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Lightly worn (probably less than 10 times, bought new). Leather has darkened slightly. Still in great condition.
Brand new. Only tried on. Price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees.
Brand new with tag. Waxed cotton shell. Wool collar. All sold out now. Price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees.
Leder: Used but in good condition. Lovely fabric. Not longer wear this colour. $89 SNS Herning: "Lure" Brand new but I can't find the tags! Only tried on. $109 Prices inc CONUS shipping and PP fees.
I have communicated with David Keyte and his brother - they are both top blokes. David and I are into many of the same design details. They are on my radar season after season. Love their stuff. Finally got to visit one of their shops in London when I was back there earlier this year. Their sales guy was top notch.
I am one of the lucky ones - I received everything I ordered...almost. They gave me the wrong size for the Sunspel navy shawl collar cardy. If anyone received a small vs a medium, let me know!!
Try Yoox.I like Tramontano a lot.Also try Leo et Violette. They have a few nice things....price might be a bit >$400 though....
Thanks for the response! I am a leather purist (I work with it, I love it!) so I may not be the majority when it comes to certain things, and my pet peeves might just be dealbreakers for myself only! I wish you good luck in your launch. Very exciting! :-)
"how many bags we already have" - oh goodness, LOL, so true. :-)I am glad you did the review! You are right - good bags at that price range are hard to find.
Thanks Rach! They have some good basic styles but I was horrified to see that the messenger bag has a nylon shoulder strap.I appreciate classic styling for men yet am often drawn to more "progressive" style of bags. I recently had the opportunities to check out the Tsatsas and PB 0110 - OMG, they are just gorgeous. The Tsatsas leather is comparable to high-end Prada (with lux leather lining to match). I think I had mentioned PB 0110 before and in real life, they didn't...
New Posts  All Forums: