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Old thread but updated in Sept 2015 1) Dries. Size on shoe "7". They fit like US8.5-9. Barely worn really - maybe 4-5 times? $79 2) Spyr (who?). I bought these years ago. They are not in business anymore. Made in Italy. Sized "7" - fits like 8.5-9. No name recognition here but they are pretty solidly made! Lots of life left. $50 3) Epaulet New York GAT sneakers, Antique Pewter Leather - "US 8.5 / EU 41" Made in Italy Worn only a handful of times (I think max...
20% off with code DIBS20 over at Cloth in the UK. They have brands like UW, YMC, Oliver Spencer, Folk, OL, Sunspel, etc. They take off VAT.
Cloth in Lurgan - http://www.bycloth.co.uk/ Mark is always v helpful. Good place for British brands...
Fellow Neutral Milk Hotel fan! Eugene, Oregon here.
15% off with code NOTTOOLSAGAIN at Roztayger for you bag whores out there.
LOL Tell us about your shoe problem. I have a bag problem and I am getting close to having a shoe problem.
Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 3.5" Made in the US. All sold out now!
$15 each shipped to ConUS locations. $28 for both.
http://roztayger.com is having a 14% off most items. They have a good selection of bags and accessories.
^ I heard they are pretty heavy. A SF member owned and subsequently sold one. He posted on this thread. Try searching the Marketplace and see if he could ask him directly.
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