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whoa, so many ties for sale...
i also want to buy a pair of new jeans, the old ones are getting to be too tight for my waist
go ebay and search for similar items to know the price
under this objective economic situation, i wonder if a sale is enough to boost up the customers' spending sentiment (maybe some of you are really damn rich...)
my godness! the chick is so hot!
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri Indeed, my plan is to work elsewhere and transfer to HK with the work experience (not in accounting field though) although 30k/month is pretty low for 7 yr experience , just another reason not to do acct in hk um... being here for a certain time i know there are many quite high-paid salarymen on this forum. i am a fesh graduate and i am still struggling to find my first fulltime job... my english is just at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri Indeed, it is especially disappointing when the entry level positions for accounting at the big4 (PWC) is 11k per month and IT work with one of HK's main internet providers is 13k per month. (in HKD) yes, the big4 job is a trap, it is true that when you keep working as an accountant when you have maybe 7 year expereience you can get a salary of around 30k HKD per month, but some of the positions are really...
wow man, you are cool
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T yeah, 20k a year will be a decent living in mainland China. In HK, I wouldn't even try to live on less than half that. the truth is the general comsumer index is skyrocketing in mainland, and the US dollar is weak while the RMB is rising, i am not really familiar with the exchange rate but obviously it is a point to concern you did teach english in hk? were you with the wall street institution or english town?...
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