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Could anyone point me in the direction of the 8103 in a size us 11? I don't care about the costs anymore, so anything will do. And if someone has them for sale, and would sell, just let me know.
They look good, but they look like generic work boots to me.
Damn, I wanna grow a beard. How do I grow a beard, guys?
Quote: Originally Posted by ma1 not really, the 47 is meant to be sized down Good luck with that
The fact that LVC jeans shrink, freaks a lot of people out. TTS still means you have to size up, if you plan on washing your jeans.
I never actually found LVC sizing that hard to figure out... Just kidding, although there is some truth to it. Ok, I have 4 pairs of the 54. One is a quite rare release from way back when nobody gave a damn about LVC. They are quite heavily distressed. And I have another pair of predistressed ones from last year or so. They have the best fit of the lot. Nice square, roomy top block, with an amazing tapering towards the foot, with a narrow hem width. But I also...
That I can't remember, sorry. I grew tired with the 47's right away. I wore them for a very, very short while, and decided that I was more into the 55 and 61. Then they released the 66 and 54, and now I use all of them.
No the 47 is slightly slimmer. I do however believe that the hem width is smaller on the 66.
I have these in navy. And they are really good. The details are good (riri zip), the fit is perfect (nicely tapered), the workmanship is solid and the fabric is good (nice and dense). So someone is in for a treat. Especially at that price. Free bump.
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 What are the key differences between the '47 and '66 501s? I would say the thigh width - apart from some other rather obvious details like leather patch. The '66 would be my weapon of choice.
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