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Quote: Originally Posted by Cid Anyone care to guess what year these might be? Yoox descriptions are pitifully vague. I have been looking around for some raw 47s or 55s in 36x34, but will give these washed pair a shot for <$100. Rather horrible orange tab jeans. Not sure which model. 615 maybe. They do not match any "real" LVC jeans in terms of quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBradshaw Im thinking about buying a pair of 1947 501xx's and was wondering, does the advice to go up two sizes in the waist still hold true or is it better to now only go up one size in the waist instead? I don't want to look through this entire thread for the answer. Thanks guys for all your help. So you want to spend a lot of money on a pair of jeans that you are going to use for a long time, but you are too lazy...
Many crepe soles will quite quickly blacken or just darken in time.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I decided on the Grasmere, because I like the little bit of extra stitching on the toe. Also, I'm probably going to go with the grey repeto suede. I do like the idea of the crepe sole, for 2 reasons. 1) More like sneakers, which I wear about 24/7, and 2) Pretty unusual. But, on the other hand, I like the idea of the Commando sole. Argh, that crepe sole has really gotten me thinking. Is the natural color the only...
Quote: Originally Posted by mvpberto I asked about that Marked Button up cardigan and they said(SNS) that they only made a few of them and that they couldn't tell me who got the few that were made. Which cardigan is that?
Yes, the Burford and Grasmere are non-brogue boots. Besides the speed hooks (which are probably also custom), I wouldn't call them hiking boots. I think they are extreemely wearable. I have actually thought about having the same model made up, but in bottle green suede with brass eyelets and speed hooks. The suede/commmando combo would look good.
These are the boots, I were refering too. Junya: Custom (through the shoehealer):
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I'm thinking of custom ordering a pair. Thinking of Stowes in either grey calf or grey repello suede with a storm welt on a commando sole with black eyelets. I've also been thinking of the full commando unit, which is some serious sole. The idea is to have a pair of elegant asskickers. Suggestions? What say you all? Have you considered a stacked crepe sole, like the one Junya did this season with...
Sale pulled for the time being. Thanks to all the great buyers.
You are absolutely correct, Entrero. We are only a select few (approx. 5.5 mio).
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