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Trapp: If you haven't returned them, then don't. They look great on you pre-soak. They'll be perfect, once you soak them. Rick: Fill the tub, bring a couple of beers and sit in the tub for an hour or two in warm water. Let them dry while wearing them and remember to do some good squats that will settle in the creases.
Quote: Originally Posted by Find Finn I was in a shop the other day, who sells Viberg and now I must have a pair or five. Brund?
Quote: Originally Posted by redwinglover then take some round toes like iron rangers, gts, 8181 or wabasha. I regret passing these up at $90.... Damn, they are so versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by djibouti I got this same one in medium off of their ebay shop - I'm about a 39-40 and I'd say it fits well. I've been looking for a good wool-outer down jacket for a long time now and this is fantastic. 260 shipped is a great, great deal. Someone should jump on this. Has anyone seen images of the full jackets in the tweed or glen plaid wools? Surprised I haven't seen any of these - whenever similar-seeming models of the...
That is like the best collection of shoes, I have ever seen. At least the best collection of Russels, I have ever seen. Silver&Gold really captured the essence of RM.
Quote: Originally Posted by textandaction I've got a pair of the amazing Left Field Tweed Denim in 34, but would love to size down and trade for a 33. I know this is a long shot. Also would be interested in buying a size 33. If you decide to sell, PM me.
A pair of the coolest Vibergs in the wester hemisphere. Great make up, Ryan.
Timpo: Great outfits. Nice Russels. Are the cords EG or Workaday?
I don't think discussing these issues would be derailling the thread. I think it ads some character instead of just asking where you can get this and that. I get your points. But I actually prefer breaking most stuff in myself. Therefore most pre distressing is a deal breaker for me, which is also why I haven't bought much RRL. I simply don't like it - but RRL has such a vast collection of stuff, that it's impossible to not like something. And I'm very ethical about...
Quote: Originally Posted by ysb I've seen some pics of sno-sealed rough-outs, and it just turns them out to look smoother. I'm planning on just spraying them with some kind of silicone based waterproofer, unless someone has recommendations they can share. I don't know if sno-seal has beeswax in it, but if you use a leather conditioner/wax that has some beeswax in it, you can use that on it. It will smoothen it out and make creases more...
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