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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Exactly. While no one is making products like SNS, how many buyers out there are really asking themselves, "Why aren't more things coming out of Denmark?" Given a chance (and a ton of cash), I'm sure Denmark could create the kind of infrastructure needed for such a venture but it's a matter of who wants to lay down that capital first for such an experiment. If it's happened, and worked, in other countries then I don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini It looks like Andersen only makes one kind of sweater in different collors while SNS has an entire collection. It's not just about cost because I'm sure logistically that it makes a huge difference in terms of sewers, lead times, etc. I've been told by my Danish friends who work in retail, one of whom is a buyer, just how hard having a truly Danish brand can be, almost to the point of being practically impossible. It...
I'm fairly sure that they have been put together in Latvia for a long time (at least as long most of you guys - Americans and people outside Denmark - have known about SNS), but it hasn't said so on the tag until this season. They have probably been too lazy to have some new tags made and I think they had to follow some legislation regarding country of manufacture. I think they could have them sewn in Denmark, but that would most likely increase the price drastically...
Quote: Originally Posted by romaine hmm i may be out of the line but ive been looking for a pair of 501xx in size 28 lately, really interested in '44 and '47 but its pretty hard to find it nowadays, any link, info or something that might help out guys? So you are a size 26 basically? They'll mostly shrink from tagged size, you know. Anyways, try e-mailing Dejan at Cultizm, he'll probably be able to help you out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Racove Any sizing advice on the Fang? Depending on your build and how you prefer the fit, I would size up.
A rivet setter won't do you much good. You need a steady/hard surface and a hammer.
Some of you guys were talking about the Wabasha chukkas... Size down half a size, as the width is E (wide). I go TTS and never size down, but I have slightly wide feet, but the wabasha are mostly E and therefore I normally size down 1/2 a size.
Any kids around with $2.000 to blow on some great jeans? http://cgi.ebay.com/Original-Levi-50...item1e60156832
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz Try bloomies. Thanks for making me look again. I looked and somehow didn't find it, looked again and found it.
Where can I find the denim shirt in a size L or XL? Any help would be much appreciated I slept on this piece and I regret it now...
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