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I have communicated with David Keyte and his brother - they are both top blokes. David and I are into many of the same design details. They are on my radar season after season. Love their stuff. Finally got to visit one of their shops in London when I was back there earlier this year. Their sales guy was top notch.
I am one of the lucky ones - I received everything I ordered...almost. They gave me the wrong size for the Sunspel navy shawl collar cardy. If anyone received a small vs a medium, let me know!!
Try Yoox.I like Tramontano a lot.Also try Leo et Violette. They have a few nice things....price might be a bit >$400 though....
Thanks for the response! I am a leather purist (I work with it, I love it!) so I may not be the majority when it comes to certain things, and my pet peeves might just be dealbreakers for myself only! I wish you good luck in your launch. Very exciting! :-)
"how many bags we already have" - oh goodness, LOL, so true. :-)I am glad you did the review! You are right - good bags at that price range are hard to find.
Thanks Rach! They have some good basic styles but I was horrified to see that the messenger bag has a nylon shoulder strap.I appreciate classic styling for men yet am often drawn to more "progressive" style of bags. I recently had the opportunities to check out the Tsatsas and PB 0110 - OMG, they are just gorgeous. The Tsatsas leather is comparable to high-end Prada (with lux leather lining to match). I think I had mentioned PB 0110 before and in real life, they didn't...
Only tried on. Typical SNS fit - slim, high arm holes. Solid RiRi zipper down the front. Pit to pit: 18" Shoulder to shoulder: 16" Pit to cuff: 24" Base of collar down the back: 26 1/4" Like their other pieces, meant to fit slim. Price drop!
Answering my own question. Just discovered this, from South Africa: https://hellopretty.co.za/chartermade/cambridge-satchel-backpackSimilar to the Bexar option but cheaper (I don't have info on postage). I think the top backpack strap attachment is a better design and it doesn't have the big ol logo on the front flap.
Cool! Love it when a bag becomes a trusty companion.
That's terrible. I remember the way they told me they wouldn't deduct/refund VAT was kinda blunt actually - it was like "we don't deduct VAT; you pay exactly how much it shows on the checkout page. Bye."I wish we had a thread devoted to feedback on shops....
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