Bill Amberg had something similar earlier in the season. Might have been for the iPad though.A cheaper and unlikely option could be the music bag by Cambridge Satchel.I think they are nicely built but a bit overpriced.
Roztayger is having extra discounts off of their sale items. Someone might be interested in this briefcase: http://roztayger.com/product/black_leather_london_briefcase_by_ro Code "15for2014"
^Thanks!!! Let us know!Interestingly, Suitsupply has a few like that: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/bagsOppermann London has one, too - http://www.oppermann-london.com/Just off the top of my head. I have not seen them irl... I might think of more later.
^ looks good! What's the make? I will post some updates on Glaser vs Clegg later...
Just like what I mentioned before, United by Blue is on MyHabit today!
Brand new in box!
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