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Just like what I mentioned before, United by Blue is on MyHabit today!
Brand new in box!
A v late response but it's been on my mind! I just came across this, on sale:http://roztayger.com/product/dual_helmet_bag_by_porterNot sure if it's your thing. Roztayger offers great customer service.Want's O'Hare is quite helmet-y? The new version is a straight up helmet bag, while version I doesn't have any outside pockets. I have the original design in black leather about which I posted a while ago. It's a fantastic bag.I wil continue to keep my eyes open for you.
I have seen them for sale on discount sites like MyHabit. So, don't pay full price!If $150 is your absolute budget, try and catch Archival Clothing bags when they are on sale. I had a red one which I just sold (awaiting payment) but they do them other colours as well. They are well made.
Good choice - that's a good price for a new Filson briefcase. I do think taking your time looking for a leather briefcase is a wise move - it's a worthwhile investment.I have not seen JW Hulme irl. Some of them seem nice! Some are a bit too "heritage" for me but it's purely a personal aesthetic preference! They offer lifetime warranty according to the site. They look kinda heavy. I wonder if some of the bigger bags are so heavy that it might become impractical (they...
Sorry - there was a delay between wanting to reply and actually replying. - You could try Yoox and Ssense;- I thought a couple of briefcases on LuisaViaRoma had potential but they might be sold out now. The rest of their selection is too gaudy for me;- You coud also try Opperman London with the Urban Daddy deal. Their Palissy is a big briefcase with a leather shoulder strap. I can't comment on the quality of construction or materials as I have never seen their bags in...
^Thanks! I didn't know you made duffels. Your briefcases are gorgeous!
This bag whore needs some input! I have been looking for a black leather duffel around 18" x 11" x 8" ish. I have narrowed the search to Glaser Designs and Frank Clegg. Here are the links: http://www.glaserdesigns.com/Pages/DuffelBags/DuffelBagIntro.html Pic is of the 19" version. vs https://frankcleggleatherworks.com/index.php/product/view/Signature_Duffle_Small (I will get it lined) Pic is actually from Lotuff's site as Clegg doesn't have the pics of the...
I saw that gray messenger bag irl - so gorgeous. The leather felt so good.
I just posted this on the sales thread: "Entermodal is having a sample sale: http://www.handsomewinsome.com For those who don't know, Portland-based Larry Olmstead of Entermodal has been producing high-end and fully handmade (not hands pushing leather through a machine) bags and accessories since 2004, mostly for MTO clientele with some retail distribution in the past. He has an even longer history of designing bags and managing bag productions. The quality of his...
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