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Nope, they are made by Sanders (The whole line is sort of a collaboration between McNairy and Sanders)
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade I explicitly said in my post that I wasn't going to return them. No need to get so upset. So perfectly said
I have been wanting these jeans from Quality Mending Co. For a really long time, unfortunately I'm broke as hell. They appear to have that perfect, tapered 60's look that's still rather utilitarian with the high waist and rather loose thighs. Maybe I should sell of some LVC to fund them....
Quote: Originally Posted by me32 im after a girls LVC jacket in the uk has anyone come across such a thing as ive been looking high and low. LVC has made a lot of girl's jackets in the past, are you looking for one in particular?
Quote: Originally Posted by erbs Anyone know what the sizing is like on the '54 501z? I'm a true 33 and wear a tagged 34 in the '66. Should I stick with a 34 in the '54? How are your legs? If they are big like mine, the '54 in raw can be a mess. Especially if you ever plan on washing them. I wear a size 34 in all LVC models - including the '66 and '54....
I'm pretty sure they don't. Shell cordovan is not an easy material to work with, which is why only very few makers use it. Furthermore it's harder to use shell on boots - I'm fairly sure that Trickers at some point said that they couldn't deliver their boots in shell (Of course I know Alden offers boots in shell)
BTW Gary, how could you get the Vibergs for only $300?
The beautiful Oxfords... I had settled on the idea of the White's Botts option, but then I tried the work oxfords, which made me change my mind totally, as I prefer buying something that I'm sure that I'm going to like.
Quote: Originally Posted by coco2010 "This item is only available until April 17" <----- whats that all about? wheres it gonna go after the 17th? wtf's going on, yoox? Have you never bought from Yoox before? They just put it back up for sale next season or maybe it'll end on some of their sample sales.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Thanks. I did end up keeping them so I'll update w/pics soon. I couldn't believe how much starch leaked out of these things during soaking (gave them a lukewarm followed by a very hot, hung dry both times). Still plenty stiff so I set creases and have just been wearing for several days. Perhaps not as 'slim' (using that term relatively) as I was shooting for but this may turn out to be a happy accident, as I'm falling...
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