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Entermodal is having a sample sale: http://www.handsomewinsome.com For those who don't know, Portland-based Larry Olmstead of Entermodal has been producing high-end and fully handmade (not hands pushing leather through a machine) bags and accessories since 2004, mostly for MTO clientele with some retail distribution in the past. He has an even longer history of designing bags and managing bag productions. The quality of his products is guaranteed for...
This vest is from the special collab between CDW and Dept 17 in San Fran. Worn max 3 times. No sign of use. Size: small fits pretty TTS. Price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees.
Gustin Black belt with black roller buckle. Size 32. Only tried on twice. I have too many belts! $39 Price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees.
I would love to find a shorter briefcase, too. Not easy to find one that's around 13" in length. This one is 14.5": http://www.webstore.thepropertyof.com/collections/frontpage/products/wally-briefcaseThe Filson 256 is fantastic. I have the navy one and love it.On the note of Filson, this is new: http://www.filson.com/products/large-leather-tote.70139.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=luggage/tote-bags&fmetaProduct=1019Price is ouch.
All those peppers in the background!
That's a good looking bag!
Frank Clegg bags can be lined with Sunbrella fabric for (I think) extra $50. The extra charge may depend on the size of the bag. Glaser is also a great option. I like Myron a lot. Clegg vs Glaser may come down to style perhaps. I have not seen a Clegg bag irl but I have checked out their leather sample and I thought it was nice. My mentor who is a leather artisan sees them to be very similar in terms of their target audience and quality. Just make sure you don't go...
I am also cancelling my F&O membership. I bought one decent shirt from them when they first started, that's it. Their quality kept declining over time. Their recent products are horrid - cheap materials and terrible fit (they don't even look good on their models). Their customer service is the worst I have ever come across. They ignore emails and inquries except when you tell them you are cancelling your membership, then they respond promptly, using language much like...
Thanks for this! Good to know. I wish they'd use leather shoulder straps with their leather bags. To me, a full leather bag with a canvas strap just looks argh - cutting costs, cutting quality and looks.
Looks to be sturdy!
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