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I bought something from the UK which cost US$256. The shop uses DPD for shipping. Never heard of them but I thought, okay.... Was expecting to pay customs. DPD uses Aramex for import into the US, and Aramex sent me a bill for almost $55 - way more than how much I had been charged previously by Fedex and UPS for value of goods at least US$100 more than US$256. They have not responded to my request for a breakdown of the "fees." I have informed the online shop/shipper...
It's really hard to photo such a hat well. I have only worn it once, and decided I have too many hats anyway and I don't need to wear them as much as I used to, even I moved to a warmer part of the country. Made in England. Can flip the sides down to cover your ears. Color is navy. Price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees.
Worn once. Not altered. Price includes ConUS shipping and PP fees.
^I seem to recall someone had posted a review on the Oppermann bags. If my memory serves me well, it wasn't positive. Check the first gen of this thread. Cordura nylon should be fine. Not lux by any means, but does the job.
See pics for details. Brand new. Price includes ConUS shipping and PP fees.
See pics for details. Brand new. Price includes ConUS shipping and PP fees. $199 withdrawn
Only washed once. Bought them a while back and now I am getting bigger and they don't fit me anymore. :-\ Not hemmed. United Stock Dry Goods Navy Chino $55 Waist 15" inseam 33" Epaulet New York Original Rivet Chino 8 oz. Brushed Graphite Twill $75 Waist 15" inseam 35.5" sold
Todd Snyder blue tee. Brand new. Size small. $35 Hammerthor undershirt. Brand new/never opened. SS round neck. size small. $12 Jil white tee. Bought before she left her co the first time. Amazing fabric for what she was well known + sharp tailored cut which I won't find with a lot of tees these days. Tag size is L but it fits very small. I am a small and it fits me. I think it has only been worn around 5 times over the years. I guess I don't wear white...
Unfortunately, I have not had much luck with their CS. I rarely, if ever, get a response. They would rectify their errors, but not after multiple emails. I know I should just call them but my work rarely permits me the opportunity to call during their opening hours.They do have some interesting stuff.
Now I know. I thought their vests fit like their jackets. :-|Well, I guess now I have two vests for sale (unless my tailor can do some wonders).
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