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I'm very picky when it comes to the fit of the denim, and in my mind I have some ideas for the ideal fit for me. So I usually alter all of my jeans myself, but it's tiresome and I would like to buy them off the rack. Having them made at an affordable price would also be an option. I guess one could call it a slim 60s version of a pair of jeans. Anyways my check list looks like this. If you know of any jeans that would fit the bill, please help me out and I'll send a...
Some recent discoveries makes me believe, that they are in fact made by Sanders now. Correct they used to be Trickers, and they were great, but I think the concept has changed to more fashion, and less quality.
Quite a long way to Seattle for me, unfortunately. If you don't mind, I would really appreciate a measurement of the bottom hem.
Did any of you guys pick up the 505s? I'm wondering about the fit of the ones in dark tan tincloth...
Do you mean, what leather it is?Probably one of the many variations of Chromexcel, that Horween makes. It isn't just one kind of cxl. There are many. It's definitely an pull up type of leather.I can't believe, how shitty (pardon my french), they make the Monhegan look in their pictures. I have it, and it's my prefered footwear option at the moment.
Hicks & Sons used to have an address on Saville Row - at least sometime around the 40's and early 50's.I know this because I once found like 15 suits and smokings from H&S and they all belonged to a Danish consulate, who happened to end up in London because he had went to England on holiday just before the war started (WWII) and he had to stay there for quite some time because he didn't want to return to Denmark, which was occupied by the Germans.His name was in all the...
I'm wondering, why they are switching to English made soles?
Pics of my new Eastland MIM... They are MUCH better than Quoddy and Yuketen - read a review here
Beautiful! BTW I saw a wonderful make-up for Manufactum in Germany with SHELL CORDOVAN!! I have never seen that before by Viberg.
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