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Currently on a working vacation in Paris. I am looking for a decent small leather (not canvas) messenger bag for 55 euro or less. Needs to be a solid dark brown (or failing that, black). Any recommendations for where to look (and hopefully buy) would be greatly appreciated.
Wore my Fifth Street boots today. God, I love these boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geezer I am not sure I have a "gunt". If you had one, you would know.
Thanks all, for the help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral Hugo Boss "Parker" or "Parkway" cuts.........perfect cut to satisfy all requirements. What do these usually go for and where do you normally find them? Thanks.
For those of us who want a trimmer fit but still require a bit of gunt room, which designers/brands offer moderately priced, slim-fit dress pants with a decent rise? I am tired of buying a size or two down and then ponying up even more to have the waist let out. Thanks in advance.
Price Drop
Price Drops
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Nukemeslowly is a great seller. Bought some chukkas from him and they look great. Will do well in my rotation. Item as described and he was very communicative. Cheers Thanks very much for the kind words. I appreciate your business.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ratatan NukeMeSlowly is a seller I absolutely recommend. The communication was extremely pleasant and he was very helpful. The pea-coat was even better than described. Thanks! Highly recommended! Thank you for the kind words. I hope you wear it in good health for many years to come.
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