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I bought a Haspel about 3 years ago (two button, center vent, full lining) and a new Haspel about 3 months ago (3 button, side vents, 3/8 lined). The fit on the older SS was never quite right, even after alterations, and I rarely wore it. The new one is fantastic - great fit and super cool and breathable. I bought it at a discount chain called Syms - http://www.syms.com for $99. Call one of the stores up and ask if they will ship you one.
Congrats on the suit. I wore my newest Haspel SS to a wedding yesterday afternoon/evening. I wore it with a pink spread collar shirt from Jantzen, a pink/white striped Polo tie in linen, a pink/white polka dot silk handkerchief, and AE Byrons in chestnut. I received a number of compliments. I love how well this suit fits and that it only cost $99. Being all cotton and 3/8 lined, it is a fantastic summer suit.
I have had tremendous success with this. Use peroxide with a small amount of dish washing detergent (the kind you use to wash dishes in the sink, not in a dishwasher). Go with a clear detergent, not dyed blue or pink or whatever. Use the cap of the peroxide bottle as your solution holder. Fill the cap, add a small shot of dish detergent, mix the two in the cap with a Qtip, and then apply the mixture to the the stained area. Work it in for 10-20 seconds, then rinse...
Unless you are completely wedded to Boss, you can pick up a Haspel cotton seersucker suit - 3 button, side vented, 3/8ths lined - for about $100 at Syms (Rockville location is probably closest to you). They also have linen suits and sportcoats. The reduction in lining makes a huge difference in the DC heat.
I have a couple of off-white sportcoats that I am trying to integrate into my summer wardrobe. What shirt & pants colors will fly with this color jacket? Also, could you pull off a dress shirt and tie with this?
Edit; left off one feature and one measurement
Edit; incorrect price listed
Made to measure for me as part of a suit by Mayeu Tailleur in Montreal. I put it at a size 42 short This jacket was made too short for me (I wear a regular) so it has never been worn. I got another jacket (after spending more $$) to go with the original pants but have no use for this original jacket. Details: 2 button peak lapel, double vented, dark blue full canvas half lined *Pick Stitching on lapels* working sleeve buttons full size lapel buttonhole (for...
I PMed you a response.
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