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Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Have only purchased once ever from Yoox, so a noob question...how does return work (seems like its massively hit or miss)? Is it free or the buyer pays for shipping back? Best thing about Yoox - free return shipping. You just call UPS and arrange a pick up, and they'll come to you, so you don't even have to go to the post office.
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Aero Leather has a new updated website. They used to be the cheapest LVC source. +100 pound price hike yikes! They were never the cheapest source. And they have always had the most expensive shipping costs.
Quote: Originally Posted by davichan hello SF, i am still very new to the many forums here, these were my first pair of real boots I purchased in Japan two years ago: Trickers | Stow | Grey Calf | Japan WOW... I never really considered grey leather boots, but they look amazing and they appear to have aged well, which would have been a concern of mine prior to these pics.
We could have called out Bonner of Ireland (Aran), Jamiesons (fair isle) or even Inis Meain (aran-ish)... Or tons of other companies. I don't mean to piss on your parade or anything, Howlin by Morrison might be good, but there are so many good knitwear companies around, but very few similar to Inverallan. What sets Inverallan apart from the rest is the fact that everything is custom made by hand. But no particular type of knitwear og style is synonymous with Inverallan....
Quote: Originally Posted by gululv This is an alternative after Inverallan vanished: http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/grp/h...-all-items.php What makes you say that?
And I totally forgot the best Monitaly stockit. http://www.coolestshop.com/monitaly.html My top picks, you ask? http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/coolestshop_2116_610313490 http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/coolestshop_2116_607985017 and for Superbobo or should I say Superbooboo http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/coolestshop_2116_601466232
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo ^^anyone know of european stockists? How about a Swedish one for you? http://www.111vox.com/system/search/...asp?manuid=133 But I think Denmark wins, as Norse has a better selection... And Garbstore is of course also based on our side of the pond, though the UK is hardly Europe...
You wake up, go to work, decide to check SF, realize that there is like 6 new pages in a thread you like, get there feeling that something great or just generally cool happened, but then you just realiz that it turned ugly, people started name calling and people started postulating. Anyways, Whatever123, you seem like a nice guy from previous communication, but try to listen to a dude like Mpec or Robin. Both seem rather well-informed. And like it is has been said...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T In the past, there were several different LVC - Europe, US and Japan, each with slightly different ranges, each subject to the whims of their local head office. Now, LVC is part of an independent worldwide operation, XX. The good news is that they have a dedicated team, can react more quickly, and are less likely to get lost in the corporate morass. The bad news is that they now have to stand on their own feet &...
I can't believe the amount of wear in just ten months... I have an old pair that I have worn for probably 4 years, and they are nowhere as worn. You rock 'em hard. Amazing, Paul.
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