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Forget it, it's not chambray... On a more serious note, does anyone here have a CDW parka that fits great? If so I would love to see some pics. I liked the details, although it didn't feel durable and tough as some other parkas I have had, but the fit wasn't to my liking at all.
If I remember correctly Yuketen comes in different widths, so you should probably also be looking at that when you are discussing sizing.
If you want something else than ties and dress shirts, then Protec may be worth a visit. They have a flickr acount too -
^^Thanks I have taken another $10 off most items.
I think you are posting this in the wrong thread. Although you are of course more than welcome to share your view om them, but it should be clarified that they are not LVC. They are NOT LVC
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny Amiga Also, too bad Trickers only offers a longwing model as MTO (and special orders etc). The longwing shape is tremendous on the heavy country lasts. Works really nicely as an alternative to Aldens and such. Yeah, Trickers makes shoes for Thom Browne, so sure they have a nice longwing...
Quote: Originally Posted by smruss any new codes? Second that. Need free shipping
Free bump for an amazing shirt and friendly guy.
Most items dropped $10 - some more, some slightly less. Help me make some room in the closet and help me not going bankrupt And a big thanks to all the great buyers here. It has been a treat.
In my situation it is hard not dating a woman, that makes more than I do...
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