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Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino That was a seasonal icon piece from FW10. It sold well, so your only chance would be to hope for it to show up on eBay next year. - I have a feeling you would like a lot of RRL, there are much cooler shirts than that. - I feel like the more popular dudes on superdenim on sufu won't admit to liking RRL soley due to the whole Made in asia and distressed aspects, despite RRL producing nice stuff...
BTW, did any of you guys see the feature on the one of the founders of Imogene+Willie in a recent Free&Easy magazine? There was a highlighted RRL shirt. It was basically a button down chambray shirt with visible selvage gussets. Is this shirt a regular in the different RRL collections? I have never seen it before, but I'm feeling like it should be my second RRL purchase ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Left Eye @Simontuntelder is that seller legit? 100% authentic? I have absolutely no idea. Sorry. I just posted the link because I like a lot of RRL stuff (though not the Made in India/China etc etc part), especially some of the crazy pieces that only Japanese collectors appreciate.
Oh, and I forgot to ask this. Are these selvage?
When looking for RRL in the B+S section, what do you type? Or how do you do it?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 You more often see double soles on boots--they're a detail like a reverse welt that implies weatherproofness and ruggedness. They're an unusual choice on a loafer but certainly not unheard of--and it won't be much stiffer. Most loafers aren't gunboats but some are pretty beefy--Alden's LHS is not a sleek shoe. So true. But who would want a sleek loafer? I wouldn't People, let's be friends. Kiss,...
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster I bought the gingham extra slim fit dress shirt from BB recently in 16 x 36. It measures 21" from armpit to armpit. Thank you for your response. I'm curious to see if this is the case for the Made in USA ones, as I got the idea that they were slightly different from the imported ones.
I still have the urge to order some work oxfords from White's. Has anyone tried them (or the Nepenthes make-up) on? Can anyone comment on the fit and/or quality?
Kind souls of SF, please help. Could someone measure a Extra Slim Fit size 16 and 16.5 across the chest and shoulders? I plan on buying the Supima ones, that are made in the USA. Do they shrink, you say? I don't live in the US, unfortunately, so I have no way of trying them on before buying. Thanks in advance
Free bump for the best seller on SF! Someone pick this up!
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