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Got my order today. Brown semibrogues and tan chukka boots both 7.5F and last 026. The semibrogues are a very good fit out of the box (wearing dress socks) but the tan chukka boots feel looser and somewhat long. Yet placing one shoe of each pair against the other, I can see they are the same length and width. Could this be reflection of the different lacing styles? Or should I be wearing thicker socks with the boots? (I had planned these as spring/summer wear and had...
Unfreakingbelievable. I just bit on the brown calf semibrogue and the tan chukka boot - the wholecut is sold out - $170 for two pairs of calfskin shoes. I want to Tarzan yell. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive them (i.e. average shipping time)?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff IIRC it means it's several years old... I don't know what IIRC means but this jacket was purchased from Syms +/- 3 years ago but only worn twice in that period, which is why I am trying to vacate it from my coat closet. It is in near perfect shape since it has only seen the outside atmosphere a couple of times.
Navy blue, worn twice Shell: 55/45 cotton polyester blend. Has a water resistant finish. Lining: 50/50 cotton polyester blend. Burberry signature red, black, tan, & white plaid. Zip up front with snap placket. Drawstring waist for customized fit. Two (outer) hip/waist patch pockets with flaps that snap closed. One (outer) vertical chest pocket (left side). Asking price is $60 or best offer. Flat rate, Priority Mail to anywhere in the US is $9. Payment...
Quote: Originally Posted by j I think I have a light pink pair of Trafalgar braces with blue pindots I might be willing to part with. I will check and let you know if you're interested. Probably unused or barely used. Thanks. Please keep me posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrpologuy I just purchased it. Any shirt and shoe suggestions? I will post pics when I get it!!! Shit. I lost my chance to be the first one on the Style Forum block to own one.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I would bet our friend Richard at Thurston could whip you up a pair. I just ordered a pair in crayon blue and a pair in amethyst. He is customizing them with dark brown keepers and nickel hardware. Could you tell me what are the costs involved with going custom with Richard at Thurston? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by TCN The last time I was in the Chicago Ralph Lauren store, they had them; but I can't remember if it was hot pink or light pink. I may be at the Detroit store today, I'd be happy to check there for you. That is extremely generous of you. I would greatly appreciate it.
I am looking for solid pink suspenders (or pink with a very subtle pattern) in cotton or silk. I looked at Thurston but I am not too keen on boxcloth for the summer time. Any tips would be appreciated.
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