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Congrats on the suit. I wore my newest Haspel SS to a wedding yesterday afternoon/evening. I wore it with a pink spread collar shirt from Jantzen, a pink/white striped Polo tie in linen, a pink/white polka dot silk handkerchief, and AE Byrons in chestnut. I received a number of compliments. I love how well this suit fits and that it only cost $99. Being all cotton and 3/8 lined, it is a fantastic summer suit.
I have had tremendous success with this. Use peroxide with a small amount of dish washing detergent (the kind you use to wash dishes in the sink, not in a dishwasher). Go with a clear detergent, not dyed blue or pink or whatever. Use the cap of the peroxide bottle as your solution holder. Fill the cap, add a small shot of dish detergent, mix the two in the cap with a Qtip, and then apply the mixture to the the stained area. Work it in for 10-20 seconds, then rinse...
Unless you are completely wedded to Boss, you can pick up a Haspel cotton seersucker suit - 3 button, side vented, 3/8ths lined - for about $100 at Syms (Rockville location is probably closest to you). They also have linen suits and sportcoats. The reduction in lining makes a huge difference in the DC heat.
I have a couple of off-white sportcoats that I am trying to integrate into my summer wardrobe. What shirt & pants colors will fly with this color jacket? Also, could you pull off a dress shirt and tie with this?
Edit; left off one feature and one measurement
Edit; incorrect price listed
Made to measure for me as part of a suit by Mayeu Tailleur in Montreal. I put it at a size 42 short This jacket was made too short for me (I wear a regular) so it has never been worn. I got another jacket (after spending more $$) to go with the original pants but have no use for this original jacket. Details: 2 button peak lapel, double vented, dark blue full canvas half lined *Pick Stitching on lapels* working sleeve buttons full size lapel buttonhole (for...
I PMed you a response.
I am moving soon and need to unload things I don't wear. Happy to donate these to someone starting out rather than dropping them off with Goodwill. The catch? You pay shipping (Priority Mail flat rate box) and you have to take them both. The jacket details (sorry, I don't have any pictures to post here) Both 3 button, notch lapel: One is 100% linen, single vent - Nordstrom store brand 44R Medium Blue Other is wool/linen blend, double vented - Dalton & Forsythe...
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