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I agree - Filson most likely offers the best value for money.Property Of... might be okay when discounted.Shameless plug - I am selling two leather duffles - Ann Demeulemeester and Lotuff!
Lotuff brown/chestnut leather duffle. Brand new. 17" x 10" x 8.5" Currently $965 from the official site. Great warranty. $820
Brand new. Color is chestnut. More info here, including measurements: http://lotuffleather.com/collections/duffles/products/small-leather-duffle They "guarantee [their] bags against material and workmanship defects for the life of the registered user." AFAIK, even though you can order one on line now, there is a current wait list of 8-10 weeks for some colors (not sure for chestnut). Price drop!
You know, he might as well get the navy 256. I think that Apoli briefcase is way overpriced.
Oh I see. Makes sense. I like the BHP stuff! And like you, I am all for supporting local/small businesses. Post review. :-)
oh I think they have canvas or nylon bags, too. Oh what's wrong with veg-tanned leather? Blk Pine Workshop? http://shop.blkpineworkshop.com/
^ Killspencer!!! http://killspencer.com Thanks for the links and reviews! The Black House Project stuff look interesting.
Recently came across a new brand - PB 0110 (http://pb0110.de). Love the minimalist approach. Quite refreshing.    I have only seen them available in the US from Roztayger (http://roztayger.com/shop_by/mens). There are several European stockists.
^I think the Defy looks better but I reckon the Tom Bihn will last you a while. They both look okay to me but I do wish the Tom Bihn didn't have the logo. Too bad you didn't think Filson would suit - I'd pick it over the other two.
Thanks! A good choice! It's always a bit scary ordering something like that from overseas!Hey you!! Thanks for the great review! Looks like a great bag!I am no longer in chilly Hotlanta!! I am currently in Eugene, Oregon. Land of the hippies!!! About 1.5-2 hours south of Portland.
New Posts  All Forums: