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Price Drops
Price Drops
All prices include shipping to the continental US via USPS with delivery confirmation. Personal Payment via PayPal please - otherwise add 3%. [International shipping is possible for additional cost depending on order, destination country, and desired shipping method.] Measurements (in inches) are my best conscientious effort with a measuring tape. [chest=pit to pit & doubled; shoulder=seam to seam across back; sleeve=shoulder seam down to end of cuff;...
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas I have three: brown, black and #8. Ditto, but mine our black, brown, & tan.
FMATT, I am now torn between horn and leather. Given that I have seen them most often on tweed sportscoats and the like, are leather buttons innately more casual than horn?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman That coat is perfect for leather braided knot buttons. http://www.mjtrim.com/Catalog/Produc...803/35803.aspx http://images.mjtrim.com/tsconfig/35...lt=75&cvt=jpeg Try to get something that matches the coat's leather (which will be almost impossible) or else a dark brown. These are interesting, thanks. Is this a more casual style of button than the standard flat/round, do you think? Still,...
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack looking at that coat all I can think of are ones with swastikas on them. I can't seem to recall any Bogart movies with the SS in oxblood trenches.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic navy blue horn with dash of white would be my guess Hmm, navy. I will look into that. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman Get some horn ones in a similar colour if possible. I have a black leather trench coat. Unfortunatley it rarely gets cold enough to wear it but I love it. Yours looks good too so if you are none of the categories lee suggested above and you want to sell it PM me. Otherwise rock on you baaad mutha! Horn, eh? Where can I source overcoat sized horn buttons?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I hope you are: -talll -fit -good looking anything else and you would look like a douche bag straight out of some 70's tv rerun How about 1 out of 3?
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