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^ Killspencer!!! http://killspencer.com Thanks for the links and reviews! The Black House Project stuff look interesting.
Recently came across a new brand - PB 0110 (http://pb0110.de). Love the minimalist approach. Quite refreshing.    I have only seen them available in the US from Roztayger (http://roztayger.com/shop_by/mens). There are several European stockists.
^I think the Defy looks better but I reckon the Tom Bihn will last you a while. They both look okay to me but I do wish the Tom Bihn didn't have the logo. Too bad you didn't think Filson would suit - I'd pick it over the other two.
Thanks! A good choice! It's always a bit scary ordering something like that from overseas!Hey you!! Thanks for the great review! Looks like a great bag!I am no longer in chilly Hotlanta!! I am currently in Eugene, Oregon. Land of the hippies!!! About 1.5-2 hours south of Portland.
Brand new. Only tried on. Details, including sizing info: https://www.weargustin.com/store/215 Size is 29 straight. Should stretch to 30" waist well. Spare pair. I have too many pairs of jeans.... Price includes shipping to CONUS and PP fees.
Worn only once. I drive to work so they have had minimal rough pavement exposure. Decided that they don't fit me well. Treated with Saphir's Renovateur prior to wearing so the leather has been nicely nourished. Note the fab Norwegian welt for waterproofing. Size Heschung's 7.5. They convert that to US 8 but really they fit like US 9. Heschung shoes fit large.
Thanks!!That's a good looking bag. I have heard good things about Ettinger. Did you get it from the UK?Hey you! So the leather might be coated? What gave it away?
Thanks for the review!
^ I have visited Myron and co - that was a quite few years ago though. It was a wonderful experience.
Hides can be ordered by thickness. It's a pain trying to reduce thickness of a piece of leather without a machine. When I make my leather stuff, I always need to make the edges thinner and it's a skill I need to keep practicing on and on and on... No doubt Myron and Kari Glaser are ace. They definitely hand finish their leather and yeah, I can believe they trim their hides to the desired thickness, too. Lack of use of cordovan in making bags is probably due to its...
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