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You mean upon seeing the Saunter tote? There is a big price difference!! I think that leather postal tote is a bargain for $140, no? How are you going to use it? What will you carry in it? Which colour did you get? I get excited about bag purchases.
Cool. My experience was the same for FedEx but they said it was a one-time thing....
^good deal!This? http://www.nittygrittystore.com/men/bags/saunter
Thanks guys! One thing though - FedEx has been able to give me a fairly straight forward answer regarding how much I'd be charged. The same can't be said for UPS - even their employees told me they had no idea. Their website offers some information but it's confusing and ambiguous.Web research revealed disdain for both companies, and experiences can vary depending on locations.
Would like to pick your experienced brains. I have ordered about US$350 worth of merchandise from the UK. Seller ships UPS ("Express Saver") and FedEx. Which one would you go for? I am based in the US. UPS site apparently states "Worldwide Saver" (I guess different from "Express Saver") won't incur custom charges but somehow I don't think that's accurate. The information on customs on their site is quite confusing. To contribute to the "stories", two months ago I...
I saw the bag at Barney's yesterday. Yeah I think if it was a bit darker, it'd be more versatile. Nice looking though!! What's your final decision! :-)
Is it all leather? Is the "Baltic Blue" quite bright? I love how the softness of the leather brushes against my body (omg did it just eroticize a bag?!). Mine is black. :-)
Try and get a Want O'Hare during sale time (like now). I really like mine. Mine is from one of the earlier collections so leather is fab. The leather of the recent offerings is a bit meh, so do check it out carefully.I just came across this on Yoox: http://www.yoox.com/us/45237993MX/item?dept=newarrivalsmen#sts=sr_newarrivalsmen80&cod10=45237993MX&sizeId=1I am not that familiar with the brand. Might be a Yoox brand. The designs are minimalist (nice for me). I have...
1) Tricker's black brogues. UK7. Slightly roomier than I expected (hence use of insoles). Worn twice. Polished with Saphir before wearing the first time. More IC at this point but will sell at asking price. Include dust bag, shoe box, shoe polish, etc but not shoetrees. SOLD 2) Dries. Size on shoe "7". They fit like US8.5-9. Barely worn really - maybe 4-5 times? $99 3) Spyr (who?). I bought these years ago. They are not in business anymore. Made in Italy. ...
20% off with code DIBS20 over at Cloth in the UK. They have brands like UW, YMC, Oliver Spencer, Folk, OL, Sunspel, etc. They take off VAT.
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