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For a less-expensive-but-still-quality suede chukka option - the Loak Pimlico: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/products/2958.php ~$200 shipped from Pediwear.
Since this is H&M we are discussing, I would wager serious geetus that the lining is polyester - an unpardonable sin.
Aside from the potential for crippling accidents, consider your mortification if it is was discovered you were wearing them. Is that a conversation you really want to have? With anyone? I suggest the snug-tex alternative.
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive What's so great about Allen-Edmonds shoes? 1) They're the best shoes you can try on in person if you live in Wal-Mart country. Yes, the fact that they are readily available is truly horrible. 2) If you have a problem with them, any little thing at all, you can be a drama queen and whine and bitch to the CEO over at Ask Andy. I agree. Who wants a company with amazingly responsive customer...
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Do you wear undershirts? That happens to my shirts when wearing undershirts. Nope, no undershirts. Looks like my illustration blows in terms of accurately conveying the issue. I will try to see if can get an actual photo of the ripple in question using a tripod and the camera's timer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter if it's a horizontal line, doesn't that either mean it's too tight, or the shape doesn't quite sit right with your upper back/lower neck area? (do you have a hunch? is it a non-regular collar size?). that's what came to mind first I don't hunch - ramrod straightish, actually. I do have large collar bands - 1.75 inches front/2 inches back - and commensurate points on my shirts to balance out my...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I think what you're referring to on a suit is a roll and is easily fixed. I can't say how to prevent it or what causes it though. Yeah, but it is happening to certain shirts, not suits. I used the picture of the suit collar roll for illustration of the problem because it was the closest thing I could find image-wise.
Bump. My thread needs human companionship.
This is relatively simple. I had my seamstress (my tailor does the tougher stuff) do this on a linen sportcoat. Cost about $35 IIRC
On some recent online MTM shirts, I have detected a single thin horizontal ripple/fold of excess fabric just between the bottom of the collar and the top of the yoke. Basically, like this... ...but on a shirt, so the ripple is thinner and sharper. So, 1. What is causing this? 2. Is this an easy or hard fix for my existing shirts with this issue? 3. How do I prevent this on future shirts? Thanks in advance for the assist.
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