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I PMed you a response.
I am moving soon and need to unload things I don't wear. Happy to donate these to someone starting out rather than dropping them off with Goodwill. The catch? You pay shipping (Priority Mail flat rate box) and you have to take them both. The jacket details (sorry, I don't have any pictures to post here) Both 3 button, notch lapel: One is 100% linen, single vent - Nordstrom store brand 44R Medium Blue Other is wool/linen blend, double vented - Dalton & Forsythe...
I got these off of eBay. They are marked as 8 1/2 D (my size) but are a 1/2 size smaller in reality. 11 inches from heel to toe and about 3 3/4 inches across at the widest point. I really like these shoes and if they fit I would be wearing the hell out of them. Too small for me. In very good shape; original heels and soles, uppers look great; insides are very clean. I am throwing in the trees (see pictures) for free. $30 plus flat rate, Priority Mail shipping ($8.10...
Sorry if this question seems odd. I notice in the sitting pictures that your jacket is unbuttoned. Is this a choice on your part or a necessity resulting from the cut/fit of the suit?
I have removed interior labels for an imperative, functional reason - the damn things were fraying my suspenders! These were MTM jackets and the tailors' labels were large and made of abrasive material.
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Downtime, Thanks for stopping by the store today. I have a penchant for socks, especially the bright and unusual, I'm known for my yellow fixation. My wife thinks I'm nuts for stocking so many but we have a following in that category as well as others. We stock Marcolini, Bresciani and Greyson Reade for those that are interested. Best Regards, Gary Sounds good. Do you stock OTC in groovy colors...
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