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Hmm. What do you use for "the scuffing up"? A file, as suggested above?
Ack, I had hoped for better options than the circular file.I have contemplated applying some kind of tacky material to the rings or even trying to roughen the metal somehow but only as as last resort. I would rather not damage the belt at all if possible.
[Not to be confused with a slippery O ring. ] The metal rings on some of my ribbon D ring belts are extremely slippery. They will not grip the fabric securely so I am constantly re-tightening the belt over the course of the day. Anyone else have this issue? How have you solved it?
I have a vintage light brown leather jacket I would like professionally (re)dyed a dark blue. Can anyone recommend a (cobbler, tailor, whatever) shop that specializes in this kind of work? I live in the DC Metro area but I am certainly willing to ship my jacket to another state if necessary to get the best result.
I am interested in the 3c - white MOP option. Assuming that any and all yellowing is hidden from view when they are sewn on, please put me down for three 32L and ten 24L buttons. Thanks.
Isn't all of H&M's stuff lined in polyester? What's the point of shelling out any amount of $$ for a summer suit that won't breathe?
Just picked up a vintage leather 3/4 length coat - nice thick, tough leather. Overall the fit is very good but it has somewhat largish/low arm holes so my arm movement is a bit restricted (especially with the coat buttoned up). The sleeve pitch is also more than a bit off. Just wondering, will having this corrected provide any relief from the effects of the low armscyes? Since thick leather is much less stretchy/forgiving than wool, I would imagine that if the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius Post this in SW&D. Men's Clothing hates Messenger bags. GL! Good point, thanks. I posted this request in SW&D and will follow up there.
Currently on a working vacation in Paris. I am looking for a decent small leather (not canvas) messenger bag for 55 euro or less. Needs to be a solid dark brown (or failing that, black). Would prefer no obvious branding but a very small, discreet logo would be ok. I checked out Monoprix but their few offerings were both too big and canvas constructed. Any recommendations for where to look (and hopefully buy) would be greatly appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Monoprix ? Thank you, I will check for locations near me. Anyone else got any suggestions?
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