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Answering my own question. Just discovered this, from South Africa: https://hellopretty.co.za/chartermade/cambridge-satchel-backpackSimilar to the Bexar option but cheaper (I don't have info on postage). I think the top backpack strap attachment is a better design and it doesn't have the big ol logo on the front flap.
Cool! Love it when a bag becomes a trusty companion.
That's terrible. I remember the way they told me they wouldn't deduct/refund VAT was kinda blunt actually - it was like "we don't deduct VAT; you pay exactly how much it shows on the checkout page. Bye."I wish we had a thread devoted to feedback on shops....
If anyone has a pair of navy Nycos in 29 they don't want, let me know
This bag whore needs help! I am looking at fairly rugged leather messenger bag/backpack hybrids. For example: http://www.bexargoods.com/products/leather-satchel-black-handmade and http://www.etwasbags.com/collection/backpack/ Has anyone come across other options? Thanks.
Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great bag!!! I am glad you like it. The Mismo bag is a very different bag though, so maybe we are comparing apples and oranges, so...I think you should get it woohoo!!!!
Same as what Velomane said above, I refused to buy from retailers who don't refund VAT. They are basically cheating, pocketing the VAT as extra profit. One of those retailers is Coggles in the UK - they blatantly told me they would not refund VAT. I have boycotted them since. There are enough shops around. The only exception I have made is with Marks and Spencer because as a Brit living in the US I often crave their stuff (best undies!!!) and they did offer me free...
You mean upon seeing the Saunter tote? There is a big price difference!! I think that leather postal tote is a bargain for $140, no? How are you going to use it? What will you carry in it? Which colour did you get? I get excited about bag purchases.
Cool. My experience was the same for FedEx but they said it was a one-time thing....
^good deal!This? http://www.nittygrittystore.com/men/bags/saunter
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