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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Pics are required. Duly noted. The op has been revised to include photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 The #5 last is what's used to make the Park Avenue, Strand, Fifth Avenue, Etc. I'm looking for a listing of discontinued models on the #5 last, anyone know of any other models? Fairfax,.... and then I draw a blank.
I recently thrifted a vintage military style (i.e., epaulets, grenade rings, rear kick pleat, belt, etc) double breasted leather trench coat in oxblood (red/brown). [see attached photo] It currently has dark brown (with hint of red) wooden (I think) buttons. However, one of the large/main ones is missing. Since I was never too fond of the current buttons anyway, this seems like a good reason to replace them all. What type (horn?) and color button would work with an...
Cop: Come on, were headin downtown. Sugar Bear: Where your warrant at? Cop: Behind that preposition. Sugar Bear: What? Cop: Didnt you go to school? You can't end a sentence with a preposition. Sugar Bear: Oh. Then, uh, where your warrant at, motherfucker?
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime These really go well beyond a mere Wellington - amazing in the snow Who makes these? Do they breathe at all or do you empty them of accumulated sweat after each extended wear? Not snark, truly curious.
Hmm, oddly vitriolic general sentiment against fc shirt sleeve rolling in this thread. My shirt collection consists of ~96% fc shirts, so I rely on rolled up sleeves to let me choose from my full shirt complement for dress down situations. If I didn't roll, I would only have four or five shirts for casual wear. For example, I am wearing a pink/blue striped open collar fc shirt (sleeves rolled) under a dark violet cashmere/cotton v-neck sweater vest with caramel...
Kemal, What is the other color in your purple 100% wool socks? Black, darker purple, navy, or what exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Another P.D. had a mayhem case involving a glory hole incident (use your imagination). The victim actually complained to the police (while at the E.R.). To their credit, the police knew of the location, located the dismembered part and the E.R. doctor was able to sew it back. I just threw up a little in my mouth.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym A pair by Alfred Sargent. MTO, but soon to be part of their regular offering Momentous. Is this official news from AS or are you speculating?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jrufraz Are you slumping forward on purpose here or is this your actual posture?
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