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On some recent online MTM shirts, I have detected a single thin horizontal ripple/fold of excess fabric just between the bottom of the collar and the top of the yoke. Basically, like this... ...but on a shirt, so the ripple is thinner and sharper. So, 1. What is causing this? 2. Is this an easy or hard fix for my existing shirts with this issue? 3. How do I prevent this on future shirts? Thanks in advance for the assist.
If you are willing to settle for CT quality by mail, why not try out online MTM with Modern Tailor or Jantzen? For the same price or less than what you'd pay CT, you can get a much better fitting shirt with the specs (i.e., collar type, etc) exactly the way you want them.
I want a pair of these in black and dark brown - same Dainite sole too. Since the OP was 2009, any chance these are a regular Sargent offering now?
Quote: Originally Posted by hobscrk777 As someone who's never dealt with a crepe sole before - what do you do when to sole wears down? Are these boots goodyear welted and thus re-soleable? Based on the photo on this Pediwear page, these boots seem to be Loake Saharas. Pediwear lists the soles as "cemented TR rubber" so I am assuming a resole is out of the question for the Peals as well. Regular retail for the Sahara from Pediwear is about...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs My favorite deal is the Peal and Co chukka field boots. Seems like a steal at $158. LINK Any idea who makes these? I checked all the crepe soled offerings on the Pediwear website but couldn't find an exact match.
I love them. I have them in black, chestnut, and (finally after a long search) merlot. Almost bought them in chili too. On the 5 last so nice and sleek. Great looking shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by ralphwho sad world when people who cant spell grey have aspirations not to be aspirational by telling us they own Lobb St James and Cleverley made by cleverley. You must be part of that famous group of idiots called the "discerning few" Uhh..., you do know there is an English and American spelling of gray, right?
You can get the Loak Pimlico in dark brown suede for about $200 shipped. Great boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor the tighter you make the hips the more the pleats will open. just grab the sides of the trousers and pull tight. you will see what i mean. that is unless the trousers are too large a size for you. this is why pleated trousers are looser than plain fronts. Yeah, these pants are too big. But after employing your method not a full size too big, I guess. Actually, the area that is too loose (baggy) is...
I have some pleated pants that need to be taken-in in the hip area. Is there a way this can be done without opening up the pleats?
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