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For a rather cheap alternative try Swedish brands Velour by Nostalgi and Our Legacy. The Our Legacy ones can be found here , here and here And I could only find a picture of the Velour ones. I took the picture from a webshop, but I can't remember which one. Let me know, if you want to me to find the webshop again...
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce I have been looking for blue shoes for a year or so, and those don't seem bad. I also like the suede Our Legacy, but I don't know anything about the quality of their shoes. I have seen the Our Legacy shoes and even tried a pair on. I can't remember what size though, I normally take a us11/uk10/eu44, so I think it was a 44 I tried and the fit was fine. Our Legacy has most things made in Portugal and so...
Bought a bag from Fiddy and it arrived very quickly from the US to Denmark. The bag was excellent and so was the price, plus he was very friendly and helpful. Perfect
Bought a shirt from DJH, which was a great experience. Fast shipping, cheap price, friendly and very reliable. Wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from him again. /Simontuntelder
How about the iconic French label, Guy Cotten? They make really cool yellow raincoats.
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Did the deal go through? Kind regards
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