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Measurements please on the HF Madison suit. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday If it was made in the U.S. (an older model), it should be fully canvassed. If in Italy, then most likely half. It has the "Polo" label, right? yes
Hi Folks, First off, wanted to thank everyone on this board as I have been lurking around and learning all tons of stuff. Looks like I will be working for a company in business attire, so its time to get a bunch of suits again. I have the opportunity to pick a Polo Ralph Lauren Blue label suit - made in Italy in great condition at my local consignment shop ($50.00). I have never bought anything pre-owned, but given that I need to completely build up my wardrobe, I am...
How do they compare with Robert Talbott?
The Capital Grille would be my choice. When I go there I typically get the Porcini Rub Delmonico.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu That is not true at all. It is personal preference. A punch does not effect the way the cigar burns at all. Completely agree with fcuknu. No impact on burn, however, imo, it can have an impact on taste (bitter) as the tars can accumulate at the end (after you have smoked more then 1/2 the cigar). Doesn't happen all the time but can especially with a tightly rolled cigar. When this happens, I typically brake...
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