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Cool! Love it when a bag becomes a trusty companion.
That's terrible. I remember the way they told me they wouldn't deduct/refund VAT was kinda blunt actually - it was like "we don't deduct VAT; you pay exactly how much it shows on the checkout page. Bye."I wish we had a thread devoted to feedback on shops....
If anyone has a pair of navy Nycos in 29 they don't want, let me know
This bag whore needs help! I am looking at fairly rugged leather messenger bag/backpack hybrids. For example: http://www.bexargoods.com/products/leather-satchel-black-handmade and http://www.etwasbags.com/collection/backpack/ Has anyone come across other options? Thanks.
Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great bag!!! I am glad you like it. The Mismo bag is a very different bag though, so maybe we are comparing apples and oranges, so...I think you should get it woohoo!!!!
Same as what Velomane said above, I refused to buy from retailers who don't refund VAT. They are basically cheating, pocketing the VAT as extra profit. One of those retailers is Coggles in the UK - they blatantly told me they would not refund VAT. I have boycotted them since. There are enough shops around. The only exception I have made is with Marks and Spencer because as a Brit living in the US I often crave their stuff (best undies!!!) and they did offer me free...
You mean upon seeing the Saunter tote? There is a big price difference!! I think that leather postal tote is a bargain for $140, no? How are you going to use it? What will you carry in it? Which colour did you get? I get excited about bag purchases.
Cool. My experience was the same for FedEx but they said it was a one-time thing....
^good deal!This? http://www.nittygrittystore.com/men/bags/saunter
Thanks guys! One thing though - FedEx has been able to give me a fairly straight forward answer regarding how much I'd be charged. The same can't be said for UPS - even their employees told me they had no idea. Their website offers some information but it's confusing and ambiguous.Web research revealed disdain for both companies, and experiences can vary depending on locations.
New Posts  All Forums: